Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning!
How was your weekend?
Mine was just beautiful.  Sunny skies & comfortable temps with no humidity.
Love that!
Friday night we went downtown Kzoo & had dinner with 2 other couples from church.  Then we walked down to another couples "loft" apartment.  Kinda cool!
We all took a leisurely stroll for coffee & Dream Boy & I didn't get home until almost 11.
Saturday I had a quiet morning to myself while Dream Boy & his pack did their bike ride.
When he returned home we packed up & headed to Grand Rapids for the bike race downtown.  We drove to Son #2's apartment & then all rode our bikes down together.
They had shut off most of the major streets for this race.
We watched the girls Pro/Am race & then the little tikes took to the streets.
..along with the local Hockey Team Mascot!
We then watched the Pro race for men.  These guys were averaging 30 - 35 miles per hour!
I had lots of opportunity to work on camera skills.  Maybe I'll share more this week of those.
Afterwards we rode our bikes back to the apartment, making a detour to pay our respects at the gravesides of President and Mrs. Ford.  Quite amazing to have a U.S. President buried only one hour from my home & less than 5 minutes from where son #2 lives.
On Sunday we found ourselves at church in the morning.  We were entertained by the neighborhood children who attended Bible school all week.  So, so cute!
After church we came home, had a quick lunch & then packed up the car again & headed to the beach on Lake Michigan!
Dream Boy & I spent about 3 hours taking our Sunday afternoon nap along the cool waters of Lake Michigan.  We walked the pier & played in the water several times also.
I think I need a break from my busy weekend, but not today!
Today after school I am going to have a "play date" with a very dear friend that I don't get to see as often as I like!
What about you?
What did you do this weekend?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Wow!  Week 29 of SHS.  I've managed to keep up with it too!
Sometimes I specifically go out & look for shots to match the prompts, sometimes they just happen in the shots I've taken that week.
This week was a little of both.
Here are my interpretations...

My sister and I recently took a painting class.
A beach scene, of course!

 In a recent bike race in downtown Grand Rapids, this racer was the only wearing a green helmet in a sea of white ones.

I am transfixed with Libbi the Wonder Dog.
Her eyelashes just pop out around her deep brown eyes.

 While riding our bikes back to Son #2's apartment after the bike race, we rode past President & Mrs. Ford's gravesite.
As I turned away from their final resting place, this image of the Grand Rapids skyline was right in front of me.
Look at all the different shapes in that skyline!

 It was a beautiful day to watch the races & the clouds were so fluffy & white!

There you have it!
Hard to believe we are over halfway through our year.
Want to see more?  Head on over to Ashley Sisk's to see more shots - they are always so much fun to look at!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I haven't posted a P52 photo for a few weeks.  
Shame on me.
But I have been keeping up with them & have been posting them to our Facebook page and to my Flickr account.
This week's prompt was "little".
Last night I had the privilege to do a family photo shoot for some very dear family friends.
While everyone was in the house getting ready, this "little" bundle of energy was outside with me helping with "practice" shots.
So she hammed it up for me & framed herself!
I edited it with "Golden Afternoon" action I got from The Coffee Shop Blog.
Off to edit some more shots!
Hopefully another beach day is in store for me tomorrow.....

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee

Happy Monday morning to you!!!
Hope you are all doing well today.
It's a breezy, kind of sunny morning here, although we did get a smidge of rain about 5am this morning.
Like my "beachy" mantle behind me?  I did that up at the beginning of summer & it makes me so happy every time I look at it.  The colors & the shells & the candles.....LoVe!
Here's a few close ups:

My posting is a little late today as it was slow in uploading at home, so I'm finishing this post from school.
But I first had to work with the janitors who are busy, busy cleaning our building.
You see, I've got new responsibilities added to my job in the fall and I will be changing classrooms.
I will be in a full size computer lab - I think I mentioned this before.  But since they have all the rooms torn apart I asked them if they could just swap out the desks & filing cabinets so I don't have to swap out all my files and other stuff.  They said "no problem".  This is one happy girl.
The only thing I'm worried about is that my desk is in the hallway standing on it's side.  I did lock it before I left for the summer, BUT all the pens, pencils, thumbtacks, staples, office supplies & loose what nots will be ALL messed up inside.  Yay?
1.  It was a beautiful weekend - cooler temps on Friday & Saturday.
2.  Dream Boy & Son #2, along with 3 other friends rode in a bike tour on Saturday - 106 miles total!
3.  I had the house to myself all day & did what I wanted.
4.  I refreshed my website - go check it out!
5.  I cleaned it up & made it all more uniform, crisp & clean.
6.  I went shopping.  Not something I do on a regular basis, but I found a couple of cute things on clearance.
7.  Libbi the Wonder Dog & I spent a couple hours on the dock together.
8.  Dream Boy & I went out for dinner Saturday night & then took a stroll through the streets of downtown Kzoo.
9.  Sunday we went to church and then we lazed the afternoon away.
10.  Son #1 & fianc√© came over for dinner last night.  We grilled chicken & I made home made potato salad & cole slaw.
11.  Dream Boy said my potato salad was the best I've ever made!  He said that this time it beat "Bob's" - which was my dad.  My dad loved to make potato salad.
12.  Now just to remember how I made the dressing - maybe I should write it down?
13.  Today I'm back at summer school, it is again hot & humid.
So how did you spend your weekend?
I'd love to hear - leave me a little comment......

