Saturday, March 30, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Happy Easter!

Here are my interpretations for this week's hunt.  I hope you enjoy the "view" and are having a great weekend!

Inside view at the carwash, at the carwash yeah............

You've got mail.........not.

Fresh bouquet of tulips to grace the Easter dinner table.

I think this qualifies as "weathered".....

Wha??  Isn't this how all ordinary dogs sit?

Thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to head over to Ashley Sisk's to see more great shots!

From Pinned to Played Out

My Pinterest boards are overflowing with inspiration & ides.
Aren't yours?
Once in a while I will actually put into action the pin & complete it.
This morning I did just that.
I saw this email the other day from Peachy Chic Boutique with this necklace kit for sale.
My sister gave me a camera charm for Christmas & it's been sitting on my creative station just waiting for an idea on how to use it!
When I saw the necklace kit, I immediately knew where & how to use my camera charm.
I added a little more to it than the original.  I already have a necklace similar to this that I bought & I wear it all the time.
Now I have 2!
Happy Easter!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Random 5 on Friday

Dear Sunshine:

It has been so wonderful to see your bright, smiling face for the last 3 days.  It's been a long winter.  I know I live in Michigan & this is typical, but I still am thankful for your glowing presence in our blue skies.

Dear Friday:

Thank you for getting here - this is the 1st day of my spring break.  It's also Good Friday, a day where I reflect and remember the sacrifice made on a cross so long ago.  I am thankful for you Friday, especially today.

Dear Tulips:

Thank you for bringing such joy to my kitchen this week.  Your bright colors each day helped to remind me that spring is on it's way.  Be it ever so slow - it is on the way.

Dear Bed:

Thank you for the warmth & comfort you give me each & every night.  Thank you for giving me such a good, long sleep last night - it was so nice to sleep in past the normal alarm clock time today.

Dear Mr. Cardinal:

Your song outside my window the other night surely caught my attention.  It was beautiful, even through the glass.  I so wanted to capture your beauty more clearly, but I didn't want to interrupt your serenade, so I took your picture through the dirty window.   Please come back again & again.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning!
I think we all need a little touch of spring, don't we?  Winter is hanging on hard this year, making up for such an early spring last year I believe.
So I bought these beautiful tulips on Saturday to brighten & cheer up my kitchen table......and me.  Now I share then with you.
How are you today?  I hope you are waking up to a good day - despite what the weather may be in your corner of the world.
It's Monday.  Some people just absolutely hate Monday's.  I don't really mind's the start of a new week.  This week is holy week.  A time for reflection and a time for me to review my life as a Christian.  To remember that for all I've done wrong, God has given me the chance to make it all right.  I am so unworthy, but He feels differently and for that I am thankful.
How was your weekend?  Part of ours was spent in the hospital again with Dream Boy.  He started noticing last Tuesday that his arm was again changing color & by Thursday it was swelling.  After talking to our doctor, it was decided we needed to go into ER on Thursday night for an ultrasound.  The ultrasound confirmed that he had another clot, this one between the shoulder & neck - too close to the lung.  He was admitted & began immediately on an IV drip of meds to help thin his blood.
After meeting with the hospitalist, the cardiologist & a vascular surgeon on Friday it was agreed that the pacemaker put in last fall is definitely causing the clots.  A regimen of a different blood thiner has now been started & will continue into the unforeseeable future.  But, it is a solution that we can learn to live with.  
I am so thankful that DB listened to the warning signs in his body - so very thankful.  He came home on Saturday & we've spent the rest of the weekend just recouping and staying home.  
Both boys & the d2b were up at the hospital with us Friday night & we had such a good time.  I can't tell you how much this mama's heart sings when I see my 2 boys spending time together laughing & joking & sharing time with each other.
I printed a bunch of pictures to try and get my Project Life caught up this week.  I've fallen behind - but I'm determined to get caught up & stay caught up.  I've really enjoyed the process so far.
I only have 4 days of school this week, then it's spring break!  My niece's are spending 3 days with me & I am looking forward to it so much.  Son #2 has a birthday that week also, so we will be celebrating with him by going out to dinner!  He will be going to Seattle at the end of that week to start the 1st steps towards his move in June.
Now, off to prayer time & breakfast w/ my friends.  We've had some MAJOR changes in our school district this past week.  A lot of damage has been done over the last 3 years and these changes were needed, but I'm praying they aren't too late.
So - now I'm off!  I hope you have a wonderful week and a blessed Easter!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

