Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning!

Well, I believe spring may finally be showing up and sticking around.  We had temps in the low 50s yesterday and are expected to be in the 60s today.  It may be short lived, as they will be dropping to the 40s in the next few days, but that's okay.  We'll take it bit by bit.

Actually it's a good thing that spring has been a slow time coming, the thaw has been slow and with as much snow as we had on the ground even 2 weeks ago, we could have seen major flooding.  

So my weekend was spent laying very low - lower than normal.  I began experiencing some abdominal pain/cramps on Thursday & by Friday morning they were so bad I couldn't even sit at my desk at school.  I wouldn't have even gone in, but I had promised a student I'd meet her at my normal arrival time.  She didn't show & by the time the bell rang, I had called the secretary to find me a sub.  The pain was intensifying.  I called my doctor and went straight in.  A few things were immediately crossed off the list, but it was evident something was wrong, so an emergency CT scan was ordered.  I called my Dream Boy & he met me at home so he could drive me in for the test early that afternoon.  I had to drink the contrast first.  Yummy.

Anyways - about an hour after my tests they had the results and the doctor called me at home.  She eased my mind immediately and said they would not have to hospitalize me, but instead a very heavy duty dosage of antibiotics was ordered  I was diagnosed with diverticulitis.  So I was ordered to take it very easy over the weekend, lots of fluid, bed rest & a soft diet for a few days.  

And that is exactly what I have been doing.  Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day, sunny day so while Dream Boy & his buddy went for a bike ride, I sat on the back patio with Libbi & Lucy, soaking up some sun.  It was so peaceful just sitting in the warmth of the sun listening to the birds chirp,
the rustling in the grass and dead leaves as the squirrel's were digging up their storage units
& the chipmunk leaping from rock to rock.
I know these little critters are so very prevalent in our region, but as hard as our winter was - the squirrels weren't even out and about.  Seriously.  Dream Boy & I saw one scampering across the yard the other night and we were both commenting on how we hadn't seen them out all winter.

So I'm back off to school today, taking it slow but sure.  Each day is better than the day before & I have to get my strength back as Dream Boy & I are leaving for Seattle on Friday.  Don't anyone get any ideas as the the 'ol homestead will be well inhabited for the time we are gone. 

I certainly hope you all have a beautiful week, I'm going to be busy packing and getting ready for spring break!!  Son #2, who we're going to see, celebrates his birthday on Wednesday, but we'll get to see him 2 days later and celebrate even more with him!!  Can you tell I'm excited??  We haven't seen him since Christmas & his beautiful girl since the wedding last September.

Thanks for stopping by again!!   

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


This is Wednesday - this is a little bit of what my day has included.

This is most of our staff.  Some don't like to play along, but those of us who do - showed up for the group shot this morning.  We haven't done this ever since I started working here 15 years ago.  I'm trying to get them to see how the remote works here......not everyone is paying attention.

Imagine that.
This is our teaching and support staff, minus 4.

Then later in the morning it was time for the senior class to shine.

Meet the Class of 2014--
I love my job.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Yep - another Monday.  Monday - Monday, na-na-na-na-na-na.

So, what's up in your world?  Life treating you good?  I certainly hope so, I really do.

Things are moving along here day by day.  We completed our 1st FULL week of school last week since the beginning of February.  Between snow days, conferences & testing schedules - we truly have not gone to school for a full 5 day week in!   Can I tell you it was the longest week ever???  It just seemed to drag at times.

I've been given more responsibility with my job at school as well.  Just add it to my ever growing list.  I'm not complaining - I'm very honored that I am trusted enough to handle this task and I will work at making it a successful transition for all involved.  Have I ever told you that I still, after 15 years, really enjoy my job?  I have not always been happy about the things (politics) that have come along with it, but overall - I love the kid's I work with and the joy of helping them learn to succeed!

Dream Boy & I are counting the days.   Seattle is 11 days away.  Eleven days til we fly on the big bird to the western coastline of this great land of ours.  Eleven days until I get to see the other half of my family.  Can.not.wait!!!  We have been busy planning & researching & dreaming of things to do while there.  The list continues to grow.

Funny story - while out shopping this past weekend we were heading back out to the car.  Dream Boy notices something on the back tire.  He reaches down to pull on what looked like a piece of coiled wire that was stuck in the rim of the wheel.  He pulls hard & it snaps free.  We both look at it closer trying to figure out what the heck I might have run over when we both realize it is the tail of a mouse..........and the mouse is stuck in the wheel of my car between the rim & the brake pad.  Gross.

