Thursday, January 31, 2013

In Search of Self Week 5

Yes, I'm in there.
I'm behind that stack of pancakes.
I've had the stomach bug for 3 days now.  If my scale is correct, I've lost almost 15 pounds in these 3 days.
A diet of jello, popsicles & chicken soup will do that to a girl.
Dream Boy says it's not the best beach diet either - seeing as we're leaving for the beach in a few weeks.  
(Insert sound of ocean waves & swaying palm trees)
So today I have actually been sitting upright for most of the day, not in a somewhat horizontal lump in the middle of my bed.
Pancakes sounded good.
So pancakes I made.  I ate one & Libbi the Wonder Dog may have eaten the other one.
The plate above?  Those are in the fridge for later.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Project Life Week 4

Week 4 and January is almost over.
Thank goodness.
Starting off the month/year with Dream Boy in the hospital.
Then I have a tooth extracted.
Then said tooth develops a dry socket.
Now I've been flat in bed for 2 days with the stomach flu.
Not the best timing (is it ever?) as it is the end of the semester & I need to get my grades done & entered.
I just crawled out of the shower, which gave me a little burst of energy, so I thought I'd post my project life from last week.
 I've got 2 pics, as in the center you will see the description card & the playbill from the play Dream Boy & I went to see last Thursday night.
On the top left I took a pic of Dream Boy & I at the restaurant we went to dinner at before the play.  The lighting wasn't the best, so I played around in PicMonkey.  They have their Valentine schtuff on there now, so I used those embellishments/frames to make this picture.  Then I printed it on a linen cardstock to give it a postcard type feel.
The bottom left is a collage, again made in picmonkey, of my Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  
One of the prompts was "lace".  I always try to think outside the box & decided a picture of my hand laced with Dream Boy's would be the best choice!
 The playbill is on the left.  We went to see "Grey Gardens" at the Susan G. Parrish Theatre, which is a part of the Kalamazoo Civic Theatre.
Did you know that there are 7,000 community theatre's across America & OUR civic theatre is #3 in the nation?  WOW!
On the top left is a picture I took from inside the car while dream boy was brushing off the layers of snow that had accumulated while we were inside.  It just kept coming down!
The bottom shot was my In Search of Self shot for the week.  We had a snow day due to the cold temps & heavy snows we got on Monday night.
By the end of the week we probably had about 6-8 inches of snow on the ground.  Today, it's all gone and the temps have been in the 50s.  It's been raining non-stop for 2 days, but is supposed to get freezing cold again tonite with more snow on the way.
I'm really hoping all this rain is helping with the drought conditions in our area!
I'm also hoping this flu bug doesn't last as long as the drought did!
Back to bed after I eat some chicken noodle soup.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

