Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In Search Of Self

This is extremely brave of me.  Truly brave.  On our last day at the beach last week, Dream Boy convinced me to let him take my "self shot".   I was in my swim suit no less.  Well, duh - I was on the beach!
I hesitated, but told him to be nice.  We were at my favorite place in the whole world!  The north end of Long Boat Key, FL.  The sand is silky soft & so white.  The water is so blue and the sun always seems to be shining!
I finally got around to looking at these pics & decided to edit a few.  Then I decided to suck it up & post one.  When I started this journey this year, "in search of self", my goal was to take a self portrait of sorts each week & to record me~who I am~doing what I love.
The beach is one of my most favorite things ever in the world.  I love the water, always have & always will.  I dream of little grand babies some day going to the dock with me or to the sandy shores & teaching them to love the water as much as I do.
Don't judge me.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

Back to life - back to reality!
And so I begin this week with a refreshed attitude.  Although I would give anything to be back in the warm sunshine.  White sandy beaches in February are so much nicer that white snowy drifts!  Just sayin'.

What a wonderful week we had.  No alarms, no schedules, no pressure.......just day after day after day of walks on the beach, reading on the beach, sitting on the beach, beer in the afternoon on the beach, and some shopping and lots of eating!

Friday was a fun day to watch the sea life.  Dream Boy & buddy, Mark, had come back from their morning bike ride.  Dream Boy was heading out to the water to cool down & I said, "watch out for the stingrays".  He laughed & looked down towards the water & sure enough, in the waves we could see shadows of them.  They were swimming all over!  So we watched for quite some time and then we were amazed when they started "flying" - yes, I said flying.   The jump about 2 - 3 feet out of the water, flapping their "wings" & then land with a smack on the water.  It was like a belly smacking contest.  This went on off & on all afternoon!  I've heard of it before, but other than seeing only once earlier in the week, I hadn't seen it as often as it was happening on Friday afternoon.

Friday night we went into St. Armand's Circle for a walk around "the circle".  We did some shopping - I ended up in the Brighton store & Dream Boy bought me a new ring.  It's a simple sapphire ring - one of their stackables.  I love it.

Then we headed down to the Columbian for dinner.  I had their 1905 salad and a shrimp/crab meat/artichoke heart arm dip for my dinner & split a Sangria with Dream Boy.  Of the 4 of us, I don't think there was any red meat on our table at all.  Dream Boy & Mark each had fish of some sort & Pat had a shrimp & crab pasta dish.  Oh so yummy!

We headed back to our condo around 9 so Dream Boy & I could pack up for our early morning departure.  I was in bed by 9:45 & up by 3:30am.  We took off at about 4 am & spent the next 20 hours in our car.  Yes - twen.ty.hours.  It's a grueling long drive, but it is so nice to be home & in our own bed in one day.  That way we have all of Sunday to recover & rest & relax before returning to work today.

And rest & relax is pretty much all we did.  Son #2 was home, as he was in California for business & flew home late Friday night, so he stayed at our home with Libbi the Wonder Dog until we got home.  We all slept in Sunday morning & then unpacked.  Dream Boy did laundry & I cleaned the house.  We found ourselves all napping in the afternoon & then we went to dinner, where Son #1 met us too!   It was so nice to end our week off with dinner out with our boys.  

After dinner we went & picked up a few groceries & then went to visit with my in-laws.  We got home around 9:30 & I was in bed by 10pm for my early morning today.

Back to Monday Morning Coffee with all of you & prayer time with my girls.  

I certainly hope you all had a wonderful weekend & were able to spend some time with your family.  Have a wonderful week & be sure to stop back around from time to time.  I love when you all visit!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I've returned refreshed & renewed from a wonderful week on the beach with my Dream Boy.
So it goes without saying that you'll see a theme in my shots this without further ado~~~~

Time To Eat
Nothing like seafood at the sea side.  See Dream Boy smiling at me??

Getting Ready
Getting ready for take off...

These are our friends riding ahead of us through a pretty schwanky golf community - this was our adult play time!