Sorry - I hope you've had your breakfast.  If not, you might want to wait until that image is erased from your mind before you do eat.

It is still frigid here in the mitten state.  Temps will barely reach 30 degrees today, but in comparison to weeks past, this is a heat wave.  The snow mounds are diminishing ever so slowly and there are actually more areas of brown grass now than there are snow patches.  We are looking forward to a warmer weekend though - the forecast is stating it could be pushing 60 by the weekend!  Hallelujah!!  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Bring on the Tropical Vortex......we're having a heat wave....a tropical heat wave.

Okay, okay, I suppose I should actually get busy and focus on my day ahead.  Thanks for stopping by again - I love our Monday morning's together.

Have a great week! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


This guy - love him.  He's getting a new leash on life today.  This is the pic his beautiful daughter posted this morning just before he was taken into surgery.

Ric was approved last week to receive an LVAD (left ventricle assist device), which is actually a mechanical heart.  This is to help him until an actual donor is found.

It's pretty much an all day procedure, so pray if you will, that all goes well & Ric will soon be recovered enough to finally return home and live a more normal life than he has in the past 2 months that he's been "chained" to his hospital bed.

Ric's beautiful daughter posted this early evening yesterday....
"LVAD in and working well, tricuspid valve repaired, and he did really well during the operation. He is still back in the OR suite but should be in his ICU room in a couple of hours. Tomorrow they will start weaning off the sedation meds and take him off the ventilator if all goes well. I cant say thank you enough for the thoughts, prayers, calls, texts, good vibes, etc today. We are so grateful. God is so good!"

Continue to keep those prayers & happy thoughts moving through on Ric's behalf.  We ALL thank you! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Top o' the morning ta ya!  Happy St. Paddy's day!

Like that mountain dog up there?  This pile is on the side of our driveway - I took this on Thursday, the day after our latest storm rolled through.   There's at least another 8-10 inches of snow at the bottom, I couldn't get the right angle to show it all to you.  

I hadn't realized until I checked my calendar at school last Friday that I have had a full week of school since the end of January, 1st week of February.  We had 2 full weeks then, but due to snow, cold, conferences, and testing - we have not had a full 5 day week.  Maybe this week will be different.

My student's started their online courses a week behind the initial start date due to the snow days at the beginning of the semester, teacher's are having to change their lesson plans considerably to accommodate the time we've lost, and it's been hard to get them back in the routine!  

We are looking right now at having to add 4 days to the end of our school years because we build in 6 for this type of weather, but there are districts in Ohio, N. Carolina, Massachusetts, all along the eastern border that don't do that & they have ended up losing their spring breaks to make up the time they've had to take off.

Our weekend was pretty much a repeat of all those in the past.  Very laid back, very relaxing.  Not much of anything special going on.  Son & Daughter #1 came over Saturday night with a movie.  They texted at 8:45 they were finishing dinner & they missed us, so they were picking up a movie & coming over to watch it with us.  When they walked in at 9:30ish, Son #1 looked at me & said, "this is your bedtime isn't it?"  I laughed and said, "pretty much", but he told me I have to watch this movie because it's a "classic".  Daughter #1 said she had a "family" movie for us to watch together, but no………Son #1 wanted us to watch this classic.  

"Mom - you're gonna love it, it's stupid British humor & I know you love that!  You'll get it.  Really.  Just watch."

Shaun of the Dead was his idea of a classic.  It's his idea of British humor.  Oy vey.  A zombie movie???  Seriously?  He & Dream Boy laughed a lot, I giggled when Daughter #1 would hide under the blanket & cover her eyes because she doesn't like being surprised or scare, but the movie wasn't scary & it in my opinion, it was stupid & it was British, but I just didn't see the humor.  

Apparently we have different definitions of British humor.  Way different.  But I won't ever complain about them coming over & spending time with us because they miss us.  Never.  

They are still living with her parent's while in transition of purchasing their home, there was a huge wrinkle introduced to that whole situation last week, so we went over to D1's parent's home last night for dinner together.  We really had a wonderful time.  Very, very enjoyable.  Plus it didn't hurt that my #1 grand puppy was so happy to see me & so lovey-dovey with me.  She's just a bundle of energy, but we love her to pieces.