After taking a week off, I have made it back.  I just couldn't get into the prompts for last week - so I decided not to sweat it & skip the week.

Dream Boy ended back up in the hospital Thursday night, so I carried Lucy with me & 3 of my 5 shots are from around the hospital.  Hey, you find inspiration wherever possible.

So on with the show................

Friday night we ate dinner together ---- hospital food.  Dream Boy had Asian Stir Fry.

There's a beautiful little garden in the hospital near the cafeteria.  These leaves have a wavy edge to it.

While walking down the stairwell at the hospital I saw this view & it reminded me so much of the famous Escher drawings.  The shot on the left is the before & then with a little photo editing, I converted it to a drawing on the right.

Libbi the Wonder Dog is still as soft as she was as a pup.  Most labs get a course coat as they mature, but she has kept her downy puppy softness even at the age of 7.

On our way home from the hospital we had to stop & fill prescriptions.  These tulips were right inside the door when we entered.  Oh, what a bright & cheery welcome & I decided right then & there that I must have a bunch to brighten my kitchen table.  I then played with some textures I downloaded from Kim Klassen - my inspiration came from Deanna though......
Too much texture???

Thanks for stopping by today.  I love all your little comments, they really brighten my day!   Be sure to head over to Ramblings & Photos for more great shots taken by some very talented people!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Dear Friday

Dear Friday:
Why did it take you so long to get here this week?  It seems that it has been a looooooong time since I saw you.

Dear 1st Day of Spring:
You fell on March 20th - NOT April Fool's Day.
So not funny!

Dear Students:
Do you really, really have to misbehave so much?   Really?

Dear Hotel/Hospital:
You have become a familiar place to us once again.  Thank you for the kind & caring staff that you have working within your four walls.  While we don't truly like spending so much time here, we are grateful for the expertise that overflows from within you.

Dear Libbi:
You bring such joy to our lives with your never ending Energizer Bunny energy, your wagging tail & cries of happiness when we walk in the door, your unconditional love and your ability to always - ALWAYS make us smile.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Red Barn Color Palette

I know, I started a Ten Things On Tuesday a couple week's ago - but today got away from me before I could post it.  It's almost 9pm & I'm just now getting caught up on my blog reading.
So while sitting here reading & watching "Mississippi Burning", I'm also playing around with the color palette app I downloaded from The Coffee Shop Blog a few weeks ago.
Last week Dream Boy & I were at the high school taking pics of the Pan-Starrs Comet.  This barn is across from the football practice field.  It has definitely seen better days.  But I took some shots & then added some finishing touches to it.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

