Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tis The Season

Graduation season that it!  Here's to every high school (& college) senior.  May the road you travel be filled with all your hope and dreams.

Our graduation was last night.  Last year we had one senior protest prayer in the graduation ceremony.  By law, we had to remove "prayer" and change it to a "Moment of Reflection".

But God was present, as He always is.  Last night our teacher of the year spoke to the graduating seniors.  He said, in his opinion, our country has gone a long way off track from what it was founded on.  He spoke then of how he felt you should live you life.  There are 2 things that you should always focus on in whatever you do.  

Faith and Family.

He went on to say that in whatever you do, always ask yourself -- is this good for my faith and is it good for my family?  


Needless to say, I, along with many, many others, were very choked up by the time he was finished talking.  

So my prayer for every graduating senior is to follow their faith and love their family to the ends of the earth.  Life is not always fair, life will have some really hard lessons, and life will also reward you greatly.  But in everything --- EVERYTHING -- hold tight to your faith and to your family.  They are both the biggest gifts you will ever receive in your lifetime.

Now - on a side note.  Don't forget - tomorrow is the 1st of June and you know what that means?   It's "Feet First"!!!!  Be sure to snap shots of your journey throughout the day and follow along on instagram @pattilin60 and tag your shots with #feetfirst2014.  See you on your journey's tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's Up Wednesday?

I love holiday weekends - they make the work week move faster.

Can you believe it's Wednesday already?  

Yipes!  That means I'm one day closer to having to have the video done for graduation.  So much to do - so little time.  Maybe I got all caught up in some "senioritus" myself, thinking I had so much more time to complete this assignment.

Well - while I'm working away on it, I'm dreaming of my weekend past.  The weather was amazing.  Dream Boy & I took full advantage of it too.  While I worked all day Saturday and a little bit again Monday morning on photo shoots, we managed to find some time to enjoy the "official kick off" for summer.
I really am ready for half days of school & 3 day weekends and time to sit on the dock, the beach, the patio and just thoroughly enjoy life around me.

Are you?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday Morning Tea

....even though I'm drinking coffee, the title sounded better with "tea" in it.  

I missed our Monday morning coffee because I was busy, busy, busy this weekend and I hit the ground running on Monday as well.  I almost feel like coming back to school today will be a way to recover, but it's already proving me wrong.

Thirteen days.  T.H.I.R.T.E.E.N. school days til summer break.  YAY!  Then I get one day off, the weekend & I start in with summer school.  No rest for the weary I s'pose.

BUT, I did manage to kick off summer the right way yesterday - just ask Libbi the Wonder Dog!
We made it to the dock for our first official swim - at least HER first official swim.  This mama only got wet when she came back on the dock & shook her furry self all over me.

Dream Boy thought she was going to have a heart attack at home before we left because she was SO excited when she heard me in the bathroom digging through the cupboards for my swimsuit & our towels.  Seriously.  She's that smart.  She knows the sound of the cupboard doors - they have a distinctive click when I open & close them.  She was going absolutely bananas!!

Saturday was spent with this group of crazy people....
It was an absolutely gorgeous day for a wedding.  It was crazy trying to keep this motley crew in line, they were so fun to play work with!

So, it's time to get to work - at my other job.  I certainly hope you have an amazing day & a wonderful week!!

See you all soon!


Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning everyone!  I'm so glad you're stopping by and sharing part of your day with me.  It makes my heart melt when people comment on my blog, or on my Facebook page or when I see them in person that they enjoy these little moments together.

It never ceases to amaze me when someone says my words touch them, or I have "a way with words" - because in my mind, I don't see it that way.  I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again -- I am my own worst critic.  

Now I'm NOT fishing for compliments from any of you, I'm just speaking from my heart.  I am just so humbled and amazed that my little blog can do that for others.  Truly.

So, is it EVER going to warm up in Michigan?  Oy vey!  While we did have sun this weekend, the warmth you think would be associated it with it this time of year was just an optical allusion.  So over being cold.  Dream Boy was a true hero Saturday night when he went and got the heavier comforter to put back on our bed because I.could.not.get.warm!  

The rain we've had is no problem - it's brought the grass to a beautiful green, and the trees & shrubs & flowering bushes are filling with color more & more every day.  