Sweet Dreams
Snuggled down for a little schnooze on the beach.  Although he kept peeking at me to see if I was still around.

Giving himself a good cleaning!!!

So now I'm back facing the reality once again of winter.  But it's with a smile on my face & a some color in my cheeks!

Be sure to head over to Ramblings & Photos for some more wonderful interpretations!

Friday, February 22, 2013

About Me - A Tagging Game

Yes, I am still on vacation, but I have been tagged by a wonderful lady in Springfield & I just have to play along.

This game is a fun one - you'll get to me a little better hopefully by the time you're done reading.

So let the game begin.......

Where were you born?  I was born in Kalamazoo, MI.  I was raised there and have lived there or in the surrounding areas all my life.  Dream Boy is also from there too.

Were you named after someone?  Hmmmm........maybe??  My given name is Patti.  Not Patricia nor Patty with a 'y', but Patti Lin.  My mom one time said something about my name being after Patsy Cline.  Growing up a Patti with an 'i' was very different.  Everyone always assumed I was a Patricia.......I was always very clear to let them know I am not.  I am a Patti........with an 'i'!

If you have any children, how many?  Dream Boy (my hubby) & I have two grown sons.  I love them to pieces!  Our oldest is 25 and engaged to be married to a beautiful, brown eyed girl this September!  I just bought my "mother of the groom" dress for the wedding.....I think.  I may change my mind, September seems so far away. They will live only 15 minutes from us.
Our younger son is 22, almost 23.  He is dating a girl from Minnesota (don't ya know) and he lives about an hour away from us.  He graduated from college just a year ago & is in the throws of settling into adult living.  He's succeeding quite well at it.
 How many pets do you have?  One dog & one cat.  Libbi (Liberty Bell) the Wonder Dog & Angel.
Libbi is our almost 7 year old white chocolate lab.  She is the center of our world & she brings much joy to all our lives.  She LOVES when her boys & girls come home for family dinners.  She is my wonder dog because she has survived jumping from a moving car at 35 mph because she had to poop.  She also survived being run over by a truck out front of our house - no broken bones, just bumps & bruises.  She literally went under the back axel of the truck.  By the time we got her to the animal emergency hospital she was jumping up & down & playing tug of war with her leash!
Angel is our cat.  She's about 9 years old.  She was actually a gift to my mom from my older sister.  In 2005 my mom became very ill.  She fought hard & recuperated, but during that time I promised her that if she & dad ever moved from their home & had to get rid of their pets, I would take angel.  My mom died 5 months after getting sick.  Then my dad died very suddenly 2 shorts years later.  My sisters' both reminded me of my promise to my mom & Angel has been our "guardian angel" ever since 2008.  She mainly rules the basement because Libbi says so.  But, when Libbi is outside, she quietly comes upstairs with me & roams freely.

What was your worst injury?  Well, when I was 13 I broke my wrist high jumping in my friend's front yard.  I spent 6 weeks in a cast.  Not very exciting, eh?  I've been fairly healthy all my life, other than thyroid cancer in 2008 - but I've been cancer free for over 4 years now!

Do you have any special talents?  Well, I love singing - not solos though!  I have sang off & on in praise & worship teams & choirs through out the years.  For a girl, I have a very deep singing voice.

What is your favorite thing to bake?  I don't bake often, but I do love to bake chocolate chip cookies.  My oldest son's fiance is the baker!  But she get's mad because no matter how hard she tries, my son always tells her that her chocolate chip cookies aren't quite as good as mine.

What is your favorite fast food?  I've been trying to cut it out more & more, but I'm not an angel or a saint.  I do like Q'doba and Panera.

What is the 1st thing you notice about people?  There sense of humor.  I have a tendency to have a quick wit & sarcastic sense of humor.  I love to laugh & love to have fun, so it's important to me that if you can dish it out - you can take it too!

When was the last time you cried?  It was either Monday night or Tuesday?  Some big changes are happening that I'm not at liberty to share right now.  It's a good thing, but it is also a struggle for this mama.