How are you doing this morning?
I hope you had a restful, yet fun weekend!  I hope you did just exactly what you wanted to do & spent it with those your wanted to see.
I took Lucy out Friday after school for my 1st photo shoot with her.  I had a senior who needs his pics done for yearbook, so we traveled down the road to the forrest & got some sweet shots!  It started to sprinkle, but we managed to still get the shoot in.  I am getting used to her bit by bit - I cannot believe how much faster my continuous shots are with Lucy!  Holy Cow!
Saturday Dream Boy & I picked up his mom & took her to our favorite retail/consignment shop to look for a new couch.  Success!  She found both a couch & a chair, along with 4 pillows!  
I found the sweetest little tea cup & had to buy her - I would love to send her to a special friend that lives in Springdale, but I don't have a mailing address for her?  Hmmmmmmm............
We came home and just lazed around for the afternoon and then we met up with Son #1 & d2b at the local Mexican restaurant for dinner.  They left to go celebrate St. Paddy's day downtown & we went home & watched Irish movies.
Sunday found us at church in the morning & then out for our weekly breakfast.  
I took my weekly Sunday afternoon nap while Dream Boy & his friend took a bike ride in 27 degree weather!  Insane!!  He came home & brewed a pot of coffee to which we all then added a wee little bit of Bailey's Irish Caramel Cream - the REAL stuff!  That warmed us all up in a big hurry.  :)
This week we have a full week of classes & then next week only 4 1/2 days.  Then it's SPRING BREAK!  Yay - we aren't going anywhere as we had our vacation earlier in February, but my nieces are coming to Camp Aunt Patti's for part or all of it - whatever they choose.  I am hoping, as I think I said before, to surprise them both & take the train into Chicago for a fun day of just wandering & taking pictures.  My oldest niece & I want to see the bean!
Have a wonderful week my friends - may it be filled with much love & happiness!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Seeing Starrs....

I just could not get into the prompts this week for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  So, I decided not to fret over it & just forego it this week.
But I wanted to share this shot with you.  Dream Boy has been talking all week about being able to see the comet at sundown, the Pan-Starrs comet.  We kept forgetting & the sun would be down before remembering.
Our back yard is a hill - so we don't see the sunset from our house at all.  On Thursday night we finished dinner & Dream Boy was standing at the kitchen sink looking at the glow in the sky from the quickly sinking sun.  COMET! he yelled.  No, we still couldn't see it from our house, so I grabbed Lucy, he grabbed Libbi & off we took in the car to our high school.  
After taking several shots of what we thought was the comet & being utterly frozen, we started heading back across the field to the car.  Dream Boy looked through his binoculars one more time & point out another streak to me.  He said to try & take a few shots of that one because he swore he could see the ball & 2 tails.
Even with my zoom on, it was not a clear shot to me.  But I took them anyways.  I got home & downloaded my pics from my camera, but didn't think to look at them again until yesterday morning.
Lookie here...
After cropping & some editing to help strengthen the colors - I was so excited to see that those last few shots were actually of the comet!
Dream Boy was so excited to see this too!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday - It's FRIDAY!!!!

Never have I been so glad to see a week come to an end.  At least not recently.
Plugging along, doing my job, having a fairly good week & then BAM!  Somebody decides to step in & throw a huge wrench into my working day yesterday.  I'm still reeling from it & working through my anger.  Seriously!
But, on the other side of the coin is the fun part of my job - the kids!
We had a half day of school on Wednesday & I set up the Senior Class of 2013 picture.  Got to use Lucy & we had a grand time!
I came home & edited in all the moustaches - then I posted it on facebook with this, "Class of 2013 - I moustache you a question?  Are you ready to graduate?"
The kids & their parents loved it!
This is the fun side of my job, the kids.  They are why I do what I do & keep coming back to do my thing.
Here's to a great weekend for all of you.  Hope you have a fun & safe St. Patty's day celebration - even if you're not Irish, you should just pretend.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday

Hello friends!
It's Tuesday again - how did that get here so quickly?
I started this little meme last week & hope to see it grow.  It would be great to see what's on your mind this week.  At the bottom of this post is a "linky" button, just click on it & follow the steps to link your blog post about the 10 things on your mind this tuesday!
Be sure to share the love & comment on those around you too.
So, what' on my mind this Tuesday?

1.  This daylight's savings time is kicking my hiney.  I wish we could just stay on the schedule forever and ever.  

2.  If you didn't know, I got a new camera.  She's bright ruby red & I call her Lucy.

3.  We had a smidgen of a taste of spring this past weekend.  I want it to be spring all the time now!

4.  I had my check up with my endocrinoligist yesterday - my 4+ year check up from my thyroid cancer.  Things are still looking good........praise God.

