Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Well good morning and a happy Monday to you all!

What a wonderful weekend.  It was my first "full weekend" after a week of summer school.  So that means it started at noon on Thursday.

We packed a lot of fun and relaxation into our little weekend.  On Saturday morning I co-hosted a bridal shower for my soon to be new niece!  We gathered on the patio of my co-host and let the event unwrap, as it were.  She received some fun stuff to help kick off their new married life.  The big event is on August 1st......the clock is ticking!  

Saturday afternoon brought a BIG thunderstorm that swept through our area in about 20 minutes, but it was LOUD and heavy duty rain.  That's okay, it cooled things down for just a bit, as the humidity was way out of control. 

Dream Boy & I headed out to an graduation open house and then off to the grocery store - our "date night".  Ha!  We met the most hilarious elderly gentleman & his wife while checking out.  He came up behind us & asked to cut around us as there was cute girl in front of us that he needed to get to.  When he approached her, she turned to him and he kissed her.  She stepped back and asked, "who are you?"  Oh my goodness!  Dream Boy & I just busted out laughing.

The gentleman proceeded to tell us that they have been married 49 years and 14 days, "but who's counting"?  Dream Boy & I congratulated them & then DB told them that we have been married almost 34 years.  The gentleman looked at DB and said, "the next 16 years are gonna be a b*#$&".  Oh my - he was full of it!   He had us rolling by the time they finished checking out, what a wonderful sense of humor he had!

Sunday started off in church with a wonderful service.  I just love our little church.  Afterwards, we were joined by some friends from church for our weekly jaunt to the local cafe for breakfast!  So much fun.

The summer park concert series have started up once again in our area and we headed downtown to listen to a group called, "Motor City Women & The Detroit Express".  They were AWESOME!  Four women with amazing voices, with a jazzy/bluesy style.  

On our way home, we stopped by the #1 children's home for a little visit.  They were getting ready to head out to her parent's for dinner, so the little fuzzy monkey butt came home with us for a visit.  LtWD was not extremely happy, but she tolerated it.  

So here we are again - Monday morning.  Back to school and another week of summer - we are halfway through the 1st session already!

 Don't forget that tomorrow is the 1st!!!   Where will your feet be planted?  Be sure to hook up with me on Instagram 

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Have you ever sat around a bonfire with a soft summer rain falling gently on you?

I have.

Saturday night.

True story.

Yep - Dream Boy and I had a quiet night.  We had grilled some burgers, ate out on the patio and then decided to have an impromptu bonfire.  The fire pit was overflowing with the broken sticks and brush from the long winter months.  

He lit it up & it was a blazin' high and hot!  I truly was a beautiful evening, but about a half hour after starting it up, the rain began to fall softly.  Not hard, but enough that most would abandon the fire and head inside.  Instead, we made the choice to sit and just be.  Just enjoy the flames, the crackle of the fire, the song of the summer birds and the chatter of the over abundant posse of chipmunks in our yard.

We lasted about an hour before the thunder started to roll and the gentle rain became much harder & there was no choice but to go inside.  Even though we were both pretty wet, it was an amazing start to summer.  Something so simple was a time that will live forever in my memory.  You know those moments……….you don't expect it, but when it happens it just stays in your heart and mind as a strong memory.

Sunday was a beautiful day as well.  We headed off to church in the morning and then out for our weekly lunch.  When we got home, we loaded up the bikes and headed to a local trail for a Sunday afternoon ride.  We ended up riding about 11 miles.  In the middle of it, we were crossing a busy intersection when a man turned his car right in front of Dream Boy.  Dream Boy was yelling at the man to stop, but he kept coming and came within inches of hitting my Dream Boy.  DB had to turn his front wheel and basically get off his bike to avoid the collision.  The driver yelled at us and kept on going, pretty oblivious to what he had almost caused.  Whoa - my heart was pounding, but we got back on our bikes and continued our ride, thanking God for His protection at that moment.

So today is Monday - the beginning of another new week.  I'm into my 2nd week of summer school.  This year, so far, they have had the AC on in my classroom.  The 1st 2 days of last week were pretty sticky & we were very thankful to have it.  Finally.  I ended up with 16 students in this session and they are a great group of kids.  Full of laughter and making the best of having to spend at least 4 weeks of their summer in a classroom…….with me.

Have a great week every one - thank you, as always, for spending a few minutes with me today.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Songography - Scare Away The Dark

We should run through the forests,
we should swim in the streams,
we should laugh,
we should cry,
we should love, 
we should dream,
We should stare at the stars,
and not at the screen.

Scare Away The Dark - Passenger

Summer is here.

A time of "no time" - "does it matter" - "relax/chillax".........summertime.

A time to step away from the ordinary of every day and live like it's the weekend all week long.

Family, friends, fun, food, freedom.  

Even those of us who work 40+ hours/corporate type jobs, still sport a more relaxed attitude and lifestyle.