Do you have any current worries?  I can honestly say that I'm really not much of a worrier.  I never have been -- in fact, I sometimes wonder if I'm missing the "worry gene"?   I might worry about something for a short bit, but then I let it go & move on.  It sometimes bothers me that I might seem insensitive because I don't tend to worry.

Name 3 drinks that you drink regularly:  Coffee, Coke and water.  Caffeine, more caffeine & the exact polar opposite!

What is your favorite book?  "Sophie's Heart" by Lori Wick.  It's a Christian novel & it just touches my heart.  This book is partly my favorite because my grandma was reading it when she passed away.  The story is a very simple story of one woman's faith & how she came to accept Christ.  It reminds that God's gift is ours just for the asking.  That we, as humans, make it so much more difficult to receive than God ever intended.
I am an avid reader & have had many favorite books over the years, Angela's Ashes, Tis, to name a few - but Sophie's Heart sticks in my mind every time!

Would you like to be a pirate?  As much as I love the smell of the salty sea air & I love the water, being a pirate would not be something I think I'd enjoy.  I need to shower on a regular basis.

What are your favorite smells?  Chocolate chip cookies baking, bread baking, frying bacon, popcorn, freshly brewed coffee, fresh cut grass and hay, my Libbi right after a bath, and my Dream Boy!

Why do you blog?  I started blogging over 7 years ago as a way to communicate with some friends I had made through a scrapbooking site.  We were from all over the country & were doing a round of circle journals.  Most of us started blogs to post pictures of our pages we had created for the most current journal we had in our possession.  I still stay in touch with these ladies & consider them some of my dearest friends, but our lives have all gone in so many different directions.  I continue to blog as a release.  I love to write, always have.  I don't always feel I have anything interesting to say/share or that my writing is that great - but my sister lives to read my blog.  She says it is the bright spot in her day & when I don't blog for a while, she let's me know that she misses me.  Dream Boy also says that he enjoys reading my writing too.   

What is the least favorite thing about yourself?  And the number 1 answer is:  my weight, followed closely by my hair.  I'm overweight & struggle with it - especially since my thyroid cancer.  My hair, while my hairdresser says I have a lot of it, it is very fine & has absolutely NO body!   I am addicted to hair product, but in the humidity......nothing works!

What is your favorite hobby?  Photography & scrapbooking.  'Nuf said....

What do you look for in a friend?  Loyalty, honesty & the ability to look past my faults & love me anyways.  AND the ability to laugh out loud ~~~ a lot!

Name something you have done that you never expected to do:  Teach........high schoolers.  I grew up in the day when college wasn't something pushed real hard.  You could graduate from high school and get a fairly decent job & earn a fairly decent living.  I've held many different jobs through the years, being an at home mom was my absolute favorite, but when they began to grow - I went back to the outside work force.  I became a paraprofessional in our local high school.  I do not have a college degree - but I do have my own classroom.  I do most of what the teacher's do, without their pay & benefits.  I work closely with the online teachers who instruct the courses I enroll my student's in.  But my 1st day on the job 15 years ago I remember going home that day & thinking, "what the heck am I doing with teenagers?"  Apparently I figured it out because I'm still there & I still love what I do.

What are your favorite things to do?  I've been doing them all week.  Walking the beach, sitting in the sun and reading!  Tomorrow it's back to reality.

Any pet peeves?  Coffee does not belong in styrofoam cups.  The toilet seat must be down at all times.  Do not chew food or gum with your mouth open.  Talking on your cell phone while checking out in a store - so completely rude.  Texting while someone is trying to have a conversation with you.  Okay.....I'll stop now.

What is the last thing that made you laugh?  Dream Boy of course!  We've had a glorious week together, reconnecting & just being in the moment.  He makes me laugh all the time!  His sense of humor is one that can keep up with mine - that's why he is my best friend.

There ya have it.  A whole lot of nothing about little 'ol moi.  Thanks Deanna for asking me to play along.  Now it's my turn to tag a few friends.  If you can play along, that would be great & if you're not able, thanks for reading through mine!  It's all for fun.......