5.  I love my Monday morning's with my gal pal prayer warriors~

6.  I found out on Sunday that a friend of ours at church - his son was just promoted to staff writer on my all time favorite show!!! (Big Bang Theory)  Oh my, wonder if I can get an autographed poster for my classroom?

7.  d2b's (daughter in-law to be) mom somehow finagled a free upgrade to the ballroom for their  upcoming wedding reception.  Can you do the "happy dance"?

8.  I love The Coffee Shop Blog for free PSE10 actions - I am in love with this new one I downloaded this weekend.......Instant Color Bar!

9.  I really, really, really need to make an eye appointment.  Really.

10.  I'm thinking of a little "surprise" train trip with my nieces to Chi-town over spring break might be in order if I can save up some pocket change.

So whatcha thinking about?  I'd love to have you share - click on the link below!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning!
Did you miss your hour's sleep on Saturday night?  I must have, I laid down on Sunday afternoon to take a little siesta & woke up 2 hours later!
Not complainin'......
Yes - you are seeing clearly.  Lucy is now mine.  Dream Boy sent me out Saturday morning to pick her up.  I have been reading my manual off & on all weekend & keep finding more & more reasons why I Love Lucy!
Yes, I'm a Lucille Ball fan & when I saw this blazing red camera I knew she must be named Lucy.  
Dream Boy saw her bright, shiny red exterior and said, "you never could conform to the norm, could you?"  He knows me so well.
We started watching the series last week on the History Channel, "The Bible" - we are really enjoying it so far & very impressed with the production so far.  It is testing my memory greatly & I am finding that all my year's off Bible stories in the Christian school and my church upbringing is serving me well.  It has been a great way to bring all of that history back to the front of my mind.  Too often I get sucked into the New Testament and forget how rich the heritage of the Old Testament is.
Dream Boy, Son #2 and their buddies took a long bike ride on Saturday - the temps weren't quite as warm as they had hoped, but they were all glad to get out!
We hit 61 degrees yesterday - a wonderful glimpse of spring.  Also, the fact it stayed light until the longer days.  The temps this week are going to drop some again, but then back up into the 40s by weeks end......I'm praying we have finally gotten our break from the winter grip.
I have a 1/2 day of school on Wednesday and will be taking the senior class picture that afternoon.  I've got some different ideas in my mind to try out - let's hope the kids will cooperate.
Son #1 & d2b were working on wedding invites the other night.  They realized that their guest list has grown tremendously since booking the reception venue.  They were besides themselves trying to figure out who & where to cut their list.  D2B's mom called the venue on Thursday - I'm not sure what she told the wedding coordinator, but she gave the kids a free upgrade to the ballroom upstairs!  She told d2b's mom that we've already been through so much this past year (d2b's mom was diagnosed with cancer shortly after their engagement) & that we have been an awesome family to work with that the ballroom isn't booked & she is moving us in there at no extra charge!  d2b called me immediately, shaking & near tears - bringing me to tears with gratitude for the kindness of this gesture.  WOW - we have all been so humbled.
So onto this week - starting off my Monday as I do every prayer & conversation with my 2 dear co-workers.  Then on to school to face my day.
Hoping you all have a wonderful week & that you've enjoyed your time visiting this morning!
Be sure to stop by tomorrow for my 10 Things on Tuesday!  I hope you join in the fun with me!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Here we are on a Sunday again - with the findings of this week's hunt.
Did you remember to set your clocks ahead?  If ---you're late for wherever you were supposed to be this morning.
Well, enough of the small talk ----- here are my interpretations for this week:

Do you see how his neck forms the #5?

Word of the day:  Happy!

 A smiling box with 2 new books - HAPPY!

Sharing a pizza & a pitcher of Coke - that's what best friends do!


Original right?  Jell-o = wiggle!

You do know I had to actually buy cookies for this photo?  The sacrifices I make for the sake of my work.