Speaking of grand puppies, in just under 3 weeks Dream Boy & I get to meet GP2 (grand puppy 2) when we fly out to Seattle.  Soooooooo excited to see Son #2 & fiancĂ©.  We haven't seen him since Christmas & her since the wedding last fall.  YAY!!!!!

Well, I guess I'd better get off to prayer time/breakfast with my ladies & then on to school.  

We are in for a warm up this week, so hopefully that snow mountain will shrink a little bit more and I'll soon be able to see out of my driveway clearly & know that there are no oncoming cars from either direction.

Have a great week everyone - enjoy each day as the gift it was intended to be!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


As I write this post, my emotions are mixed.

If you've followed along for a while with my blog, you'll know most of this story. Bear with me.  This is a lengthy post - so go grab yourself some coffee or tea.  I'll wait.

My journey began almost 6 years ago.  About 2 weeks after my dad suddenly passed away in April of 2008, I came down with a very bad sinus infection.  I went to the doctor, only to return 2 weeks later due to the antibiotics not really working.

I was seen by the P.A. that day and she had stepped out of the examining room for a moment.  While gone, I was absent mindedly running my hand over my neck.  I noticed a very large lump on the left side.  When the P.A. returned, I pointed it out to her.  She got behind me & did an exam of my glands & confirmed that this was not ordinary, nor did she think it was related to my current condition.  She suggested we order an ultra sound.

So we did.  The results were to have it biopsied.  It was a large cyst.  I remember leaving the doctor's office that morning & pulling into the parking lot of the local grocery store and just sitting in my car.  My head was swirling and I was scared.  Biopsy?  Really?  Whoa - I just buried my mom 2 years ago, I just buried my dad a few weeks ago.  A biopsy………

I had talked with Dream Boy, who reassured me, as he is so good at doing, and felt somewhat strengthened & renewed.  

But then I called my big sister.  She too, was worried.  I could tell by the silent pause on the other end of the line.  We talked and she also reassured me, reminding me that God was walking right along side of me.

Dream Boy & I headed to the "specialist" on July 1st.  We drove an hour to his office.  He met with us, examined my neck & then invited us into his office to chat.  At that point, I was not fully "sold" on this "specialist".  His bedside manner left a lot to be desired.  He was very arrogant.  I got the feeling from Dream Boy that he was just as much at unease with this guy as well.  We continued to talk and the doctor decided that it was a cyst that he felt by draining, would shrink itself and eventually dry up & go away.  He would perform the procedure right there in his office & biopsy the results as well.

I was taken across the hall and laid down on a table.  The doctor inserted a very large needle into my neck directly into the cyst.  Attached to this needle, was a long tube that would drain into a jar on the counter.  The nurse worked the ultrasound on my neck so the doctor had the imaging of where the needle was at  and how much to drain.  They pulled almost 55 cc's of fluid out of this cyst.

I couldn't believe the difference it made.  Little did I realize how much the cyst was obstructing my breathing!  On the drive home Dream Boy marveled at how "thin" my neck looked again & I was full of excitement because I could clearly breath!

Twenty four hours later - the cyst was full again.

I called the doctor's office and they reported it to him.  I was told that this was not abnormal and that I was to come back in 6 weeks as previously scheduled to have it drained again.  When I returned, we were given the news that the biopsy was clear - no signs of any cancer.  This confirmed what the doctor felt, just a "cyst" that would eventually shrivel up & go away with the regular draining.  The plan was to continue this procedure every 6 weeks until the cyst was gone.  Mind you, said the doctor, this could possibly take up to a year.  

He drained it again that day, and yes, 24 hours later it was filled again.  I went back in October and he drained it for the 3rd time.  Once again, over 50 cc's of fluid was pulled from it.  This was the one and only time this doctor showed any signs of humility.  He apologized to me and then told me he might be wrong.  He felt that his process would not do what was needed & that I needed surgery to remove the cyst.  It would not ever go away on it's own.  The good news was that every time he had drained it, the fluids were clear of no cancer.

An appointment was schedule with the Ear, Nose, Throat surgeon in town by us.  I had my surgery on November 14, 2008.  It was decided to remove only the left side of my thyroid, if possible, as the cyst covered that side.  The doctor would try & leave the right side in hopes that I would still have some of my own thyroid function.