Melissa @ What's Scrappenin?
Lizette @ Creativity Lizette
Barb @ Live & Learn

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In Search of Self.......& Friends

Still enjoying our week in the sun.  This isn't the best shot, but it'll do.  The only place to put my camera was at the end of the "bar" and it was directly into the sun.  But it was a great little fish shanty with some of the best clams I've had!  They were so sweet!

Today was another grueling day of reading on the beach.  
This is my "In Search of Self" shot for week 8.
This morning we went to breakfast on the next island up.  The ONE time I did not lug my camera with me was the time I really needed it!  We ate breakfast outside & the pelicans were diving all over out in front of us.  Within minutes the schools of dolphins showed up - I mean oodles of them.
They were fishing..........and then they started jumping.   OUT.OF.THE.WATER. jumping!  I was so mad at myself, but we did enjoy the show as they continued on for quite a while.
This afternoon while reading on the beach, I heard a smacking sound out on the water.  The gulf was very calm earlier today & I thought it was just a pelican diving.  I heard it again & looked out to see a stingray flying!  Yes, they "fly".  He jumped out of the water again, dove in & about 10 feet further down he came "flying" up out of the water again to  then land with a "smack" on the water & dive back down.
Have I told you lately how much I'm enjoying myself?
This attitude adjustment therapy is the best!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Attitude Adjustment Therapy Week

When my student's asked me last week why I wouldn't be in school for a week I told them I needed therapy.  Some just smiled & giggled, other's were concerned & asked if I was okay?
I said I'm okay - but I'll be even better when I return.
"Well, where are you going?  Will you have to go to a hospital?" they asked.
"Yes, I have to go far away.  My "hospital" is on a sandy shoreline & the doctor is the best you can find."
I am enjoying this 10 or 12 step program.....and it is beginning to quiet my mind & my soul.  
Day 1 found me walking the shores early in the morning & sighting dolphins, pelicans & many, many shells.
Then I spent time in session facing the sun.
Day 2 found me in church, then because the temps had dropped - therapy was moved to the outlet mall.  Retail therapy they call it.
Day 3 found me again walking the shores in the early morning with my Dream Boy.  I was then sent to the poolside to again, face the sun.
Day 4 I am finding my soul quieting & my heart listening.  I am savoring the sights, the sounds, the smells and the fact that there is no schedule.  Just be.........

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning!
Yes, this is my view every morning when I wake up right now.  This is only a hop, skip & a jump from my bedroom.  
The sunrise is beautiful isn't it?  The sun reflecting off the water & the beautiful pink.
We arrived late Friday night.  Our friends' had drinks & snacks ready for us when we got here.
Saturday it was a gorgeous morning & I immediately hit the beach looking for some sea treasures.  I found a few shark eyes - never found those before and then I heard a whistle.  Dream Boy was pointing out to the water & it didn't take long for me to spot the dolphins!  There were 2 of them "fishing" out just past the sand bar.  I walked along with them for a little bit & then saw the pelicans lined up on the breaker wall.  So I immediately ran back to get my camera.  
I got an awesome shot of the pelicans & a surprise surfacing of the dolphin right off the end of the break wall - see here.
And then I got real close to this guy who started to primp & preen a little for me...
What a wonderful excursion.
I headed back to our condo where my friend & I sat out by the pool for about an hour & a half waiting for our boys' to come back from their bike ride.  Upon their arrival, they brought us lunch poolside.
We quickly changed & then headed into downtown Sarasota for the Fine Arts Fair.  But during our short drive, the cold front made it's way into town.  No lie, the temp dropped about 20 degrees & for Florida, the low 60s is cold.  We all had to laugh because the locals were all bundled up in winter coats, scarves & boots while we walked around in light weight jackets & capris & shorts.  
After some shopping at Whole Foods and then wandering the many, many booths & finding much inspiration in some of the photography booths we headed back to our shoreline.  The winds picked up tremendously & were blowing at about 30-35 mph, & the boys had a wicked time trying to grill our burgers, but alas, they succeeded & we were able to dine.
A dip in the hot tub later that night meant for some wonderful, deep sleep which was also helped along by listening to the waves crash ashore outside out door.
Sunday morning found us in church and then off to the main land as it wasn't supposed to get out of the 50s & the winds made it too cold to sit on the beach.  We spent the afternoon shopping at the local outlet mall & then headed over the parents of our friends for dinner.
What a delightful time we spent with them.  They are the sweetest people & have always been so welcoming to me & Dream Boy.  
We headed back to our condo with happy bellies & mellow minds (wine with dinner will do that to ya) and not long after arriving "home" we headed back to the hot tub for another dip.
Gotta love this life!  The temps are warming up today so it will definitely be filled with reading either on the beach or poolside.  I might be able to fit a little nap in there too & a stroll along the beach.  
It's a very rough way to spend my vacation, but I'll survive - I'm sure!
Thanks for stopping by for coffee...........I'll be back soon!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hi there from sunny, but not so warm Florida!  The temps are chilly, but not as cold as back home in Michigan!
So even while traveling, I have managed to get my hunt done for the week.
Here are my interpretations/twists on this week's prompts:

Or as I'd like to refer to it....."eye" candy.  Nothing better than a sunny walk on the beach & spotting a dolphin off the end of the breaker wall!

Pink or Red
How about a pink sky from a beautiful sunset?


This is a statue in a park in Sarasota - a replica of a famous photo taken years ago at the end of the war!

A simple little sculpture that surely will bring a smile to your face!

There ya have it - now be sure to head on over to Ramblings & Photos for more awesome interpretations by some pretty amazing photographers!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In Search of Self AND Project Life

I missed getting a shot last week.  I tried, I really did, but I just didn't like them or feel inspired to really work at it.
So here ya go - double chin, chubby wrists, shaggy hair and all.

Here is Week 5 of my Project Life
On the top left are 2 seperate shots of my feet.  They were taken a day apart in the same spot.  I was standing in about 3-4 inches of snow one day & the next i was wearing my rain boots & jumping in puddles!
The bottom left was part of my Scavenger Hunt, but also my Search of Self shot too.  The prompt was "hidden" & I spent most of that week hidden under the covers of my bed.
Bottom right is a collage of my other Scavenger Hunt Shots.

Week 6
Just an ordinary week.  Not a whole lot went on last week.  Dinner out with my dearest friend, Sandy.  Scavenger Hunt Collage on the bottom right.  There's a post card on the bottom left inviting my & Dream Boy to a "dinner party" at our pastor & his wife's house on Saturday night.
Saturday morning we found ourselves running errands & before we stopped at the Camera Shop we thought we'd pop into Dunkin Donuts for a quick little breakfast.  Well, we won't do that again.  My breakfast sandwich was nothing to write home about & Dream Boy's oatmeal was pretty much not edible.  He said the flavor was not appealing at all.  Next time (if there is one), I'm sticking to a chocolate donut!  I mean, come one people, it IS Dunkin Donuts after all!

Now Week 7 (this week) will probably not get done on time either as Dream Boy & I are escaping for a little while.  Son #2 is coming home to take care of Libbi the Wonder Dog over the weekend & Son #1 is staying next week with her.  She is SO excited to have both of her boys' coming to stay!  

Toodles all - I will be back around with some shots of my favorite place in the world.......the beach!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