How are you today?
What ya drinkin today?
Me......I'm having my morning coffee, but I just had to share this pic today:
I didn't have much choice, I brought home work from school.
So I spent over 5 hours online last night enrolling student's in 2nd semester courses, checking grades & filling out forms.
Dream Boy baked cookies.
Molasses Cookies.
He brought some to me warm from the oven.......with a glass of milk.
Last week was a crazy school schedule.
We were supposed to have a full day on Monday, which we did, but I was off due to this blasted tooth (which is finally healing).
Tues - Friday were half days for exams.
Tuesday ended up being a snow day, so our exam schedule has been pushed back by one day.  Since I am a paraprofessional & our contract states no students/no parapro's - I end up doing some work from home.  I don't work for any given teacher - I am on my own in my classroom.  I get the grades from the online teachers, BUT I still have to track all the grades from the online reports & then convert them & enter them into the system.
As for schedules, the guidance office assigns what they want to take, but I have to do all the enrolling online.
This is the 1st year I am dealing with 15-24 students in any given class.  In the past it was never more than 7 in any given hour.  We added a new online curriculum this year, that's where the extra case load came from.
I love my job, but it's taking me some time to find my "groove" & find a system that works for me.  I'm getting there & I am thankful that my admin has the trust in me to handle this job.  There are a few teacher's who don't like what I do, they see me as a threat.  They think I'm taking the job of a teacher away.  Well, with state cuts to funding, budget's are being drastically reduced & we are not able to offer the electives we once used too, so they are being offered through an online curriculum by certified Michigan teachers.  We are a very small school & it's a way to make it happen.
Anyways - the rest of my weekend was wonderful.  Friday night we had a friend over who's wife was in Washington DC for the march against abortion.  I made homemade meat sauce & spaghetti for dinner & he brought the wine.
Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day.  The sun shone all day & the temps were in the upper 20s.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  Dream Boy, LtWD & I went for a walk around the village & then stopped to help a neighbor move some furniture into their house.
We spent the whole day being lazy and loving every moment of it.  
I did some more crocheting on Son #2s girlfriend's poncho - almost done, just trying to figure out the edging.....
We stayed in Saturday night and heated up leftovers & watched a movie.  I fell asleep in the chair before it was over.  All that fresh air got to me I guess.
Sunday we headed off to church & then out for our weekly breakfast/lunch date.  
I spent the afternoon crocheting a little more, taking a nap & then working on my school work.
For those of you who wondered about my Sunday Scavenger Hunt shots, the round thing is Libbi the Wonder Dog's skinless soccer ball covered in snow.
As for how I thought of the "lace" shot with my Dream Boy? other explanation than that is how my mind works.  I don't know why, it just does.
We had a mix of everything last night, snow - rain - lightening - thunder & freezing rain.  So I am home again today - SNOW DAY!
When I took LtWD out this morning, the neighbor was leaving for work & he couldn't get any traction when he pulled out on the road.  He spun & spun & spun until finally he started moving.
Thank you for stopping by this morning & spending a little bit of your day with me.  I love talking with you & I hope you leave a little comment on how you're doing.
Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Brrrrrr - baby it's been a cold, snowy week!
But I loved every flake that fell & the temps too.  Winter has finally returned to Michigan, but only to be chased out again for a few days as we return to mid 40s & rain.
Yes, I am one of those few who actually loves the snow & cold.  I love the seasonal changes I experience every year.  
Don't hate me.
In spite of the weather, I managed to get my hunt done!  The weather helped lend to my creative drive.
So here we go.....

When we lace our fingers together, it still gives me goosebumps!

Nature's own brand of bling.

We had a night of high winds last week & woke up to a fallen tree in the back yard.  Love the smell of fresh cut wood.

This fuzzy fur ball is my absolute favorite playmate in the snow on a cold snowy day.
She's SO stinkin cute, I have to share this one too.

The touch, the feel......the fabrics of my life.  
I think I have a thing for brown right now...??...

I had fun with this week's shots - I think mainly because I was able to get outside and play in the snow.  It was so fresh & invigorating!

Now be sure to head over to Ramblings & Photos by Ashley Sisk to check out all the other great findings for this week's hunt!

Friday, January 25, 2013

In Search of Self - Week 4

This defines me this week.
We had a good, cold snap & lots of snow.
First "real" snow we've seen in almost a year!
Snow Day!
So Libbi the Wonder Dog & I went out to play.
While trying to do my "self" shot - she hung in the background as you can see waiting for the attention to be fully returned to her.
Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Is Anything BUT Wordless....

It was back to school today, but I only had a half day due to exams.
After a quick trip to the dentist to fill my gum with the most unpleasant paste E.V.E.R. --- I am once again feeling very minimal pain.  This is going to be a long process, but each day is closer to feeling 100%!
Yesterday, Libbi the Wonder Dog (LtWD) & I had a great romp in the snow.  The temps were quite frigid, so we didn't stay out much more than an hour.
We played with her soccer ball, but it was so cold that her tongue kept sticking to the ball!
Then we tried to get some pretty pictures together...........that turned into something totally different.
The rest of the afternoon was spent inside with the woodburning stove smokin' hot.
I managed to finish Week 3 of my Project Life:
Since most of my week revolved around my tooth extraction & the pain, there wasn't a whole lot to record.  So I took the concept that you see in the hospital when they show you a chart with a bunch of faces telling you to point to which one best describes the level of pain you are experiencing.
I drew my own tooth, but the faces were in my PSE10 program & I thought they fit well with what I was trying to accomplish.
The bottom 3 shots on the left are a few from last week's Scavenger Hunt.
On the right is just a journal card with some high lights of the week & then my "In Search of Self" Shot.  There's also a quote I found on line quite some time ago & I thought it fit in nicely with my Self Shots.
"I believe that when you realize what you really are, you understand that nothing can stop you from becoming that person."
Christine Lincoln
Then I made my way to my rocking chair next to the woodburner & started working on this poncho for Son #2's girlfriend.
He is leaving Friday to go see her in Minnesota (don't ya know) & I hope to have this done in time??
I have a pattern, but have actually only used it to get myself started.  I'm making some minor changes as I go along.
So now it's back to the rocking chair to work some more.
Dream Boy & I are going to a play tonite, "Gray Garden".  
He scored some free tickets!
Be back soon!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Dance!

