Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

Happy Monday morning to you!

Did you have a good weekend?  I did.  It was a busy one, 2 senior sessions and our pastor retired from the ministry so we spent the weekend celebrating!

Friday was our 33rd wedding anniversary and we went out for a very late dinner, but it was nice to spend the time together.  Dream Boy worked late and then he and son #1 went picked up a project car before we were able to go out together.  But it was nice to be together.

Saturday we were at church for the morning setting up for our pastor's retirement dinner celebration.  His wife asked last week if I still had the centerpieces from the wedding because she absolutely loved them and wanted to know if it was at all possible to put use them for the dinner tables?  Fortunately everything was still in boxes and packed up in the garage at our daughter's parents house.  So they were used for another grand celebration - they've certainly gotten their mileage!

Saturday afternoon I had a great photo shoot with a senior, John.  He had me climbing trees, rocks & digging through the underbrush to get those shots he wanted!  Seriously, I usually  make them climb the tree & I look up, but this time I had to climb around the tree through the underbrush while trying not to lose my balance & fall into the creek below.  Quite an adventure!

Dream Boy's mom and one of his brother's came out for dinner on Saturday night.  We had a great visit and it was nice to spend time with them both.

Sunday was off to church where Lucy got another workout taking pics of Pastor Bob's last Sunday behind the pulpit.  Busy, busy morning, but it was blessed event and such a wonderful celebration!

We came home and both crashed, taking a much needed Sunday afternoon nap.  Phew!

I headed out for another late afternoon photo shoot with a senior girl.  She hates spiderwebs, so there wasn't much tree climbing or brush diving with her. We stuck to the paved trails and downtown streets.  But she was fun to hang out with.

Today I start my week with coffee & prayer fellowship with my 2 lovely co-workers.  Love our time together.  

This week, I believe, is going to be fairly low key.  Lots of photo editing to do and work to prep for as I'm booked solid every weekend until the end of the month!  Wahoo!

My aunt has been moved to hospice where she seems to be less anxious and more at peace.  They have found a med combination that seems to be helping her through and keeping her calmer.  Thank you everyone for your kinds words and thoughts.  This is a tough time for all of her family, emotionally exhausting, but the strength of God is pulling us all through.

Here's to a great week - hope you have a wonderful Monday!

I'll be back soon with my Creative Corner  ---  time for this girl to get back on track with more regular posting, don't ya think?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Random 5 Friday

Dear Dream Boy:

33 years, 5 dogs, 2 kids, 4 cats, hamsters, lizards & bunnies later I am still madly in love with you.
We have shared many, many laughs - several tears and how many moments of pure joy?
You are my life, and I can honestly say & truly believe that I love you more today than I did on that 1st date in 1978.
Happy Anniversary!


Dear Life:

You are amazing.  Even when things are tough and the hurt is deep, you have blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.

Dear Children of Mine:

Yes, all FOUR of you.  Had I hand picked you to be my children I could not have done better!  God has richly blessed my life with each of you.  Two amazing son's who have chosen 2 amazing girls who are my daughter's.  I love you all to pieces.

Dear Friday:

You come every week.  For that I am thankful.

Dear Pastor Bob:

Thank you for all your year's of service to the ministry.  We will greatly miss your weekly messages, but will carry you in our hearts always.
Enjoy your retirement ~ you so deserve this time!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


These are the hands of my aunt.  
The hands that have held mine and her own children's and her hubby's, my uncle.
These hands have been folded in prayer.  
Prayers for her family, for my family, for many a person whom she knew needed those prayers.
These hands were creative.  They painted, they baked, they planted flowers, they cooked Christmas dinners.
These hands are the one's I held on Monday night.  
My aunt is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's.  She didn't know me, but she clung to my hands nonetheless.  She was frightened, very frightened.
So while my uncle and their 3 daughters met with the doctor's, I stayed and held her hands.
I talked quietly with her, I prayed with her, I listened to her, I cried with her. 
On top of the alzheimer's, she has now been diagnosed with cancer.  It's in her liver and has spread to her stomach.  
This is my aunt - she has loved me as one of her own. 
And I love her.
I don't understand why this disease has to exist.  I know many of my reader's are affected by this disease too.  
There is no other way to put it but, 

**update** The family has just been called in.  Please pray for all of them through this difficult time.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

Hey there!  How ya doing this morning?  I hope you had an enjoyable weekend.

