Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee

Winter is back in the Mitten - not sure how I feel about the major snowing I woke up to this morning. We've been extremely spoiled this past winter with hardly any snow to speak of. When the temps dipped this past weekend, I found myself having a hard time getting warm & staying that way.

I had a pretty darn good weekend - how about you?

Friday night I went to church to create with some other ladies. We made signs with quotes on them.  The lettering is a vinyl decal, but we learned a few new techniques on painting the wood. Although I do this type of thing all the time, it was a fun night of fellowship & I did actually learn a new type of painting technique that was very slick & easy!
I chose this quote as it is a favorite old hymn and it brings back memories of my dad. You see, when he passed away, I was on spring break with my Dream Boy & S2. It was his senior year of high school and we had a whole gang of families & his buddies on this trip. We were having a great time. 

I remember walking the beach the day we arrived with my DB & talking about how I was finally feeling a healing taking hold from losing my mom just 2 years prior. Little did I know that 3 days later my sister would be calling me to tell me that our dad has passed away suddenly & I would be flying home that same night.

How could this be? I just talked to him 2 nights before. The days events were a blur and before I knew it I was back home in Michigan, my sister picking me up in Detroit & driving me home. I found myself alone at home the next morning as S1 was off to school. I was SO angry at my dad for leaving us so abruptly and for ruining my vacation. SO angry in fact, I kicked the washing machine & left a dent in it.  

As the week went on & we met with our parent's pastor - he saw the anger I was feeling as well. But the day of my dad's funeral, we sang this old hymn. As we did, I thought of the man who had written it and all he had lost. And I thought of how through all of his pain, the pain of losing his whole family, he could still turn to god and know all was well. That God had this, and life would go on and he could handle it with Christ as his guide. I felt a peace come over me during my dad's funeral and knew without a doubt, all was well within me. Did it make the hurt go away faster? No. But the pain was eased knowing that God was with me and would never leave.

Phew - let's move on, k?

Saturday dawned a bright, sunny day, making you feel like it was a glorious spring day. 

Until you stepped outside.

The sun was deceiving and the chill reached right through your bones. Brr.

Soon our S&D arrived for the weekend from D-town. Our D2 has been having some car issues, so they brought it to the resident mechanice that I live with. 

K & I left soon after their arrival to go explore the local thrift shops. She scouted out a large mirror that she said her boss was looking for and after a few texts and a phone call, the large, gold leaf framed beveled mirror was in my back seat. Talk about brownie points for my girl!  She's got a good eye on her - seriously!

We headed over to another store and meandered for a while, then went across town for a stop for lunch at the local Root Beer Stand for a hot dog & root beer. 

We had 2 more stores to check out and while at the 2nd one, we received a text message of S2 holding his nephew, Little G. Welp, needless to say, our shopping was cut off right then & there & we were on our way for Auntie K to meet the little dude!
These 2 had so much fun holding & cuddling & snuggling the little man, until he projectile vomited on them. Poppi & mommi had gone to pick up some dessert and these 2 were on the couch snuggling up & having a chat fest with Little G when all of a sudden his recent feeding decided to shoot across and hit Auntie K smack dab in the shirt. The look of surprise on both of their faces sent daddi & I into fits of laughter. 

Oh the joys of baby's.

Sunday morning Dream Boy headed off to church as I stayed home & sent the kiddo's off to D-town. It was so good to have them home and I can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can go exploring downtown D together more, with my camera in hand of course! We are looking at taking a cooking class together somewhere soon too. It was part of their Christmas gift to us, so we've been exploring the options.

The rest of our Sunday was pretty low key - hanging out around the house, eating left overs and getting some more editing done while DB headed off to the woods on his bike. He's signed up for a bike race at the end of this month & it's all on gravel roads, so he's in training for it.

And here we are on a snowy, cold Monday. A new day, a new week, a new adventure awaits!

Make it a great week everyone!!

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Sarah Huizenga said...

Thank you so much for sharing the story of your dad's passing and the song. Beautifully said.