Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning - how are you all doing?

I am feeling pretty good today as I have a half day of school!  Yay!

So I'm going to spend my afternoon with a sweet senior finishing up her senior session. We went to one local last week and today we are heading to the other spot of her choice to finish up.  

Generally I do the whole session at one time, but since we did hers after school, we were crunched for daylight and she wanted to straighten her naturally curly hair for the 2nd session. 

We played around at a local park last week and this is one of my favorites so far from that session.
I have been crazy busy this fall with senior sessions and I have loved it! I can't tell you which one was my favorite because they have all been so different. Each one of them brings something different to the session and it keeps things ever changing for me.

I spent Saturday at school with my student council kids. They wanted to put on a Halloween Carnival. We didn't have a great turn out, but it was an event that they chose to do & we all agreed that we had fun and can also learn a lot should we choose to do it again.  

Dream Boy & I went out for dinner on Saturday night and had a great meal. He has been sulking a bit after spending more on a dinner than we usually do, a few weeks ago. It was a good dinner, but the portion sizes were very small and we were shocked when we got the final bill. We went out for groceries the next day and spent the same amount on a full week's worth of food as we did for that one dinner. 

So our Saturday night out this time was much more economical and it was a very, very good meal. I always love our time out, actually I love any time we spend together.  I am so very blessed in my life.

I also spent some time this weekend tweaking my packaging for my photography. I have always loved the look of the wooden boxes that my photo labs offer, but the cost for me right now is a little over the top. So I came up with my own solution.
I have been playing with this idea and keep adding little touches a bit at a time to make sure I'm not overdoing it.
It's a work in progress, like me!

But for now - it's off to school I go.  Time to play will come soon enough!!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee

Hey everyone!  Did you all have a good weekend?

Mine was so good & filled with so much love & laughter. I look back at pasts coffee times shared with you & it seems my weekends are always so full, so packed with life!  Even those weekends that we really just hang around the house & do much of nothing.

It has made me are, once again, how blessed my life is. Whether it's good or bad or busy or bland, I am surrounded by a family that truly loves me and makes my life full!

This became evident to me again this weekend as we celebrated the marriage of my oldest nephew & his beautiful bride. 

Our weekend started with our youngest son coming home with his pup, for the weekend. Sadly, his beautiful bride was still in Seattle, but he had a short 2 1/2 drive to come home. I had made up a big stock pot of chicken noodle soup when our older daughter-in-law texted, asking if we wanted to come over for grilled cheeseburgers. So we combined the soup and their burgers and feasted together. We hung around, just chatting and spending time together until S2 showed up with the pup. 

Just hanging around together, doing nothing really, the guys were playing video games and my DIL & I just talking baby stuff. Our Little G is growing leaps & bounds & is being very active in his momma, and the doctor's are very pleased at the progression.  Five months down - four to go.

Saturday dawned as a cool, but outstanding - a perfect fall day! I spent the morning delivering photo packages before going home to get ready for the big event.

The ceremony was sweet and I have not seen my nephew smile that much in a very long time. I know my mom & dad were smiling down on him as well - being the 1st born grandchild.

Then came the reception. All of our kids were sitting together at one table and Dream Boy & I were joined by my little sister, brother-in-law, and family members from my older brother-in-law's family. We had a wonderful dinner and a great time getting caught up with each other.

My heart was overflowing all night, especially when I would watch all the cousins  joking around together and laughing constantly with each other. Having our youngest living back in the Mitten is a special blessing and we can't wait for his bride to be back this week too.
The bride & groom are all cuddled up there in the back, while the rest of the clan is ....... not. My oldest on the left there, is cheesing it up pretty good. This was about halfway through our night, and let's just say there had been many laughs already & even more to come.
I can't even begin to explain we'll just leave it at that.

Sunday was even more beautiful than Saturday - the temps were amazing and the colors in our area, though not as vibrant as they've been in the past, but still beautiful.  We spent the morning with our kids, cooking breakfast together and lazing around on the deck, playing with the dogs & just enjoying the sunshine. 

