Friday, April 29, 2016

2017 Senior Models

Okay, okay - hold on. I know - it's shocking! I'm posting twice in one week! Been forever since I've done that..........and I do miss it. 

But I have some exciting news!

I've kicked off my 2017 Senior Model program with some tweaks and tightening up and am so excited for the 4 girls I will be working with this year!
While 3 of them are from my home school where I work, I have NO doubt that their networks of family and friends run far & wide!

Meet Kylie - upper left. She's from Vicksburg High School. Granted, she is my niece and there is that obligatory family thing, but even if she weren't, she'd still be in my top picks for this program!

Haley - lower left. This girl has blossomed so much this past year at school and I have enjoyed watching her grow in oh so many ways! She has a heart as deep as the Grand Canyon AND a pet chinchilla, named Elvis. Okay - so with that, how can you resist her?

On the right - the cutie in the orange shirt? That's Madelyne. She's also my neighbor and has one of the happiest dispositions I have EVER seen in a girl. Even when she's feeling down, she's still smiling!

And the chica in the green - that's Taylor. This girl - oh this girl. She is as sweet and kind as they come.

I am so very excited to work with them all!  We're working through their proms over the next few weeks and then we will be gathering for a group session, along with individual sessions to get their model card shots.

I started this program last year and have done a lot of research over that time as well. I continue to tweak it and learn from my mistakes, but I truly feel this program is one I'm gonna stick with for a long time coming!

With graduation just around the corner for the Class of 2016, it's not to early to start thinking about your Class of 2017 senior sessions!  Be sure to contact me soon to book your session for this summer/fall or early winter!

Stay tuned - me and the girls........we'll be back soon!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Nightcap

I can say it!

G-A Senior Trip 2016 is another successful trip for the record! It's in the books & we are back. Everyone was beyond exhausted, but I think it's safe to say, everyone had a good time and made many new memories.
Chaperones included. While this was trip #14 for me & trip #2 for my principal, the other 3 were rookies! 

Four days of non-stop, on the go, are we ever gonna sleep mode will tire out anyone. But it always amazes me how the kids seem to drag along more than this old lady, or any of the chaperones for that matter. And yes, I am the oldest chaperone on this trip - thems are all babies by comparison!

We spent Friday night in a traffic jam coming out of Orlando, which caused us to be an hour late for Grad Nite at Busch Gardens, but once we arrived - I really don't think the kids noticed that hour as being gone.

In all my years of Grad Nite's, I truly believe this was THE quietest ride back to the hotel. I think they were all asleep before we got out of Tampa and onto the highway back to Orlando.

Saturday - the whole day was spent in SeaWorld and they all loved it. A lot of walking for this mama made for some very tired, sore feet by the end of the day, but the price was worth it when the kids got on the bus and were talking non-stop on the bus trip back to the hotel.

We order in pizza for them on Saturday night and after feasting away, they get 2 hours of free time, which most of them spent in the pool or miniature golfing. There were several, as well, who stayed put in their hotel room playing cards or watching movies.

Sunday we rose to a beautiful, clear blue sky and the promise of a great day filled with sunshine. We headed down the road to Aquatica Water Park, my all time favorite water park, and spent the day riding water slides, rapid rivers, wave pools and just lazing on the beach!

Waterlogged and a little sunburned, we headed home when the park closed at 5pm. Talk about being pooped out! When they reported 2 hours later for dinner, they were dragging.

We headed down the street to Dave & Buster's for dinner and gaming before wrapping up our weekend & heading back to the hotel to pack. A 4:30 wake up call this morning came awfully fast for 33 teenagers, not to mention me!

So, we made it home safe & sound this afternoon, with minor bumps & bruises, one lost wallet and a few sunburned shoulders - but thankfully no one will be in too bad of shape this Saturday with prom! They did good, real good, with the sunscreen this year!

I must say though, I am very happy to be home and am glad that my traveling will consist of work and back for a long while. I have loved every opportunity I've had to travel over the last few months, but in the end, there is no place like home.

Back at it tomorrow - back to the trenches, but it's always a fun day to listen to the kids talk and reminisce about the trip with their fellow classmates.

I'll give myself about a week or two before I start working on next year's trip - yep, the planning will begin for Senior Trip 2017 by the first of May!

I hope you've all enjoyed your weekend and have an amazing week ahead.

Take care and thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Off I Go, Into the Wild Blue Yonder!

I'm a traveling fool as of late it seems. Heading to Florida for my 3rd time since the end of February tomorrow afternoon.

Not complaining.

This one is for business. Yep. The kind of business that involves 33 high school seniors! 

Is that better defined as monkey business?

This is last year's motley crew just before we entered Busch Gardens for the Senior Grad Nite celebration!

This will be trip number 14 for me. Never did I think when I took the first class in 2003 that this trip would still be as popular today as it was then! Last night as I was perusing Facebook it was so fun to see posts pop up of former graduates reminiscing that a year ago, or 4 years ago, or longer they were on their senior trip to Florida. Each post talked about the fun they had and the memories they made and how this trip is one of the few memories that they still carry with them like it was just yesterday!