Live it every day, 24/7/365,  let's take the time to 

Sing, sing at the top of your voice,
And love without fear in your heart.
Feel, feel like you still have a choice,
If we ALL light up, we can scare away the dark.

Thanks Kathy for the words to this song - the message within.  The reminder to LIVE my life as it was meant to be.

linking up with Kathy at You'll Shoot Your Eye Out - Songography Sunday.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


As short as my few days off were before starting back up with summer school, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

It was a much needed break - but truth is, I loved being back in my classroom today with 16 teenagers.  Some are new to my classroom, they don't know my warped sense of humor, but those that do know me - they didn't take long to familiarize the other's.  It was a good start to the summer classroom.

I wanted to share a few more of my favorite's from the wedding I shot over Memorial Day weekend.  The bride picked up her package from me on Saturday night & she & the groom "love" them!  So thankful.  But they made it so easy, as they and their wedding party loved to play.

What a joy to capture this time in their lives.

Now to enjoy those lazy days of summer - dining al fresco on the patio, walks to the ice cream shop, wing night on Wednesdays and lots & lots of afternoons on the dock with my favorite wonder dog!

Here's to summer!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning!

Guess what I finished editing this weekend?  Yep - the wedding I shot over Memorial Day Weekend!  

And I finished the Senior Session I shot on Memorial Day…..
Which gave me time to relax most of Saturday & all day Sunday.  Ahhhhhhh ---- love the feeling of accomplishment.

This morning I'm headed off with Dream Boy for a test.  He had to study all day for it yesterday and today he gets to take it.  Ha ha - just a routine procedure when you hit the magical age of 50 - or in his case 50 something because he's avoided it for 4 years.  

So I'll be taking my computer with me to work on the family photo shoot I had last weekend while Dream Boy gets the "happy meds".   Last time he had them he revealed some secrets to our 2 boys that they necessarily didn't want or need to hear.  It's more like a "truth serum" for him.  Good thing our boys have a great sense of humor.

I'm out of jail, I mean school, for the summer if you don't count summer jail um school.  That starts tomorrow.  Not much of a break - but with the long winter and all the snow days we had this year, we got extended 4 extra days.  

But, I had my yearly beach day on Friday with my 2 niece's, my big sis and my DIL.  We lasted about 1 1/2 hours on the beach as it was SO windy and cold, only in the low 60s.  Lake Michigan water temps are still frigid, so with the wind blowing off of it, it felt even colder.  So we wandered into town and shopped.  The only thing I bought was a treat ----  

Yes - a chocolate covered salted caramel apple.  Oh my - I want more.  Seriously.  Like now.  It was that good.

So I'm off now with the man, but I'll be back soon.  

Have a great Monday everyone, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Proud" - Songography Edition

"what have you done today
to make you feel proud,
it's never too late to try"

Proud - Heather Small

I can't take full credit, but I can take some.  I don't like to boast, and I don't puff out my chest.  But inside, there's a warmth.  When I stand at our high school graduation, the sense of knowing I was a part of their success.  A very small part.

Every year there is a handful of seniors who are struggling.  Academically, emotionally, physically.  

Every year a few, or even just one, becomes very much "like my own."  I identify with their need and know that deep inside they can achieve it - they can make it - they just need someone to believe in them.  They need someone to help them believe in themselves.  

Every year that someone walks across that stage and I hear the cheers of their family and inside I smile, knowing that in a very small way, I helped.

Is it wrong to feel pride in what you do?  Is it wrong to take credit for your helping someone?  

No, as long as you don't dwell on it, or boast of it or shout it loud & clear.  

But inside me, deep inside, I am giving thanks and credit to God for giving me the ability and the opportunity and the trust to help that one or two or three students achieve what was once just a dream to them.

Linking up with Kathy at You'll Shoot Your Eye Out today.  You should head over there and see some of the amazing interpretations people have from the lyrics of this song.  They hear the words and they see the image.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

When The Moon Hits Your Eye........ a big pizza pie.....that's amore!

There was a super moon last night AND it was a "honeymoon" as well.  

Super moon is when the moon is the closest to the earth and a honeymoon is the yellowish tinge it has to it when rising.  They say the honeymoon won't be seen again until 2094.

So Dream Boy humored me last night and we went and may or may not have trespassed in a cornfield to get these shots last night.  I downloaded a "moon" app on my phone - yes, there is such a thing - and then we used the compass on my phone to figure out exactly where the moon would rise so I could get my tripod set up.  We were spot on!

It is part of my summer bucket list - to get a better grasp on my night photography.  I did a quick study online about shooting this and then went for it.  Still a long way to go, but it's a start to my list, right?

Did you miss the super moon last night?   They say it should also be visible again tonite!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What Did I Do?


Yes, I have stepped into another realm of photo editing ability.  I've read & heard & read some more about Lightroom and how much simpler it is for editing photos.  