The surgery went well, I did not handle the anesthesia well, but was able to convince the doctor I would feel much better if allowed to go home, rather than spending the night in the hospital.  He walked Dream Boy & I all the way out to the parking ramp because he was so concerned about me.  As I predicted, I went home - fell asleep, and felt so much better when I woke up hours later.

A week later I had my post-op appointment with the ENT doc.  Dream Boy offered to go with me, but I was feeling so good and said there was no need.  I could handle it, the cyst was gone, I felt great and was planning on returning to work the next week!  Nope, I could do this one solo.

I'm sitting in the doctor's exam room and he has just checked my incision & neck.  He's now looking at his clipboard, not at me.  He clears his throat & glances up at me & then looks back at the clipboard.  

"Your results have come back from the pathology lab", he said.

Pathology?  Did he say pathology?  My mind is stuck on that word, my heart is beginning to race and then I see his face.  "Okay", I tell myself.  Get a grip - remember what he's about to say.  You KNOW your sister is going to want the exact information so she can research it.  Clear.your.mind.  Be a grown up now Patti!

"The lab report shows you have Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma."

He said it.  He just said the "c" word…….I know enough that carcinoma is cancer.  He just said I have cancer?  I have cancer.   Okay, think clearly now. Dream Boy & your sister need to have clear answers to their questions.

The doctor went on to say that the report showed the cancer was growing in the lining of the cyst, this is why all my previous lab reports showed no cancer. He couldn't believe he hadn't seen it himself, but it was hidden inside.  My options ---  remove the other side of my thyroid and possibly have a radiation treatment, or have the radiation directly to kill off my remaining thyroid.  Surgery. Again.  You can have it next week or wait until you've healed from this one & have it done after the 1st of the year.

Dream Boy.  What am I gonna tell Dream Boy?  Okay, okay, answer the doctor first.  I told him I wanted to go home & talk this over with my husband.  He totally understood, but asked that I not wait too long if I was choosing to have the surgery immediately.  Thanksgiving is next week & we'll need to work around the holiday to get surgery scheduled.

I'm sitting in my car in a dark parking ramp.  I.have.cancer.  He said it was the most curable form, but yes, you do have cancer.  I have to tell Dream Boy, but do I take the chance he's driving and call?  Call your sister.  But I can't, I have to talk to Dream Boy first.  I have cancer?  

"Hi!  What the doctor have to say?"  Yes, Dream Boy is driving.  Take a deep breath………."honey, um, they found cancer."


Cancer?  Where, how?  I don't understand???  What now?  I'm on my way home, we'll figure this out together.  Stay strong - I'm traveling back from out of town, but I'll be home as soon as I can.  I love you.

I love you too.

I ended up having surgery the next week, the day after Thanksgiving.  The doctor confirmed to me in the recovery room that he had found more cancer on the right side of my thyroid & that I had made the right & best decision to have it removed right away.

Five & 1/2 years have passed.  I fired the "specialist" 7 months after my surgeries and continued on with my family physician & the surgeon.  Two years out from the surgery & I was recommended to a new specialist.  She is a sweetheart.  She picked up where I should have left off a year previous.  More blood work, more ultrasounds, another body scan, another small dose of radiation, more x-rays.  This has continued every 3-6 months for the past 5 years.  Constant monitoring of my TSH & thyroglobulin levels.  Things have looked good, always remaining cancer free.

Yesterday I had my normal check up with Dr. A.  She's so bright & cheery & explains things so openly and clearly.  We talk about her family (they live in the Philippines).  She's lost both of her parents since I've started going to her.  We cry together over these losses and we share our faith in God with each other.

She told me yesterday, "Patti, your cancer is cured".  Cured.  Gone.  The realization that my "cancer free" results over the past five years are now considered "cured".  I've truly, completely beat this.  No more little thoughts in the back of my mind of what they might find on this ultrasound or this x-ray or this scan.  What will my blood results find?  Is there a stray piece of tissue floating somewhere that has hidden so well, only to surprise me one day with more cancer??  

No - she said I'm "cured".  It is gone.  I've made that "5 year mark" that all cancer patient's strive to meet.  I'm not in remission - I'm cured.  

While I know my cancer journey was no where near what a so many cancer patient's face.  The chemo, the radiation, the sickness, the loss of hair, taste, desire to eat, desire to do much of anything, I know that I too, am a survivor of this ugly disease.