So, now head on over to Ramblings & Photos for some more great interpretations & next week's hunt list.   Maybe you should think about joining in on the fun?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

project life 2013 - week 9

Nine weeks down - only 43 to go in this year!
Live completely in every day of every week.
Cherish every moment

Here is my layout for last week's project life:
 On Tuesday a friend had an extra ticket to the Broadway Production Hair.  LOVE the music in that show!
 Scavenger Hunt Sunday Prompts
 This was a download from I Love It All over at Monika Wright's blog!  It's been in my stash for a while.  It worked out perfectly for this week's post!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In Search of Self - Week 10

This week's shot is a little different.  
It's an animated GIF file - you'll see my true colors bright & bold in this shot!

Need I say anymore?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 things on tuesdays

This seems to be a fun trend & I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon & create my own link.?.?.?  Hope this works & that you'll play along with me!

On Tuesday's I will be listing 10 things that are happening that day - actual/virtual/mental.  Mental - HA!  My mind is always overflowing with schtuff - sometimes more than others, but it is a "mental" thing.

Here are the 10 things on my mind today or at my fingertips.....

1.  I don't have school today!  The juniors are taking their ACT's & unless you are a junior or a test proctor - you are not allowed on the premises!  I'm neither, so I got to stay home, sleep in, and play in my creative corner.  This linky thingy is a product of my day.

2.  Lunch was leftovers~~~
Leftover Blue Cheese/Ground Beef/Mushroom tart.

3.  It's cold today - again.  It's barely 30 & they are calling for more snow.  Sure isn't like last year when our last day of snow for the year was March 4th - followed by 9 days in March that hit 80!  We were spoiled & surely forgot what winter truly is in Michigan.

4.  I slept in til 8:20 this morning - loved it!  Libbi the Wonder Dog has loved having me home all day.  She's followed me around & slept at my feet most of the day.

5.  I tried yoga this morning - found a video for beginner's on YouTube that I really liked. I've never done it before & am NO where near flexible enough to get started great guns right away.  This video was absolutely perfect for my starting!

6.  I've been playing in my creative corner for most of the day with this~~
My Project Life - Week 9 layout.

7.  I'm looking out the window at my Maple Tree and it's crying & it's tears are frozen~literally.  The tree company came through last week & trimmed trees back away from the power lines.  Where they made the cuts on our tree, it's crying.
8.  d2b (daughter-in-law to be) sent me an email with a pic of their wedding invitations. I found a typo, ruh roh.  The church address is off.  It should be 1833 and it says 1883.  Is this a big deal??