Me?  Well, it was very low key in comparison to last weekend.  And that's okay.

Things in our household are pretty much back to the normal routine, the grandpup went home with the newlywed's yesterday & Libbi the Wonder Dog is back to being the top dog around here.  

I spent most of my weekend editing senior photo sessions - still have some to do, but getting caught up.  I even got some of my craft room cleaned out & there's actually room to move around in there now.

We did go over to the newlywed's Saturday afternoon and cleaned the house & mowed the lawn so when they got home in the middle of the night Saturday they would have a nice, fresh house to walk into.  They were so appreciative on Sunday - loved the surprise.  I washed all their bedding & put on their new comforter set they received as a wedding gift.  I also set up a new living room lamp and put out their new canisters in the kitchen since Son #1 doesn't know how to keep a lid on his giant sugar container.  

Dream Boy & I went out to dinner Saturday night with some dear friend's who are leaving today for a 10 day trip to Rome.  How exciting for them!  Can't wait for them to return & share their stories and pictures.

We went to church Sunday morning & spent the 1st part of the service in the nursery, but no little one's showed up - so we headed upstairs for the rest of the service. 

Sunday night Son & Daughter #1 returned for dinner and we spent time catching up on their honeymoon adventure and just sharing memories from the wedding.  

I'm looking forward to a girl's night out on Tuesday with my sisters, nieces & daughter as we're going to see The Wizard of Oz in 3D.  Yeah, yeah, Kathy - I'm gonna go see the flying monkey's in 3D.  I'll let you know what I really think of it afterwards!

So - what was your weekend like?  It was super cold here, after a flash hot spell on Thursday - the exact opposite of what it was 2 days earlier.  We shut the house up because we were so cold.  Refusing to turn the furnace on yet.......

Well, I'm off to have my weekly Monday morning prayer & breakfast time with my 2 girls.  I hope you have a wonderful week - I'll be back soon.  I'm really trying to get back on a blogging schedule now that the wedding is over.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Random 5 Friday

Dear Sons!

Oh how this mama loves you with all her heart.  
Oh how much fun I had with the 2 of you last weekend at our family celebration of Son #1's wedding.
Oh how blessed I am to have you both in my life.

Dear New Daughter:

There's no in-law attached to that name.  I love you dearly and thank you for for becoming the beautiful woman you are.  
The love you have for my son was and is so evident.
Through the good and the bad, and I know there has been lots of both, you have stood beside him.
My prayer is for many, many years of loving and growing for the 2 of you.

Dear Dream Boy:

Thank you for all of your hard work and humoring me with the wedding madness.
Even though you rolled your eyes and gave me silent grief for the Chinese Lanterns, and the twinkle lights, and the awnings - thank you for loving me in spite of my wishes and putting them all up.
You have to admit - our rehearsal dinner and the atmosphere ROCKED!

Dear Sisters:

You have no idea how much I love you and am thankful you were there to surround me with your love and support through the whole crazy weekend.
Everything you both did to help make Son & Daughter #1's day so special did not go unnoticed.  
I know mom & dad were smiling down on all of us throughout the whole weekend from their bird's eye view.!

Dear Midget:

Your real name is Porscha, but you are a midget to me.  You have been so much fun to have around this week, but it is soon time for you to return to your mama & daddy.
You see, there is this big white wonder dog who has had her nose chopped and she's ready for "her time" again.  
We love you Midget, but you've exhausted us all!

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning everyone!

After months & months of planning and executing my D1's (formerly D2B) ideas, we pulled off one of the most beautiful weddings!  The weather, the guests, the bridal party, the families & friend's ALL made our day spectacular.

Friday was spent decorating the church & having lunch with the bride to be & her mom & my sister.  Dream Boy & Son #2 decorated the yard and porch for the rehearsal dinner.

