Monday, December 16, 2013

December Daily Joy - Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning to you!  

We had a very snowy weekend, but it was magical!  I think we've had snow every day for the past week and it's been great!  I can't remember a snowy December like this for quite a while.
Please forgive my photography, but this was taken through a moving bus window, with fogged up windows.

Our church had a dinner last night and then we all boarded a charter bus and toured the town to look at the local light displays.  Not something we would normally do, but a couple from church invited us - so we thought, "why not?"

Our pastor came along with his 2 little girls and the joy in the older daughter's eyes as we passed all the light displays was so fun to see.

We had several of our retired members along and that is where the true joy was!   So many of them are not able to drive in the dark, let alone in the wintery weather - this was a real treat for many of them.

Listening to the joy in their voices and hearing how marvelous they thought everything was.  So many of them wish to do it again next year and really hope that it will be done.

Such a small thing that I really hadn't given much thought to, really brought so much joy to the elderly in our church.  A lot of them are widowed and this was a very special night for them.

I'm so glad we did go - for it brought joy to my heart to see how happy they all were with such a small act, driving around to see the Christmas lights.

Enjoy your Monday & be sure to look for joy, it's right there in front of you probably, you just might not always realize it.


Kathy McB said...

I enjoyed seeing your church photos on Instagram! Looks like a fun group :)

Tamar SB said...

Beautiful! I am savoring the joy in this last week before vacation!

Leave It To Davis said...

That would be a great idea for many of the assisted living places. Most of them have busses that they shuttle folks around in. Here in our area, there is a place at the lake that is 5 miles of light displays. This makes me wonder if any of them have done this here. It's a wonderful idea!