I am feeling oodles better than I did a week ago & even more so than just 2 days ago.
Thank you God!
But waking up this morning and just before getting ready to get my shower, the phone rings.
Can it be??
S.N.O.W.  D.A.Y.!
Truth be told - it is one of the perks of my job that I do love.
While we didn't get much more snow through the night, I believe the temperature had more to do with the decision.
My screen shot above was taken at 9:30 this morning.  When I got the call at 5:45 this morning, it was warmer......only -1 F.
The wind chill earlier this morning was -11, now it's warmed up to -4.
But I do feel bad for Dream Boy because literally minutes after my call came, his phone rang.
Being a large truck mechanic is not always fun & games.  He had a truck break down just as it was heading out the business loop for the highway.  This means he has to go check out the truck outside in these elements and if at all possible, fix it on the spot.  
I felt so bad for him when he left the house.  He was not a happy camper, I'm thinking more so because he was a bit jealous of my snow day & he had to work.
So I'm taking full advantage of feeling better & I'm scrapbooking & crocheting today.  If it warms up, there may be some romping in the snow too with Libbi the Wonder Dog & my camera!
Happy Tuesday Snow Day everyone!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning....or is it?
If you follow me on facebook, or on here, you know my weekend has not been the best of weekends.
I had a tooth pulled last Monday & by Friday I had developed a dry socket.  My dentist closes early on Friday and I was crazy, busy at school & didn't get a chance to call him until I got home from school.
He was babysitting his granddaughter & she was napping.  He really wanted to help me but he didn't want to wake her, didn't know when his daughter was picking her up & if he could drop her off early and then asked if I was sure it was a dry socket because most patients call in tears?  He again apologized, but wasn't able to help me at that time, maybe later that night or Saturday morning......I told him not to worry about it, I was calling a friend of mine & Dream Boy who is a dentist.
Said friend met me in his office within 20 minutes.  Dr. Mark cleaned it out & packed it up, sent me on my way with a stronger antibiotic.  Saturday morning the packing came out & the pain intensified, so he met me 20 minutes later.  Once again, he cleaned it & this time watched the socket fill with blood.  He decided not to pack it, but let it clot naturally.  Within 2 hours I had formed a clot.....only to have it disappear within 2 more hours.
I managed the pain better on Sunday, but Dr. Mark called me Sunday night & referred me to an oral surgeon for hopefully today.  I have to call their office & see when I can get in.
Dream Boy has been the BEST husband/nurse/caretaker ever.  He did the grocery shopping on Friday night.  Saturday night he fixed me cheese ravioli for dinner because it was soft.  Sunday he just plain loved me & told me over & over how sorry he was for the pain I was in
I am deeply blessed by this man of mine.
So I called into school last night to take a sick day so I am available to get into whichever oral surgeon can see me first.
Saturday was a warm day again - mid 40s, but by nightfall the gale force winds picked up & brought in the arctic air.  We woke up to 17 degrees on Sunday with a huge threat of lake affect snow warnings for Sunday night and all day today....
The rest of this week is supposed to be in the teens and below.  Brrrrr - haven't had this weather in SO long I've almost forgotten that this is what winter is supposed to be this way.
With the winds Saturday night we woke up on Sunday morning to this:
A tree finally fell over.  It's been creaking a lot for several years now & Dream Boy has just been trying to figure out how to cut it down with it being right at the edge of the hill.  See where the tree is laying at the top of the hill?  Right above it, on the edge of the hill you can see the trunk left from where the tree snapped.  Thankfully it didn't do any damage other than taking a limb off of a Maple on it's way.  
More firewood for us though & with the temps this week, we are most certainly burning in our wood stove.
Well, I need to get on the phone with an oral surgeon and get an appointment made.
Not sure what they're going to do, but anything has to be better than what I've been dealing with, right?
It can only go up from here!!!
Toodles y'all - I'll update you when I'm able!
Sorry for all the previous whining - I called the oral surgeon who in turn called my actual dentist & made an appointment with him for me.  I was not a happy camper, but went begrudgingly to the appointment.
My dentist packed it with this awful tasting & smelling paste that has numbed the area somewhat & is sealing it off.  He said that it was healing nicely & he could see how the gum was already starting to close.
My pain level is back to almost zero - thank you God!  Seriously, I couldn't handle it anymore.
One more thing, we are finally getting snow here!  So excited!  What is normally a 25 minutes drive for me took 45 minutes this morning due to the bad roads, how heavy the snow is falling & the white out conditions along the way.
While sitting at a stop light I grabbed my camera & took this shot through my dirty windshield----this one's for your Deanna...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's Scavenger Hunt Sunday again.
I struggled with this week's prompts - mainly because I had a tooth pulled on Monday & by Friday I had developed a dry socket.  So I had it cleaned out Friday night & again Saturday morning & let's just say, it still hurts.
I know this week's work is not my best, but forgive me, it's all I got.
Thanks for stopping by everyone, I hope you have blessed Sunday!