We all joined up at the church Friday night and had a wonderful time at rehearsal before heading out to our house for the rehearsal.  Friend's of ours were there with dinner ready & set to go.
After dinner we headed across the street and lit up & set free 25 chinese lanterns.
Saturday was a day full of excitement, as you can well imagine.  It was a beautiful, clear, sunny day with amazing temps.  Not too hot or cold, absolutely amazing!  We could not have had it any better!
We all ended up at the church and got ready, taking some pictures prior without letting the bride & groom actually seeing each other.
Our church is filled with stained glass and it is one of the most favorite things that D1 loves about it.  We were able to capture this amazing portrait of the bride in the balcony with the afternoon sun glowing through those windows!
I can't even begin to express the amount of JOY this mama's heart is filled with.  It was the most amazing day for our whole family.  We laughed and cried & danced & sang & just lived in the moment.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with us.  The newlywed's are off on a fabulous honeymoon and I am on my way back to school this morning to get back into the routine.

Son #2 is still here for the next 2 days & it's my birthday today - one of the best presents I could ask for!  

D1 texted me and said that Saturday felt like a beautiful dream.  I told her it was a beautiful day - and she lived the dream, and is still living the dream!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning everyone!

Well, it's wedding week here in our humble abode.  I am taking the week off from blogging because I have LOTS of things to check off my lists before the big day this Saturday.

I am working at school, but taking Thursday & Friday off.  My other 2 kids will be flying in Thursday morning from Seattle and this mama is gonna enjoy every possible moment I can with ALL my chillun's being in the same city for four.whole.days!!!!

We have so much accomplished & the D2B & I synchronized our lists on Saturday.  Most of the work is done, other than a few final & finishing touches on some things that can't be done until this week.

Dream Boy & I found a yummy bar-b-que place to cater the rehearsal dinner this Friday night, the weather looks amazing for Friday & Saturday & this mama took dancing lessons last Friday night, so she is ready to boogie!!

But in all the excitement, joy & bliss - I am missing someone's, 3 someone's to be exact, very much right now.

My mom.  I miss her so very much, especially at times like this.  She's been gone 7 1/2 years, but I can still hear her voice and laughter as I remember my son running through the house. She loved him to pieces.

Son #1 was a special edition to our family - he was adopted.  I can still remember my mom in tears on his 1st birthday because she was given the gift of being this little boy's grandma because someone else was unselfish enough to give him up for adoption.  That someone who could have been his grandma was missing this 1st birthday - so my mom prayed for her and thanked this unknown birth mom and grandma for the gift of our 1st son.

My dad - the man who loved to tell a good joke and laugh.  His laugh came from his belly.
Always ready with a BIG hug and a kiss.  
He's been gone 5 1/2 years and I still pull his sweater out from my closet to smell him.  
Oh how he loved his boy's.  All of his grandson's and then the 2 little girl's who came along later.
He loved to tease, he loved to win prizes in the claw machine at the bowling alley and give them to his kids.
He loved coming to their high school soccer games & sitting in the press box with me trying to distract me from running the time clock.
He was SO proud of his grandkids, so full of love for each and every one of them.  He knew how special each one was in their own way & was amazed at Son #1's ability to wheel & deal on cars!

My father-in-law, who has only been gone from us 4 short months.
He loved life and he loved his grandkid's too.  He called several times a week to check on what everyone was doing.
He too, would come to the boys' high school soccer games and sit in the press box on my other side and joke with my dad & get right in on the game of "let's distract Patti" from the time clock.
He & my dad were a pair - everyone knew them at the soccer games.
He loved the fact that Son #1 went to school and became a certified mechanic.  He loved that this grandson worked not to far from his home & he could ride his scooter over and visit him at work.
He loved life as best he could in his final years - and he always loved each of us deeply.

So as we move towards this special day in all our lives, these 3 will be present in our hearts & minds.  Candles will be lit in their honor at the beginning of the ceremony and burn brightly throughout the vows.

