Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee

.....and I'm going to need lots of coffee today!

Wow - this daylight savings time can go away any time. I am not liking it one bit. My body never used to be affected by it, but man oh man, that is not the case anymore!
This little guy seems to think the same thing about Mondays.
How was your weekend?

Mine? Oh, it was scrumptious - absolutely so.

Friday night we met up with friends and chased leprachaun's all around downtown. We started out at Old Peninsula for dinner, then headed to Green Top Tavern where we had the best time people watching. Oh my, there were some delights in there who had been sipping on the magic green liquid for quite some time! 

We capped the night off at The Union for dessert and listening to a wonderful little bluesy/jazzy type of band. What a great way to spend a Friday night, good friends, good food, good music - GREAT FUN!

Saturday I got a text from a worried little mommi down the street a ways. She was so certain that our Little G was sick, so I headed on over & we took him into the doctor to make sure. 

After he filled his drawers on us and we cleaned him up, the med assistant & I headed down the hall for his "weigh in".  The little dude, who was actually due last week, is now 8 pounds, 3 ounces! He has gained a pound since his 5 week check up 10 days before.

The doctor soon came in, checked him over and said that he was perfectly fine and then told mommi she did the right thing bringing him in. It was for her peace of mind as well to have him checked out.

I remember being a new mom and just never knowing if I was doing it all the right way? Or when my little boy's didn't show any symptoms of being sick and then out of nowhere, their little body would be covered in a red, prickly rash. How horrible I felt because I "didn't see it coming or know he was even sick". 

It's always best to err on the side of caution as you are figuring out this whole "mommi/daddi" gig.

We soon returned home, and I told mommi & daddi that it was time for them to have a "date night". They have not had a night out alone since the little man arrived. They didn't argue at all.
So Poppi and I spent our Saturday night with this little guy, while mommi & daddi went out to dinner and help celebrate a close friend's birthday!

We loved this time with him - all the cuddles and lovin we wanted. Our friends even came over to meet the Little G, who also loved the cuddles and loving they got from him.

Sunday morning we headed off to church and then home for the day. At least me. I finished up my last lesson of the week from my online class, ahem, I got a little behind, and Dream Boy headed off to ride the roads. 

Dream Boy is signed up for a bike race this Saturday - all on back country dirt roads. So he & his riding buddy headed up that way to ride it and get a feel for the route.

When they got home, his buddy said he was fully retiring his mountain bike and would not be doing that ever again. Dream Boy, however, was full of stories about his adventure. To say that he's a bit excited for the race this Saturday, is an understatement.  

We had a quiet evening together last night, dining on a true "Sunday Dutch Dinner" of roast beef, potatoes & carrots. After cleaning up we spent some time designing a mailing card for church and then I watched another episode of "The Collection" on Amazon Prime before heading off to bed.

Today is the first day of spring and it came in like a lion last night, with lots of thunder & lightening.

Let's hope the kids at school don't come in with the same attitude.

Have a happy week everyone!

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Sarah Huizenga said...

I remember being a new mom, so scary. Who am I kidding it is always scary being a mom :)