My knitting/crocheting basket.  
Stocked up on plenty of yarn and working on a few different patterns currently.

An empty playground in downtown Kalamazoo.
Too cold for the kiddies to play around, but come summer - this place is a 'hoppin!

I am very fortunate to have not one, but 2 mechanics in my family.  
Dream Boy is my #1 go to mechanic, but Son #2 is a close back up.
Routine maintenance being done on my car that Son #2 found me last fall for a steal of a deal.

Dream Boy not only fixes cars, but bikes.  This is a bike he recently "recycled" from old to new for his best buddy's son.
Here's a split screen of before/after
The top shot was the cross bar before Dream Boy recycled it.

People Watching
People watching a college soccer game!  My little twist on this prompt.

Yes, I did pull a few from my archives - but they really aren't that old.
Have a wonderful week everyone!
We're snuggling in for the big Arctic Chill predicted to come in today & the piles of snow that we may see do to it.
Be sure to head over to Rambling & Photos for more fabulous entries!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

In Search of Self::P52/Week 3

One of my new favorite dresses that I found on a bargain rack after Christmas.
The scarf - another new favorite from the clearance rack.
Week 3 of my Search of Self series.
Tomorrow is Friday ---- can you say YiPpEE?!?!?!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Project Life - My Own Version

I've been thinking about joining the band wagon for a while now, but the cost of buying the Project Life System was a little over the top for me.
 About a year ago I started collecting different formats of 8 1/2 x 11 photo pages and during my Christmas shopping, I found an album that I really liked.
So I've joined the minions and have started my PLMOV (project life my own version).
I'd like to share with you what I have accomplished so far, it's only 2 weeks worth, but I've found that I love getting back into the "sport" that originally got me thinking more seriously about photography.

My opening page
 Our family photo from our end of the year family dinner.
All my boys and both my girls~

Week 1
Most of you know Dream Boy & I brought in the New Year from a hospital room.  Our very dear friend's helped us celebrate & smuggled up some sparkly beverages (left page).
I spent my spare time that week making slouch hats, starting a "selfie" shot journey and taking photos of Son #2 & his girl (right page).

Week 2
 I love participating in Scavenger Hunt Sunday over at Ashley Sisk's sight.  One of this week's prompts was "backside" (top left).  On Thursday I went to dinner with 2 dear friend's from school.  It was Towanda's birthday! (bottom left).
Self shot #2 (bottom right).
Sunday of that week my older sister was installed at church as a deacon, Monday I went back to school - so it was bagels for breakfast and packing my lunch.
Dream Boy & I finished off the week at our favorite little local Italian place - we each had a Stella (my beer of choice) and split a pizza & the most amazing piece of tiramisu!