 I'm getting my gear together this week, as we leave this Thursday night for a week on the 
Yes, Dream Boy & I are spending a week away sitting on the sandy shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico.
I am so looking forward to it.  Just a week away from reality - no schedules, no plans, just day by day - moment by moment.
This past weekend I ended up at the camera shop as both of my batteries decided to poop out on me at the same time.  Weird, eh?  I had them both just fully charged.  When I put them in my camera - they showed a full bar.  But the moment I took 4 or 5 shots, they dropped to one bar.  BOTH of them.  So I packed up the bag & headed into town with all my gear.....not really knowing if it was the batteries themselves, the camera or the charger.  One battery is the original & is about 5 years old, the other is a back up that Dream Boy got me about a year after I got the camera.  When I described the issue to the clerk he immediately said that it was the batteries.  They normally have a life span of 2-3 years.
Well, while there, we decided to check out some new upgrade of sorts.  Let's just say I got a little giddy looking at some of the newer technology.  So, I'm doing some more research on the body of my dreams & thinking hard about this.......
Dream Boy & I then went to the "electric beach" to add some color to our bright & shiny faces so we don't burn out buns in the sun.
We came home & each curled up in front of the cozy fire & promptly took naps.  Lovely.
Saturday night found us at our pastor's home for an evening of visiting & fellowship & dinner with other people from church.  It was a wonderful time getting to know others on a more personal level that we haven't had the opportunity to do before.
Sunday morning we went to church & then helped serve spaghetti at our Valentine fundraising dinner.
I got to eat dinner with this little cutie:

She cracks me up - so stinking cute!
Dream Boy & I visited with his parents & then came home.  I went out for about a half hour to do some senior shots before it started raining, yes raining.  Ugh.
Now it's time to head out for Monday morning prayer time and then off to school.  Lots to do this week to prep my classroom & students before I leave.  Fortunately next week is only 2 1/2 days of school, so I won't be out of my classroom for too long.
Here's to a great week wherever you may - if you're out east, I hope you are safe & warm & digging out from Nemo.
If you're in the south - I hope the storms that are sweeping through are not severe & you stay safe & dry.
May you be blessed this week wherever you are & feel loved by those that surround you!
Be back soon!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Well, I did it.  Didn't think I would or could, but I did it.  This week's prompts were hard.  At least for me!
But there's something about a "challenge" --- I just can't let it go without a good reason.  So I had to give it shot.
And I did.
Enough of my blah, blah, are my interpretations:

The Small Things

These bottles brought back so many memories when I came across them recently at the dollar store, of all places!!  It's the small things, what can I say?


This "illustration" is one of my very own.  Whenever we go on vacation I bring a travel journal, either one I made or bought.  This was from my trip to California in 2008 & while sitting on a bench overlooking the Monteray Bay I journaled & illustrated the sea otters playing in the kelp beds.

Do I really need to say anything for this?   I think not.

Work of Art

This one was really tough for me.  Friday morning I woke up to a bad storm.  We had gotten at least 5" of heavy, wet pack snow over night & it was still coming down when I went out at 5:45am with Libbi.  I played around & took some pictures & this is the combination of 2 shots overlaid with a faint pink bokeh layer sandwiched in the middle.

Window Beauty

My morning view from my creative corner.  Yes, those icicles are hanging from my roof.  We have a wood burner in our living room that we heat with in the winter.  The heat from the chimney causes the snow to melt & then form these icicles.  While they aren't great for the house, they are beautiful to watch form & grow.
So - there ya go.  Now why don't you head over to Ashley Sisk's blog to see the other interpretations that some amazing photographers have come up with!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hi...It's Me

I've been a little absent this week, haven't I?
I'm all messed up.  I thought all day Tuesday that it was Wednesday & then Wednesday I thought it was Tuesday.
Today.....I'm finding it hard to believe that tomorrow is Friday already.
I finished the poncho as I mentioned earlier this week....
 Now to get it packed up & in the mail.
I certainly hope she likes it!
So in one week I will be on my way to my little piece of paradise with my Dream Boy.
I'm still working on my "In Search of Self" shot for this week - don't like any of them I've taken so far.
And the Scavenger Hunt list???  Ugh -----  SO struggling with it.  I have it on a stickie note on my desktop & I feel absolutely no inspiration from any of the prompts.  Hopefully it will come in the next 2 days.
I haven't done my project life yet for next week - I might work on that tonite.