I know that the level of cancer makes you no less or no more different that any other person who has sat in their doctor's office and heard those words, "you have cancer".  Those words mean the same to each & every one of us.  It doesn't matter if you are one year out, five years out, ten years out or more, from your diagnosis - it is NEVER "old news" to you.  

The word cancer is a "tattoo" in your mind that you will never, ever be able to get rid of.  You will always remember where you were and what you heard that day.  It will come rushing back to you every time you have a treatment, procedure, follow up exam, blood test or when you fill out those forms at a new doctor's office & you fill in "yes" when asked if you've had cancer?

Cancer free and cured are not the same.  Cancer free is knowing that at that moment, since that last "moment", the cancer remains gone from your body.  It is one step closer to that 5 year mark of being considered "cured", but it is not done.

Hearing the word "cured" is what brings you true freedom.  It's what eases your mind and helps you let go a little bit more, but yet holding on to what has been so you never forget where you've been, what you've conquered and WHO has walked your journey with you.

I am ever so grateful for God & His strength & healing grace to get me to this day.  For the family & friends & people He has placed in my life through this journey.  To each of you, I love you all & thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I'm cured.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Yep - it's Monday.....again.

Are you struggling a little bit this morning due to the loss of an hour's sleep over the weekend?  While it's nice having day light longer at night, it's hard adjusting to that change in time.

We experienced some beautiful weather this weekend with no additional snow fall!  While I think what we have on the ground will be here til at least May, it is shrinking somewhat.  I still can't see to get out of my driveway, but I can see grass - albeit brown - at the edges and around the bases of some of the trees.

Friday night Dream Boy & I headed downtown to Art Hop.  We had a wonderful time.  The temps were a balmy 40, but after so many negative degree days this winter, it felt more like 60!  The streets and shops were filled to overflowing because so many people were getting out to enjoy such a glorious night.

We had a "groupon" to an Italian restaurant and ended our evening with dinner there.  It was splendid.  I have some wonderful leftovers for lunch today now too.

Saturday was a putz around the house kind of day until son #1 got out of work.  We met up with S&D#1 and went to the local home show - but were greatly disappointed.  It was a dud.  

The kid's will be closing this week on their house - yes it is final, and so we were out checking things out with them, hoping to get some great ideas at the home show!  But we walked away from it & went out to dinner with them instead to celebrate their new home.

Afterwards, we ended up at Lowe's to get some ideas and had great success there!  While son #1 didn't like my color choices for "accents", daughter #1 did.  Son #1 loses!

We all ended back at our house and picked out a movie to watch together on Netflix (thanks son #2 for sharing that).  It was a great night.

Dream Boy & I went to church on Sunday morning and then out for breakfast.  It's been a while since we've done that - the weather and other commitments haven't allowed to get down there.  It was great to see everyone again.

We headed home and both took a nap before S&D#1 came back over for dinner.  I made a new recipe, chicken parmesan pasta casserole.  It turned out pretty good - it made the house smell heavenly.

Dream Boy capped the evening off with ice cream from Culver's - yummy.  

So today is back to school - a whole week!  Can't remember the last full week of school we've had due to snow days, conferences & testing.  Not sure I'll be able to handle it!  :)

I hope you all have a great week & get to enjoy some sunshine along the way!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Random 5 Friday

It's Friday & it's time to hook up with Nancy at A Rural Journal

1. The sun is shining, there are hopes of reaching 40 today, my tropical vortex is on it's way - I can FEEL it!

2. I have had a wonderful school schedule this week.  Due to ACT/MME testing in Michigan, we aren't allowed in the building while our Junior's test.  So I had all day Tuesday off and late starts on Wednesday & Thursday.  This girl could get used to that schedule real quick.

3.  Art Hop tonite!  Our downtown opens up late on the 1st Friday night of the month & welcomes artisans of all varieties to display their works in their shops.  It's a lot of fun and Dream Boy & I find some pretty amazing pieces whenever we go.  Like my "pooping snowman".....
4.  I'm waiting for my new parking sign....... be installed.

5.  I kinda went here for lunch this week.....
 Sssshhhhhh........don't tell Dream Boy.

Can you tell I'm just a little fixated on my app #waterlogue?????

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Send In The Clowns

"Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right - here I am, stuck in the middle with you."

Kind of feels like I've been stuck in the middle of this polar vortex & winter that won't quite.  I think we all feel that way, at least those of us who live in the midwest/northeastern corridor of the U.S.