Thanks for taking a peek and I'll be back next week with this week's journey!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Under Construction

Oh.My Gosh!!
I'm trying to freshen up the blog & I've created a monster.
Does my screen show up HUGE to any of you???
I'm also trying to add page tabs at the top.
Not working.
Any hints - any direction?
Bear with me while I work through these "technical difficulties".
Thanks so much!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning!
It's Monday.......again.
It's the 14th of January and in one month.......31 days......Dream Boy & I will be heading to Florida!
Same place we were blessed to go to last year with the same friends we are blessed to have in our lives.
But for now, it's reality.
Friday night I talked Dream Boy into going to our little, local Mexican restaurant just down the road.  It's soooooooooooo good.  I even get my Coke in a glass bottle!
We came home & watched "The Iron Lady" - the story of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  We both really liked it.  It was a very different perspective of her life, but so very good.
Saturday I cleaned the house & then went on a photo walk with Libbi the Wonder Dog.  She was SO happy.  We had a 55 degree day with sunshine.  Not too often do we get that kind of weather in Michigan in January.  Dream Boy & his buddy went on a 42 mile bike ride - he was one happy little camper.
Saturday night we went out for dinner to a local restaurant that has some of the best pizza on a foccacia crust.  Then I finished it off with Tiramisu.  Even the couple at the table next to us were somewhat drooling over it while they waited to place their order.
We came home & snuggled down for what was supposed to be a long night of bad weather.  We were predicted to have rain, changing to sleet to freezing rain to snow & it was supposed to be horrible this morning.
We woke up to rain & wet roads.  Temps were in the mid 30s..they steadily dropped as the day progressed and by 4:00 snow & rain mixed began to fall.
But to be honest with you, I would rather have all snow.  We have NOT had any decent amount of accumulation since last February!!  I truly miss it.  I am one of those rare Michiganian's that embraces where I live and loves the changing seasons & all that they bring - snow included!
I spent most of my Sunday in my Creative Corner working on burning my photo's from 2012 to CDs/DVDs and deleting them from my computer.  I really need to be more on top of that this year.
I also spent the day working on my Project Life.  I've completed the 1st two weeks of this year and really am enjoying it.  I want to keep this going all year long.  I did not invest in Becky Higgins' system, rather I'm making my own up as I go.  It's been fun getting back into my scrapbooking supplies and preserving memories in print again.
Dream Boy made dinner for us - ribs & baked potatoes.  Son #1 & a buddy came over to share them with us.  We called Son #2 & told him not to drive down from GR with the way the weather was changing.
So, I'm off to prayer time with my gal pals and a half day of school.
The other half will be spent in the dentist's chair having a tooth pulled that broke over Christmas break - all the way through the root.
I guess it'll be soup & something soft for dinner tonite!
Have a happy week!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Week 2.
The Hunt.
A 55 degree day in January!
Yes - me & LtWD (Libbi the Wonder Dog) headed out & about to hunt down the prompts.
So here we go.........

Going toe to toe with my favorite pupper dog.

Ghetto Boo-tay.
Money Maker.
Building a Shelf.
Sorry - can you tell I work in a high school?

Little Things
These little things are the final remnants of Christmas goodies I found in my stocking.

A Cup of......
.....sunshine on a mid winter's day.
We have been blessed with a beautiful day in the middle of winter.  But the old man is threatening to return with a vengeance soon enough.

The rays of the sun reflect on the local creek.

There ya have hunt is complete.
Now be sure to head over to Ashley Sisk's to see what everyone else came up with this week!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

In Search of Self

I started this last week - changing up my P52 (52 photos in 52 weeks) to doing self portraits.
In thinking it over this past week, I came up with the above title.
Now remember, this journey is not because I am so vain that I love taking pictures of myself.
It's quite the opposite in fact.
It's to get MORE comfortable in the shot(s), why do you think I'm always on the other side of the camera normally?
It's a journey to better my photography skills.  
It's a journey to help understand my subjects who are not comfortable having THEIR picture taken.
It's a journey to work on my editing skills. 
It's a journey of fun & reflection.
While reading through my favorite blogs last night I read this post of Barb's at LIVE & LEARN.
Barb got me to thinking.
I'm a little over 4 years out from my thyroid cancer diagnosis.  The past few week's I've been in & out of doctor's offices & having x-ray's, blood work & ultrasounds done.
My radiologist oncologist called me this week with all my results.  I continue to be cancer free and they are now only requiring to see me once a year, instead of every 6 months!
I have never forgotten that moment of hearing "you have cancer", yet I tend to  put it aside & a lot of the time just take it for granted.
I have a lot of thoughts in my mind lately about my health.  Maybe Dream Boy's recent health issues have pushed me too.  
He rides his bike at least 3 times a week - on the road or on the trainer, he's taking care of himself.
I have this membership to the local "Y" and I've failed miserably as of late to use it.  I keep telling myself "tomorrow", but then it comes & goes.
I am only 52.  I have a lot of life to live.  I have children who love me.  Someday I'm sure there will be grandchildren & I want to be able to play & romp & run with them.
Barb got me to thinking..........I need to take myself a little more seriously where my health & well being is concerned.
I need to remember that I AM a survivor, I've been given a gift of life.
I need to remember every morning when I wake up that it's like opening a much anticipated present & the excitement you feel when unwrapping that present!
So I write this to remind myself of the thoughts that have been running through my head as of late & to get back on that horse & MOVE!
I write this little ole blog because it's a release for me.  I have always loved to journal & I have thoroughly enjoyed making the friends I have through this "place in space".
I write this to remind myself to keep working at being the best me I can be.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge/Best Face 2012