9.  Pizza and a beer (or 2) with my dearest friend is on my schedule for tonite.

10.  I'm dreaming of this~~
If I were to get her, I would name her Lucy.   Like I said, dreaming........

I hope you'll link up with me today & play along.  I'd love to hear the top 10 things on your mind today.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning!
If you are visiting for coffee for the 1st time - welcome.  If you are returning for our weekly morning coffee - welcome back!
I certainly hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  It was a sunny weekend here, but still cold.
Dream Boy & I went to the local "Art Hop" on Friday night - it's held the 1st Friday of every month in our downtown.  Local artisans set up their work in various businesses & anyone/everyone is encouraged to "shop" around!  It is so much fun - we saw many photography displays that really motivated me to print my work & frame it.  We saw some very unique pottery and heard an awesome Chamber Art Quartet.  There were street musicians & jewelry makers.  But the one artisan that stood out the most to me was the daughter of a woman who passed away last fall.  Her mother did cross stitch - not normally your "fine art" type of display, but her work was amazing!   She did Monet stitchery, Picasso & some of her own designs.  They were so intricate - it's was just beautiful.  I was touched by how proud her daughter was & how they felt this was one of the greatest ways to preserve their mother's memory & honor her.
My kids' were home Sunday night for dinner.  I made a Pioneer Woman dinner - using the recipes she made on her Saturday morning show.  It was quite tasty!  We spent time at the dinner table reminiscing about so many things & talking about wedding plans. Then the boys started watching soccer on t.v., so d2b (daughter to be) & I spent time on line looking & pinning ideas for wedding flowers.  (note to Aunt Pam to check some of those new pins out)  We also talked about ideas for centerpieces and place card ideas too.  It's coming so quickly now - only 6 months to go!
What did you do this weekend?  Did you spend time with family, doing some things you love to do, enjoying the weather in your neck of the woods?
This week is going to be a strange schedule for me as the junior's in our high school will be doing their ACT testing all day Tuesday & then more testing Wednesday & Thursday mornings.  So that means all Freshman, sophomores & seniors can't be in school during those times - which then means I won't be in either.  So I get a few days of playtime, which I really don't mind.
I'm having dinner with my dearest friend on Tuesday night & then meeting another friend after school on Wednesday afternoon for coffee.
Dream Boy & I are also checking into flights for me.  You see, Son #2 has been offered a tremendous opportunity, a promotion, at work.  This promotion includes a big move ----- to the other side of the country, literally.  We are SO proud of him & so excited for him, but yet this mama's heart is also struggling with the 2300 miles that will be between us.  He is going out over spring break to meet his new boss & to start scoping things out.  I may be joining him to help him look.
So my heart is filled with joy & pride & excitement for both of my boys'.  Both of them are making major changes in their lives this year.  
We are truly blessed ad thank God for the sons' that he has given to us.  
I hope you had a great weekend and that your week will bring much joy & happiness to your hearts!
Come back soon!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

That's all it is - 5 colors.
Easy Peasy - right?
No friggin' way........because I have to "think outside the box". 
I can't just "do it" - I have to be different.
Never thought I would struggle with the prompts this week as much as I did.
But alas, I did.  
Thank goodness I'm done.  Bring on next week's prompts!!!

(Red)  Washi Tape

In my creative stash is Washi Tape.  I think the bottom roll truly tells you how I feel about it!

(Orange) polka dotted shirt

My current favorite shirt.  Wear this over & over & over.  My friend calls favorites her "uniform".

(Yellow) center

Sitting pretty on our table in Florida was this Gerbrara Daisy with this beautiful yellow center.

(Green) waters blending into a blue sky

To think only a week ago I was walking along these beautiful shores with the Green/Blue waters.

(Blue) jeans
Another part of my "uniform" - 1st thing I put on when I get home from school & being dressed like a "grown up".  

I'm linking up with all the other amazing photographers over at Ramblings & Photos for more shots on this week's hunt!  Be sure to click the button & get on over there & check them out.

Project Life

I really am enjoying this Project Life thing.  While I have made my own book, the "kits" are just to out there in price, I'm able to make a lot of things on my own ~ and I find a lot of free stuff on line.

I got a little behind in posting due to being gone to the beach for a week, so I spent this morning getting Weeks 7 & 8 caught up.  

Week 7
Week 7 found us preparing for our vacation & a free spaghetti at church & Valentine's Day.  This pic on the top left page is the 3 year old daughter of one of our local weekend News Anchor's.  They go to our church & she was more than willing to be a subject for one of my shots!
My In Search of Self Shot was taken with my shaggy hair - I was 2 week's over due for a haircut & it was driving me insane.
Valentine's Day found us on the road heading south!!!

Week 8
A week on the beach in sunny Florida.  A menagerie of pics for the week - how do you just pick a few to capture your week's worth of memories?   The collage on the lower right page was made in Picmonkey - love that site.  So easy to make the collage & then put it in my PSE10 & edit it more to fit.  A great way to capture many shots on one pic!

I'm working on week 9 - this current week (ending today).

Hope you come back this week & visit.  Tomorrow is my reveal for this week's Scavenger Hunt, be sure to stop by Monday morning for a virtual coffee time with me & my "In Search of Self" shot will be up on Wednesday!

Happy weekend everyone - be safe & enjoy all those around you!