It became evident very quickly that the boys needed naps, so Dream Boy & I headed home, packed up Lucy and LtWD, changed our clothes & headed out to the State Campground to take some pictures for our yearly Christmas card. 
Again, as I look at this photo, I am at a loss for words, truly lost at how to describe or express how thankful I am. God has given me so many riches in my life & there are 2 of them right here.

Have a wonderful week everyone. I hope you take time to step back and realize all that you have, big or small, find the good in all that surrounds you. It's there, you just need to look.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

For the Love of Fall

She wanted a fall wedding. Always dreamed of that day. The cooler temps, the colors changing, an aisle lined with pumpkins & mums.

Her day finally arrived and it was her dream come true. The temps were predicted to be in the low 70s, and partly sunny
It was all she could do not to run down the path to her awaiting groom.
So she headed down the aisle with grandpa towards her awaiting prince.....

.....leaving the golden slippers behind.

Her fairytale wedding is bound to have a very happy ending!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee

I'm back. Have you missed me?

I've been extremely busy photographing seniors and a wedding and also school, always school. I just can't seem to get into a routine this fall. But I haven't given up, I just keep swimming....swimming....swimming.

I wish. 

Fall has finally arrived it seems, and the temps are much cooler & the days are much shorter.
The colors are starting to turn and the apples & pumpkins are ready for picking.

Two weeks ago today, Dream Boy flew out to Seattle and spent 2 days helping the kiddo's pack up. He & S2 spent 3 days in a car, with a dog, traveling across the expanse of the northern region, moving them back to the Mitten.  D2 stayed behind to finish out the season with her current job and will be making the trek here in about 2 weeks with her dad-d-o in her car. Poor girl is living in their apartment with bare bones survival mode housing. But soon the 2, or shall I say 3, will be reunited and not have to spend that much time apart again......hopefully ever.

So yes, this mama has her chick-a-dee's back into a region that is drivable in a day & able to spend time with them more. This mama has a happy heart.

The night that Dream Boy & S2 arrived back home, we spent about an hour together before heading over to S&D1's home for a "big" reveal party!! Yep, in case you've missed the news, we're going to be grammi & poppi next March! So we gathered with family for pizza and then they cut the cake..........
.....and he's a thumb sucker!!!

We are over the moon with excitement about this new blessing that will soon be added to our lives. It is so surreal to us right now, not quite seeming real, but yet very real when I look at momma's baby belly.

While Dream Boy was crossing the country we celebrated 36 years of marriage and he surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of sunshine - delivering it to me at school.
It brought such joy to my heart when they were brought into my classroom. Then to hear my students reaction was even more priceless. A few of my girls were standing next to my desk when I opened the card and both went, "awwww, it's so sweet!  I want to get married and live happily ever after for 36 years too." 

So last weekend we spent the day in Detroit with S2 unloading his car, and exploring the area around their new living quarters. It is a big adjustment for them to be back here, but slowly they are getting there. It will all come into place once our daughter-in-law is back here with him though. She was so excited the day we found this apartment and the area that it's in, so when they are reunited - it will become their happy place together, I'm sure.

I ended up coming down mid-week with the bad cold that is going around school. I am still fighting it & ready, so ready, for the battle to end. I muddled through this weekend, resting when I could, but spending all of Saturday outside on a beautiful fall day, with 2 Taylor's. I had 2 senior shoots, one in the morning & one in the afternoon - each a Taylor - different schools.
One was into climbing trees & playing her guitar, and the other was into reaching for the sky via the rooftop of a parking structure. Both are all about their senior year, having fun, loving life and moving forward with their future plans.

Sunday we went to church in the morning, and then after having breakfast to celebrate a sweet girl's birthday, we headed home. Dream Boy jumped on his bike and I headed out to the patio to sit in the sunshine for about a 1/2 hour before taking off on another senior session.

So between school and clicking away with Lucy, life is crazy busy and I'm a very thankful & grateful lady.

Have a great week everyone!