I've only entered these challenges a handful of times.
I don't always feel my work is as good as others.  We're our own worse critics, aren't we?
So when I was reading through my blogs today, I came across the newest challenge over at I Heart Faces Photo Challenge.
Your shot has to be a "face" from 2012.
I take a lot of high school senior shots.  I took an abundance of them this last fall - more than ever.
This "face" immediately came to my mind.
"T" has the most amazing eyes.  They've always intrigued me.  She's one of my student's and I am amazed every morning when she walks into my classroom at her beautiful eyes.
So this is my entry into the Best Face Photo Challenge.
Be sure to head over and join the fun - entries must be submitted by Saturday night.

Photo Challenge Submission

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

So my maMa, (said with an Italian accent because that's how I roll) had to go back to school today.
I miss her.
She's trying to get back into the swing of having to get up & moving with the alarm again, so I told her I would do her post this week.
I'm sitting by the dog bowl staring at the water.
What are you drinking?
maMa is having Monday morning devotions/prayer time with her 2 friends, so I'm sure she's enjoying a Hazelnut Latte.
What did we do this weekend?
Friday, maMa had to go get her yearly ultrasound done & then she met one of her "girls" from school for lunch.  She did some shopping too.
paPa came home & she fixed stromboli for dinner.  Sure did smell yummy.
Saturday morning paPa went up north with my boy, #2, skiing.  maMa & I stayed home all day cozying up by the fire.  She knitted another hat, she did some blogging and then she read.
I made sure the fire stayed warm & when it began to cool down I would lay in front of it to remind her it was time to stoke it up.
She took me outside for a while & I sniffed around.  Someone's been snooping in my yard, I just know it!
maMa went shopping again in the afternoon, this time she brought home food from the grocery store.  She shared some salami with me, my favorite.
We snuggled in again in front of the warm fire & watched old movies.
paPa came home early evening & we all ate dinner together.
Well, they ate......I watched.  paPa did sneak me some macaroni & cheese with a little bacon in it.......or did I just imagine he did that?
Sunday morning they headed off to church.  I think this week they went to my Auntie Pam's church because she was being installed/ordained into the consistory as a deacon.
I know my maMa is so proud of her big sister.
Then they went out to their favorite dive for breakfast before coming home.
I was quite happy to see maMa in her fleecy warm up pants & sweatshirt because I knew that meant they were staying home for the day.
We all cozied up again in front of the warm fire - love it - & promptly fell asleep for our Sunday afternoon nap.
It was quite a lazy day, just how I like it.
paPa did play tug of war with me for a while with my favorite tug toy.
Oh....and a friend of maMa's brought her chocolate in a tin box for her desk at school.  The tin is supposed to keep the mice out of it!
I got to meet her friend & I was SO excited to have someone new to pet me!
So my maMa is back to school & I'm back to guarding the palace.
I'm not sure if I can stay awake all day, I need to get back in the groove of things too.
I wish you all a happy week and please let maMa know if I did a good job with her blog this morning.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 2013

A New Year!
Where the heck did December go???  It was so busy, yet now it seems SO long ago!
So much hoopla over a New Year.  Is it because I'm getting older that I don't really see all the hoopla?
I don't get into resolutions, I just try to continue to live my life being the best I can be to myself and all those around me.  I try to be a better person each and every day.  I cherish each and every day as a special gift.
I'll stop now.  I could go on and on, but I'll stop now and get onto my interpretations for this week's hunt!
Hope you enjoy.....