I've been absorbed in a book that a few blogging friend's have recommended.  I finally got it checked out from the library.  I have been sucked in.
Sshhh....don't spoil it for me.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

This is where my feet are planted now.
I have loved the beautiful snow that we have been getting the last 2 weeks.  It seems to have been so long since we've had winter.
Good morning. 
Another few inches is predicted yet today & the temps are staying low enough all week that we aren't going to lose it any time too soon.
I even spent part of my weekend shoveling the white powdery stuff from our driveway.  Yes, we have a snowblower, but I like to shovel.  The exercise is good for me & Libbi the Wonder Dog loves to be on the receiving end of the snow as I throw it from the shovel.
It was a very quiet weekend.  Dream Boy had to work overtime both Saturday & Sunday, so not much happened on the home front.
I managed to finally finish the poncho I've been working on for a few weeks for Son #2s girlfriend.  It'll be in the mail this week to Minnesota (don't ya know).
I certainly hope she likes it.  I'll try & capture some pics & post them before I send it off.
Late Saturday Dream Boy & I had an appointment with our tax man, otherwise known as, my uncle.  He's in his early 80s & still does our taxes every year!  He told me that he's not gonna live forever & I told him that's not an option.  I don't trust anyone else to do them.  His partner maybe, but it's one of those things that you gotta be picky about.
We are getting a nice little refund this year, but with no thanks to our Congress - we can't file for them until mid February!
Yeah - you heard me.
While fighting over the "fiscal cliff" issues, there wasn't any time for many of the new forms that the IRS needed to update for filing this year, to be approved.
Absolutely insane!  While Dream Boy & I work our hiney's off for our pennies, these people sit around & argue about putting our country further into debt, holding up a process that will allow me to get back some of that money I overpaid them in the 1st place, while they continue to get their weekly paychecks/benefits!
Okay - I'm moving off that subject.
We also sold our old retro couch at the consignment shop we took it to at the beginning of January.  So we stopped by & picked up our check.
I went to Michael's yesterday after church & picked up my Smash Book for our Florida trip this year.  
Love those books!  Especially when they're on sale!
So I'm back to school this week for a full week.  Lot's to do getting my kids back on track with all the snow days last week & my being gone a few of them too.
I'm actually looking forward to getting back into the groove with them because next week is a short week for me as Dream Boy & I will be heading south......
to put my toes in this:::
:::soft, sugary sand between my pudgy toes.
Have a happy week everyone.
Stay safe & stay well!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This girl didn't see much daylight this past week.
This girl had a nasty stomach bug & was out of commission for almost the whole week.
This girl may not have the most exciting display this week, but this girl got it done!
Here's to a new week of Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

Hidden amongst those cover is moi' --- seriously buried myself alive!

Plain 'ol cherry j-e-l-l-o made for me by my Dream Boy when I could finally stomach any kind of food.

The senior class has left the gym.......after the Friday afternoon Snowcoming Pep Assembly.

Better move fast in this game of musical chairs!

My absolute favorite time of school, the early morning hour (45 minutes) that I have before my student's arrive.  No one but me, a secretary, a janitor & the librarian are ever here this early.
My classroom is at the end of the bank of the lockers on the left.

Thanks for stopping by - I'm off to get check out the other's work!
Now be sure you head over to Ashley Sisk's for the linkies to many other phenomenal entries!  That's it just click on her name & it'll take you right there.......

Friday, February 1, 2013

January In Review Mosaic

I was browsing through my photos for the month of January this afternoon after I got home from school.
Yes, I went back to school.  My only day this week.  I am feeling much better than the past 3 days & am so thankful for that!
I can't believe today is the 1st of February!
Dream Boy & I will be spending some days walking the beaches of the Gulf Coast later this month - so, so happy about that!
But back to my January in review.....I made this mosaic in Picmonkey - love that for a quick, free editing program!
See those bottom 2 with my boots?   Those were taken one day apart!
We went from sub-zero temps & inches of snow to rain & temps in the 50s.
Today, we are back to our arctic chill with currently about 6 inches of snow on the ground....which is only 5 days after the zebra boots made there appearance!
Happy weekend everyone!
Be safe & stay warm!