So I took the leap & downloaded it last Thursday night.  I was able to get the Teacher Edition at a much discounted rate due to my job at school. 

I'm stuck now.  I have NO clue how to start, nor do I have the patience to sit and watch training videos.  

It probably doesn't help that I have a wedding to finish editing, a senior shoot & a family shoot waiting next in line for editing either.  I feel the pressure.  OH - I want so bad to play in this awesome new program, but I.can't.  I need to focus on getting caught up on my editing and taking the time to learn this right now is NOT going to get my editing caught up.

Unless you know some shortcuts???  I did take a few minutes the other night & try & load pictures into LR5.  But they were all pixel-y.  I did figure out how to delete them all until I have the time to really figure out how to do this right.

So - I guess I need to get busy on the 3 jobs I have waiting to get done first before I'm allowed to play.

But any helpful hints any of you may have would be greatly appreciated.  

Oh - and in case this matters, my WHOLE photo library is stored on an external hard drive because of the amount of space I need for ALL of them beauties.

All right, now back to my editing……….must get this done.must get this done.must get this done.must get this done…...

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

I'm so happy you stopped by today.

The tables were turned on me this past weekend during a family photo shoot.  They grabbed their camera, flipped the prop & started taking shots of me!  It was pretty cool actually.

Little did they know the "Believe" is my word, my life's motto, my mojo.  

So I had a busy weekend.  Friday night was spent at a dance for the 8th grade - an hour of my life I'll never get back.  It was yet again made clear to me why I work with high school kids, and not middle schooler's.  They are nice & all, but I can't handle their form of drama.  Seriously.  

Saturday I worked on editing and more editing before leaving for a family shoot an hour north in Grand Rapids.  Dream Boy went along for the ride, as this was a family from church and he was promised beer at the end of the shoot.  He was a great help, as the two little one's were easily distracted & bored while shots were being done of the older family members.  He didn't think he'd have anything to do - he'd be bored just standing around.  HA! HA!

We spent Sunday morning in church and then went home.  I took LtWD to the dock for an afternoon swim and she loved it!  So did I, a much needed unwind time for me before I went home to work on more editing.

This is my last week of school.  Today is my last full day & then 3 days of exams.  Friday is BEACH DAY!  My annual trip to the beach with my nieces, and sisters (when they can come) and this year with my daughter-in-law too!  The weather forecast is looking mighty fine.

So what's on your bucket list for the summer?   Do you have one?  Me, I always try to spend a lot of time on the dock, knocking off a lot of reading.  But this summer I also want to:
                                           --  practice and perfect my shooting with Lucy, 
                                 specifically working on shutter speed & night shooting.
                             --  find a kayak and spend many days in it.
                             --  ride my bike at least 3 days a week.
                             --  taking day trips to the beach with Dream Boy on
                                 the weekend(s).
                             --  backyard garden party/bonfire/cookout with friends.

I'm sure there's even more I could list, but I also just like to be spontaneous and go with the flow.  It is summer after all, schedule - shmedule - right?

Well - it's off to classes and prep for final grades.

Have a great week & let's meet up again soon, k?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning!  Yep, it's Monday ----- again.  But you know what?  It's the start of a whole new week.  Let's make it a good one, k?

Started my morning once again with my lady's at breakfast.  It's always a great way to start my week & I do miss it over the summer.  Not so much the early rising, but the fellowship at the beginning of my work week.

Phew - what a busy weekend.  Two graduations and two open houses, plus grocery shopping, photo editing, church and time with my Dream Boy.  

It was a beautiful weekend weather wise - just amazing!  So all the outdoor activities were filled to the brim with sunshine and happy faces.

This is my last full week of school.  Next week is a full day on Monday & then half days through Thursday for exams.  This did really seem like an extremely long school year - but I think it's due to the harsh & cold winter we had.  But - we are full on into the summer swing and I'm ready for it!   Bring it on!

Son #2 is starting a new job today, even though it is keeping him in Seattle, I am very happy & excited for him!  He has spent the last year working from his one bedroom apartment and now he will actually be in an office setting, which is what he really is looking forward too.  Comrades - oh, and Fido Friday's, where he can bring his pup to work if he so chooses.  Crazy, huh?  I've been known to have Fido days during the summer school session - Libbi the Wonder Dog has tagged along with me on numerous occasions and the kid's always love having her around.

Well, I really need to get busy and finish out my last week strong.  But I'll be back soon.

I pray you all have a wonderful week and enjoy your days!

See you soon!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Feet First - Where Are YOU Planted Today?

Church, graduation, open houses.   These tootsies are gonna do some traveling today.

Won't you join along with me & show where your feet are planted?   It's really very simple.

Take a shot of your feet once, twice, throughout your day & join upon Instagram @pattilin60!  Be sure to tag your shots with #feetfirst2014 and have a look while you're there at all the places other's are traveling too today.

Consider it a one day trip around the world!

I hope you play along……