That's me.
Mama G Dog
Patti G Photography

This journey of blogging began way back in 2006...although my history only shows 2008.  I mistakenly deleted the 1st 2 years one day while trying to update my blog.
I've learned a few things since then, not many, but a few.
I live in the southwest corner of Michigan - born & raised here.
Me & my Dream Boy (husband) live in a small village.
 By day I work at the local high school as an Instructional Paraprofessional, mentoring student's in online instruction.
By night I am a creative mama perusing the world wide web for ideas & inspiration in many artistic forms.
My main forms of creative release are preserving memories through photography & scrapbooking.
I have a small photography business where I offer affordable photo sessions for mainly high school seniors.  But I have been happily growing this business to family sessions, retirements, weddings & holiday events.
I am totally, madly in love with Dream Boy with whom we have created 2 grown sons.  The boys are obliging their maMA with girls - finally.  Two beautifully, amazing, loving girls to call my own - well after their own maMA's, of course!  
Surrounded by testosterone for years, I find female companionship in my home with my ever loving, loyal LtWD (Libbi, the Wonder Dog).  
I hope you enjoy your visit with me in My Happy Place and choose to come back often!!

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