So, I'm grasping at straws to change my attitude.  Some people are petrified of clowns. Me?  Not so much - I find them silly & entertaining and bringing a smile to my face.  

I think, like many of you who are living in this "winter wonderland", really need a change of attitude.  I am going to try and look beyond and reach beyond what is here & now and look forward to what is coming.

To put on my clown nose - my "happy face" and find the good and enjoy the laughs along the way.

Here's to getting "unstuck" and moving forward.

Clown nose and all.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning ta y'all!

The sun is shining & despite the bitter cold grips we are still living with, I hold tight to the saying "in like a lion, out like a lamb" and pray that by the end of this month we see some actual signs of warming up and a promise of the tropical vortex that is floating in my brain.

How are you today?  Did you have a good week last week?  What did you do over the weekend? 

Life in our household is very chilled.  The business of growing boys is no longer the same with them both out on their own.  No more getting up at the crack of dawn on Saturday's to get to a soccer field somewhere.  Or weekend travels to tournaments all over the midwest.  I do miss those days, but I love the relaxed life that Dream Boy & I now have as well.

We watched a movie on Friday night on Netflix called "The Magic of Belle Isle".  What a delightful movie.  Just an all around feel good movie of an old man facing the end of his life & how his attitude towards how he was chosing to live it was changed by the 3 neighbor girls of the house he was living in for the summer.  

Saturday we putzed around the house & took a trip to the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Dream Boy is building himself a work station in the basement for his bikes and was looking for odds & ends to use.  I found a nifty little shelf unit for my creative corner to help get some stuff up off my counter space & be a litte bit more organized.

We went out Saturday night and did a little shopping at a few good sales and then we headed to the grocery store.  On our way in, just as we stepped through the doors, the alarm started sounding.  Dream Boy & I are looking around a little confused when we both see a man walking out with 2 long boxes under his left arm & then the store greeter running out behind him yelling at him to stop.  The man kept walking out the doors & the greeter called him a jerk, turned abruptly & went back into the store to call security & record the incident.  

Dream Boy happened to notice what was under his arm.  It was 2 guns, one of which he knew was B.B. gun, the other was also a gun, but since it was behind the 1st one, it was hard to tell exactly what kind it was.

We were both astonished at the boldness of this guy!  To openly walked out the doors in front of everyone with stolen merchandise!  Oy Vey!  The greeter was not allowed to take any physical action towards the shoplifter as in the event she had & he fell & got hurt in anyway, he could turn around and sue her and the store!  Insane.

Sunday was a frigid cold morning, once again, and we headed off to church.  We had a good old fashioned potluck afterwards in the church basement and just had a thoroughly enjoyable time socializing with everyone.  We have such a fun group of people in our church!  Our pastor & his wife were away for the weekend, and he made mention last Sunday that he found it peculiar that we planned a potluck for the weekend he would be out of town.  So I was sure to take a picture of my plate of food & sent it to him & his wife just so they didn't feel so left out.  Pastor's wife texted me back immediately and said it wasn't fair to send that as they were on the road back home & both starving.

We had friends over for dinner last night & son #1 came over for a visit as well.  Daughter #1 has gone back to school and was working on a paper, so she opted to stay home & study.  It was a great end to a wonderful week.

This week I have an odd schedule coming up at school as our junior's will be testing all day Tuesday, and Wednesday/Thursday mornings.  No one but that class is allowed in the building during test times, so I have some time off.  I have some things on my list to do at home, so it will be nice.

Well, back to work - I hope you all have a great Monday and the rest of your week is wonderful as well!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Feet First

It's the 1st of March.  


I'm hoping that the saying of "in like a lion - out like a lamb" will hold true.  Winter has been roaring loud since December.

So, this is my new meme.  I'm hoping you'll join me today.  Where are your feet planted on this first day of the month?  Right now, mine are still in my slippers and resting comfortably on the living room floor while I watch Food Network and do some catch up on my blog reading.  
This is the luxury of the first falling on a Saturday morning.  No rushing around to get ready for school, no more rushing around for soccer games somewhere in the early morning hours, just relaxed and quiet.  

My feet have the joy of traveling wherever I want to go today….it's Saturday!

I hope you join in with me today.  Be sure to link up with me below, don't forget too that you can link up on Instagram - be sure to tag your photo with #feetfirst2014!

I'm so excited to "travel the world" with YOU today………where will your feet take you?