So to help move the "feeling of summer" along, we had a little impromptu cook out at Son & Daughter #1's home last night.  Bacon cheeseburgers fresh off the grill, with potato salad & corn on the cob!  Oh my goodness.  It at least warmed my heart and soul to be eating a summer time favorite meal.

Speaking of S&D #1 - their house is coming along swimmingly.  It is going through an amazing transformation and I love it.  I have hinted ever so loudly, that they need to trade houses with Poppa and I.  But the hints have fallen on deaf ears I'm afraid.

Did I tell you, S&D2B #2 have an official wedding date?  Yep, they were finally able to confirm the date with their church and the big day is set for May 30, 2015.  They wanted so badly to get married at the church on the campus of the college they graduated from.  It was where they first met.  It is a beautiful church and filled with so many memories for them and for Dream Boy & I as well.  So now that we have a for real date - let the planning and creativity and festivities begin!

I got my Mother's Day gift from Dream Boy on Friday.  Lucy got a new looking glass and she looks quite stunning with it on.  I'm playing around with it and trying to learn how to use it a little better, as I have a wedding to shoot this upcoming weekend.  I believe that my beloved Ricky will be coming out of retirement this weekend as well, so I have a 2nd source for shooting with a different lens on it at my disposal.  

Well, I believe it's time to head off to meet up with the gal pals for breakfast and fellowship before we start another week of school.  The days are counting down.  This is the last week for our high school seniors - it always tends to get a little crazy.  Then only about 3 weeks left for the rest of the students!

Have a wonderful day and a great week!

As always, thanks for spending some of your morning with me.  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Songography::"Upside Down"

"I want to turn the whole thing upside down
I'll find the things they say just can't be found
I'll share this love I find with everyone
We'll sing and dance to Mother Nature's songs
I don't want this feeling to go away"

To climbing upside down and seeing the world from a whole different perspective.

To laying in the grass on a hot, sunny, summer's day and watching the clouds race by.

To never taking for granted the beauty of God's creation and loving the life I have been so fortunately blessed with.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning everyone.  How many cups of coffee have you had so far?  I'm only on one, a latte, but the thermos is sitting here next to me with a few more cups.  Oh, and few pieces of Dove chocolate to add to the joy of that morning coffee.

I had my Monday Morning Coffee at McD's with my co-workers.  It's how we start our Monday's, together, in prayer & fellowship.  It's coming up to the end of the school year and the kid's are getting oh-so-squirrely.  Only 22 school days left.  Even with adding the snow days in that we have to make up, we're still out by June 11th.  But of course, my break is short, as I start right back up the next week with 8 weeks of summer school.

How was your weekend?  Ours was absolutely beautiful.  I even got some sunshine on my face yesterday while enjoying a quiet afternoon reading a book while lounging in the sun.  Glorious - absolutely glow-ri-us!  

My boys' spoiled me as usual for Mother's Day, Son & Daughter #1 came to church and then out to breakfast/lunch together.  I received a gift card to my absolute favorite store from them.  While dining I received a call from the PNW from S#1 who was sitting in the airport waiting for his flight to Alaska!  Can he be any farther away from his mama???  He has business to tend to up there this week.  He sent a pic of downtown Anchorage last night - a booming metropolis of a city.  Not.  He said they're kind of stuck in a time warp up there.  Well, he'll be busy these next few days with work - so he won't notice it as much.

Dream Boy ordered me a new piece of glass for Lucy.  A new lens - but it won't be here for a few weeks.  Can't wait for it to come in so I can play.  

Things are really starting to sprout and green up in our neck of the woods & I love it.  Spring is really one of my most favorite times of the year.  The promise of so much new.  The blue jay has been fervently working at building a nest above our living room window, but the ledge just isn't quite wide enough.  She has only succeeded twice over the last several years to get her nest to stay.  She works so hard, but the poor thing just can't figure out there isn't enough room.  

Well, time for school.  Time to educate the children.  Time to take a Xanax...........JUST kidding.  

Have a great week everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning - how are you on this fine day?

Me, I'm not complaining.  Actually, I'm feeling pretty darn good.  Had a busy, but fun weekend.  Filled with lots of laughs, culture, art and time with my family.