That is why I continue to do this. I love how this memory lasts long into their years beyond high school. It just makes me warm all over.

Or is that another hot flash?

Dream Boy is guarding the home front with the Wonder Dog, and they'll do just fine.

I missed Monday Morning Coffee again this past week, but let me tell you, the struggle bus was real that morning. I could not get moving at a normal human pace for love nor money.

So let's get caught up now!  It has been a busy week at school with my normal duties, then a full day in Lansing at a workshop on truancy, and all the final details that I needed to take care of to make sure this trip goes off without a hitch.

Last weekend was an absolutely beautiful one! Such a major change from the snow & ice that had plagued the Mitten just a week before. It was in the upper 70s and actually hit 80 on Sunday!

Saturday Dream Boy went riding with his buddies while I did the grocery shopping for the week. When I got home I made up a fresh pasta salad and then spent the afternoon out on the patio reading & soaking up the warmth & sun while my Wonder Dog played in her pool.

She was in her glory! Just loved being outside and playing in her pool - this girl was pooped by the time we went in for the night.

We went over to our friends for a cookout later and ate dinner out on the deck over looking the lake and the dock.
Like those kicks? Yeah, I do too. They're new for my trip this weekend. I'm not one to wear tennis shoes, they are to big, heavy & clunky for my liking, so I invested in these cute Skechers. The box felt empty when I picked it up & I had to make sure the shoes were in there!

Sunday dawned and it turned out to be an even better day than Saturday. Dream Boy & I got home from church and he helped me load my kayak up on my car so I could take it to a different lake for a change.

I went out to the local state park and there were over 10 other kayaks on the lake when I got there!  It was a challenge at first as I had to reestablish my sense of balance and pace myself. This lake is a lot bigger than the one I kept my kayak at last summer, but it was so fun to explore! The water was crystal clear and I could see all kinds of wild life waking up beneath me!

When I got done and was getting ready to load up the boat, S2 texted me what he was doing with his day in Seattle.
So he was in the mountains enjoying a gorgeous day of skiing and I was on the lakeshore paddling my boat. 

It was a good day.

And after I managed to get off the struggle bus on Monday, the rest of my week has been a pretty darn good one as well.

So I'm off to the sunny south again tomorrow - ready to play for the weekend and return home completely exhausted on Monday. But I love helping these kids make great memories!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning everyone!

Back to school today meant back to Monday prayer & breakfast with my ladies, so breakfast was at the golden arches. 

I had a beautiful week on the beach last week, albeit one day was spent recovering from food poisoning & I laid low most of the day, but other than that - I truly enjoyed my week of relaxing, reading & refreshing my mind & spirit.

But I must say, there's no place like home and it was the best feeling seeing my Dream Boy standing in the driveway when I got out of the car. I missed him greatly. 

I missed all the snow here in the Mitten, well, physically I missed it - not mentally. But this week is promising to soon have above normal temps and the promise of spring is popping out all over with buds on the trees & daffodils on my hill.

It's hard to believe that a week from this Friday I will once again be on a plane to Florida with our senior class. This will make trip #14 and I may start looking into residency in Florida as much as I've been there in the past few months. 

But this trip will be anything but relaxing - it is a whirlwind of activity, but it always brings such joy to me to watch these kids celebrate their accomplishments and making memories that will last a lifetime for them all. I love the kids who have never been out of the state of Michigan and seeing them experience all that we do during this weekend. 

This mama has been richly blessed in oh, so many ways and I am truly thankful every day to God for all that He has provided to me in my life.

So - I need to get busy on grades and back into the mindset of school, so I will sign off for now.

Thanks for stopping by & sharing a piece of your morning with me.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning everyone!!  I'm sitting on the balcony listening to the waves crash into the shore once again!

I am so overjoyed to be spending the week on the beach once again! Thank you to my friends from church who gave me this opportunity to stay with them.

I flew down yesterday away from the snow & ice that is now plaguing Michigan - so sorry for you that are home dealing with that. Dream Boy is home holding down the fort with the Wonder dog and suffering through the nasty white plague. 

Really.  I am.

If its any consolation, the sun is trying to burn through the fog right now and hasn't quite made a full appearance.  

We spent our weekend doing much of nothing, this & that & the other thing. Getting a haircut, going to the bank, cleaning the house & packing a few last minute things.

Dream Boy & I went out to dinner Saturday night, using another gift card we had. It was an amazing dinner and a wonderful time spent with my guy.

My flight yesterday was uneventful, getting to sit next to 2 adorable little girls who behaved so well and were giggling over my shoulder as I watched a movie on my computer, "The Long Long Trailer" with Lucy & Desi. Even though I had my headphones on & they couldn't hear it, they were watching a giggling right along with the movie.

Then this morning I was greeted by this little cherub.....

I get to spend my week with her!  What an absolute sweetie!

So the sun has finally burned through and I've had my coffee, so it's time to head to the beach.

Someone has to do it, right?

Enjoy your week everyone!!