Dream Boy & I have a ritual almost every Sunday after church.
We head to a little hole in the wall restaurant in downtown where the wait staff knows us by name & sits down with us to take our order, even though they already know what we're getting.
I love places like that!

New Year's Eve found us in the hospital.  Dream Boy developed a blood clot from his pacemaker surgery last October.  His nurse found us an empty room so that us & our friend's could watch the fireworks at midnite!
After some major editing because I had to take the shots through a window, I managed to get a shot I was satisfied with.

Starts With The Letter C
It's weird - I drink my coffee at school straight black, but when Dream Boy & I go out for Sunday breakfast, I love 'C'reamer in it!

This is the tunnel that they roll your hospital bed down to get you from one building to another without having to take you outside.

One lives in Michigan.
One lives in Minnesota.
The 2 are trying to figure out their future being so far apart.

Want to see more?
Head on over to Ramblings & Photos for some great shots.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Slouch Hat

This is very daring of me - no make up.....just me.
But I wanted to show you my newest creative craze.
I've gotten into the fibers - yarn, that is.
I found this pattern via my friend Lisa O. a while ago and over break have decided to give it a go. 
I made 2 last weekend & gave one to each of my girls.  I finished this one yesterday & Dream Boy has a girl at work he wants to give it to as the one she is currently wearing is "no where near as nice as the one's my wife makes".  His words, not mine.
Libbi the Wonder Dog is checking it out to make sure it is secure & is made properly! 
I have a whole basketful of yarn that I've been playing with.  
I guess you could say this is another from "pin to reality" project.
Happy weekend all!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Project?

The last 2 years I participated in a P52 challenge.  I did great in 2011, but I failed half way through in 2012.  
Epic fail.
I did manage to participate this last year quite regularly in Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  I plan on continuing this in 2013.
The last few days I've been searching, but have not found a self portrait type of challenge.  I've seen them done in the past years - but just haven't been able to find one for this year.
So, I'm going to continue my P52 project this year - pick it up again & add the twist of a "self shot" every week.
I don't know why I want to do this for sure, but it's always intrigued me.  You know you are never or barely ever in any of the shots you take, right?
So now I will be - but I'm going to try & add a creative twist to the shots.  You may or may not see my face in every one, which is just fine with me.
The object of this project, for me, is to work on my photography & become more creative in the shot, the pose & the editing.
If you'd like to join me - I'd love to have you along on this journey. 
Just leave me a little "happy thought" and we'll walk this path together.
Here's to this week's shot!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year

The long "tunnel" that connects the two hospital campuses is where I began my New Year's Eve journey.
Dream Boy formed blood clots in his left upper arm from the surgery he had last October.
Thankfully he paid attention to his body & called his cardiologist on Monday.
Since the doctor wasn't in he was sent to the ER where an ultrasound found the clots.
He was admitted - much to both of our dismay.  But we also both knew that it was where he needed to be to help resolve this serious problem.
We requested a "room with a view" because we had plans to watch the midnite fireworks with our friends.
Well, his room had a view, but not the right one.
So a wonderful nurse found an empty room for all 6 of us to crowd into & watch from the window.
 This shot was taken through the window & enhanced with my in camera editing tools.  
Happy New Year!
New Year's Day found us checking out & heading home.  An old medication with a new purpose has been prescribed to help thin out & dissolve the clots.  In 3-6 months Dream Boy should be able to go off the medication completely.
So while reflecting on this whole ordeal I find how deep my love is for this man.  I am not ready to live life alone. 
I am amazed at the gift God has given us - to still love each other so deeply & have so much fun together & to still want to be with each other.
I try not to take that for granted.  I try to remember daily that our life together is because we've built our foundation on our faith in God.
The good, the bad, the ugly, the 1st thing in the morning look, the burnt dinner rolls, the aging parents, the pain and joy we experience as our son's both learn to live their adult lives,
In this New Year I will continue, as always, to find the good in any bad, and to remember that every moment of every day is a gift & I to be thankful for those lessons learned through every one of them.
Happy New Year to all of you.