My parents' honeymoon luggage will play a special part in a special photo that we want taken of the bride & groom.  

Their pictures will grace a table at the reception in their honor and in the honor of those from the bride's family who are no longer with us.

But through this week, I will hold near & dear to my heart the fact that because  of the love of my parent's and Dream Boy's parents, Dream Boy & I, D2B's mom & dad too, these 2 beautiful children were created and are destined to love each other for the rest of their lives.  Because all of us share the love of Christ, we share the bond of marriage in Him.

Blessings to Chad (Son #1) and Melissa (D2B) - may God grant you a long, healthy and blessing filled life together.

All because 2 people fell in love...............................

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Creative Corner

I took some time off on Labor Day from laboring over wedding favors and decorations and from editing senior sessions.

I spent my afternoon creating for our newly remodeled porch.  I need some wall decor and decided to finish a few projects I had (a) started earlier this summer and (b) pinned to Pinterest.
I'm going to work these into a grouping along with a few other treasures.

Yesterday was our 1st day of school.  Like all good mom's, I took my picture for the 1st day of school.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

This is it!   Truly, my last day of summer vacation.  I am so going to miss it.

How was your weekend?  We had a beautiful one, very hot & muggy yesterday, but all in all - blue skies & sunshine.

Friday night Dream Boy & I went out for dinner using a gift card we got last Christmas.  It was very good, a quiet type of restaurant, but probably not one we'll frequent unless it's a special occasion.  We tend to frequent the little "pub" type places.

Saturday morning we were up fairly early and took off together on a bike ride. He took me all the way into town, where we stopped a the local bakery for coffee & a sweet treat and then we headed home again.  It was a 28 mile ride!  Whoa......  It's his usual Saturday morning ritual with his best bud, but he was in Florida moving his son down for a new job, so I got to ride along this time.

I went out to the local campground in the afternoon as some friends from church were camping for the weekend.  The ladies all got together to "craft" and I made a watch - I'll share it later this week on my creative corner.

Saturday night we met Son #1 & D2B, along with her parents, for a birthday celebration for Son #1 at our local mexican hole in the wall restaurant.  It is the best mexican food in our area - in my opinion.  After dinner we all headed out for ice cream as Culver's had their pints on sale for $2!  D2B & Dream Boy are ice cream fanatics.  It was so funny to sit & watch D2B eat her ice cream and see her teeth chatter because she was so cold between the air conditioning & the ice cream.  But she kept pounding away at the pint & finished it off.  How does this girl stay so skinny???

During our ice cream time, Son #2 texted us and shared the news that he is now engaged!!  So I have another D2B.  He & his girl hiked up Mt. Rainier and found a lake where they took a break.  He got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.  She was so surprised that she thought he was joking at first.  But when she realized it wasn't a joke - she quickly said yes.  Looks like we'll be having another fall wedding next year!

Sunday was spent at church in the morning, out to breakfast with my DB afterwards and then home to laze around.  The little grandpup came over late in the afternoon while Son #1 & D2B #1 went to look at a seat for his race car.  Then they returned later for a birthday dinner, as it was actually Son #1's birthday on Sunday.  

Today - we are painting more of the porch floor and if the sunny skies stick around, I just may have to spend my last summer afternoon at the dock with my favorite dog, LtWD.

Have a great day everyone - and a blessed week!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

If I Had A Million Dollars - Songography

If I had a million dollars (If I had a million dollars)
I'd buy you a green dress (but not a real green dress, that's cruel)
If I had a million dollars (If I had a million dollars)
I'd buy you some Art (a Picasso or a Garfunkel)
If I had a million dollars (If I had a million dollars)
I'd buy you a monkey (haven't you always wanted a monkey?)

I had never heard this song before - but my niece & I loved playing with the green prom dress out on the pier!

If I had a million dollars it still wouldn't be worth the same as the relationship I have with my girls.  My 2 nieces are the daughters I didn't have!  I love them to death & we have made so many memories through the years - everyone of them is worth way more than a million dollars.

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Go check out her blog - it's a lot of fun!  You really won't be sorry, I promise.