I'm taking this morning's coffee a little different route than normal.  Over the weekend I had some time to read my new copy of "Click" - a photography magazine I subscribe to.  There was a really neat little article in it that inspired me to write today's post in this manner.  

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, I was inspired to write a letter to each of my son's.  I hope to accomplish that this week, but if not, I'm writing the highlight's here.

To My Sons:

I love you.  Both of you individually, both of you to the moon & back & beyond the stars.  

The joy that each of you have brought to my life is limitless.  You have helped shaped me into who I am today.  You have taught me what unconditional love is, what forgiveness is, what a true belly laugh is, how deep sorrow can be that only a parent feels when their child is hurting, how to be cool, how to be tech savvy, how to bargain hunt, you have taught me how to live.

I know Mother's Day is a day for kids to honor their mom's.  To celebrate all that their mom has given to them.  But I want to celebrate YOU.  For without either of you, I would not be who I am.

I will never stop being amazed at watching the two of you walk your life's journey.  It blows my mind to see how amazing you two continue to be.

Chad (Son #1) - as I watch you in the honeymoon phase of your new marriage.  I watch how tender and loving and caring you are to your wife.  The path that you two walked to reach this leg of your life journey was a rough one at times, but you both took responsibility for your own personal part in this relationship & it warms my heart to see how you've come through those storms and are now walking side by side, working together to build your life.  I know without a doubt that your love for Melissa knows no boundary or depth, it is that great.  I have goosebumps and teary eyes as I write this as I picture your face and the look on it whenever you look at Melissa.

You and I are a lot alike.  Yes, we are both bullheaded.  We both know what we want and how we want it and we clash sometimes because of that, but as you grow older - and me too (ugh), I feel our bond continue to grow stronger.  I have nothing but respect for you and who you've become.  

Always stay as strong as you are, never fail to admit when you're wrong and always learn from your life.  You are never too old to stop learning.

I pray that you know how deeply I love you, I always have and always will.

Shaun (Son #2) - your life journey has taken you so far away from us.  Ugh, as much as I hate you being so far away, I also love seeing how much you have grown as a person from this experience.  

As I sat on your couch in your apartment only a few week's ago, listening to you conduct business on the phone, I was touched deeply by the kindness in your voice.  It spoke volumes of who you are becoming as a man.  You are so sensitive to others and I believe this will take you far in your career and in life.

I love watching you with your fiance and the excitement of working on building your life together.  You have a soft side to you, much like my dad did.  You remind me so much of him and your dad (Dream Boy).  You all have/had a very gentle and loving manner.  

You hate to see people hurt and you hate to hurt people.  This is a great strength of yours.  Your compassion for others and for life is going to help you go far in your life.

Never lose your ability to show and share emotion.  It is a wonderful quality to see in a man - it shows how truly human you are.  

I pray that you will always know my love for you runs deep, forever and always.

On this Mother's Day I thank God, truly thank Him, for the honor of being a mom - YOUR mom.  He entrusted me to be the person to help mold you and teach you and help you grow.  I have always been aware of the responsibility He placed upon me (& your dad) to teach of Him, to lead you in a life pleasing to Him.  I have tried to be the model of a Godly mom (& wife), praying that you would also follow in His path.  I am forever thankful for how God brought each of you into my life, both so different, yet so special, never forgetting what a gift you are to me and dad.

Thank you for loving me back, for standing beside me in my best moments and in the worst.  Thank you for teaching me so many things I never would have imagined possible.  

Again, I love you both.  To the moon and back & beyond the stars.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Feet First - May Edition

And off we go - it's the first of May!!  Can you believe it?  Wish the temps around here would reflect it more, but the buds ARE finally showing up on the trees.

I'm off to school for another round of educational instruction.  Heh, heh, heh.

Where are you feet taking you today?  Are you busy running errands, are you running around the office, are you off on an adventure of some sort?   

Join me here and/or on Instagram and share where your journey takes you today.  Join in as many times as you want through out the day, the more the merrier!

Link up below and join me on Instagram with #feetfirst2014 (don't forget to add the 2014). 

Enjoy your journey today!