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Another week where I thought I was struggling with the prompts.
But then I go back through my shots for the past week or so, & there they are.
All except one.  One that I pulled from my archives, but it's one of my favorites & it fit the prompt so well.
Here are my interpretations this week.

These are "my girls".  The 2 on the left are my nieces & the 2 on the right are my "other nieces" - you know, the one's who aren't blood family, but are family none the less?  We see each other once a year & the 4 of them are best friends for the short time spent together - wrapped together!

Time Together
 When this "family" comes from Wisconsin - we always spend time together and this year we did it on the beach!!!

Tell Me A Story
 I love to read - so any story I can get lost in is a good story.

Love or Couple
 My son and soon to be daughter (in-law), pinky swear their love for each other.
They are an adorable couple.

This is from my archives.  These duplicate chairs setting on the end of one of my favorite places in the world.

Want to see more?  Be sure to head on over to Ashley Sisk's & click on any of the links at the bottom!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Marry You

My soon to be daughter (in-law) had a birthday recently.
She LOVES to bake, but has recently been trying to learn to cook.  She's asked for a recipe or 2 of mine to try.
So for her birthday I found a cute recipe card box & matching recipe cards and wrote out some of Son #1's favorite things growing up.
My mom's chocolate pie - he loved this instead of birthday cake.
My mom's meatloaf - the BEST comfort food.
Chili Chicken and/or Pork - YummOH!
Then I decided to put together a little DVD for her.  Ever since I heard "Marry You" by Bruno Mars I've have been doing this little happy dance every time I hear it.
I downloaded some pics from her Facebook account & used a lot of pics from our recent engagement session.
Needless to say both she & Son #1 loved it.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

This & That

It's been hot - hot - hot and dry - dry - dry here!
But this morning I woke up around 3am to the sound of thunder & the flashing of lightening outside my window.  Then I heard the ping, ping, ping as the rain began to fall & hit the air conditioning unit hanging from my bedroom window.
Thank you God!!
It continued to rain a soft, warm rain and is currently just a light sprinkle.  It's been falling softly for about 4 hours.
As dry as it's been, it's not enough - but more than we had 24 hours ago.
So, I donned my rain boots, the wild ones I bought in Busch Gardens on our Senior Trip this year & headed out to the backyard......
Yeah, baby!
Even Miss Libbi the Wonder Dog felt the joy of the rain falling down outside.  I always make the bed right away when I get up, but this morning she was cuddled up at the foot of the bed, so I thought I'd wait til after my shower.
This is what I walked in on when I went back to make my bed:
She had been rolling in our bed - flopping pillow everywhere!  One of them is lying on the floor next to the bed.
Gotta love her.
Have a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Tea

We lost our internet connection at home last Friday night.  Our modem died.  Dream Boy talked with the server on Saturday morning & they did a bunch of testing to figure out that it's our modem.  A new one should be arriving today.
So, I missed Monday Morning Coffee with you. 
Let's have tea, iced tea preferably, this morning.
I'm writing you from school - this is not my room, but the one I am conducting summer school in because I have too many students to fit in my classroom.
1.  It's going to be hot here again today.  They are predicting 102! If this happens, it will be our 4th or 5th day this summer of hitting or exceeding 100.
2.  This is unheard of in Michigan!
3.  We've had 20+ days at 90 or above.  Last summer we had 2 days that we reached 90.
4.  I'm going to the movies with my friends' this afternoon to cool down.
5.  My students are wilting & it's not even 10am!   We may need to go home early if it gets much warmer in this room.
6.  Yes - we have air conditioning in our building.  No - they won't turn it on, it's too expensive.
7.  My students are WHINING!!  Ugh - hate when that happens.  Only 3 1/2 more weeks.
8.  I'm a little crabby this morning........must be the heat.
9.  Hey!  At least I admit it!
10.  Oh, did I tell you that I got a "promotion" of sorts at school?  Yep, I will be overseeing a larger classroom of students working on web based courses.
11.  Due to my group contract - they can't give me a raise, but they are extending my work day.  I know, I know, but it's a bigger job!
12.  Bad thing - I have to change classrooms so my little cocoon will no longer be mine.  All the stars that my graduating seniors have signed over the years that are painted on the walls can't come with me.......this makes me sad.
You see, I have red stars stenciled on the walls & ceilings of my current classroom.  When a student graduates "on time" they get to sign a star!!
Now the ones on the ceiling I can take, I'll just swap out the ceiling tiles.  The ones on the walls - not sure how I'm gonna do it.
Any ideas??
13.  The walls are SO white in my new classroom.  Must.fix.this!
Okay - so I really need to attend to my students a little more.......loved chatting with you!
Stay cool! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

I'm not able to link up with Ashley's website as our modem went down Friday night.  They are shipping us a new one & it may not be here until Tuesday.
I am posting my Sunday Scavenger Hunt on Saturday night because I had to run into school real quick to set up some online tests for a student to finish taking this weekend. I'm taking advantage of my connection & posting my shots for the week.  
So if you happen to stumble upon my blog & my SHS photos - thanks for stopping by! 

It has been so hot around here that even the frogs are not coming out of the water any time soon!

Playing with a squirt bottle & my macro lens adaptor.

I was trying a new recipe for Watermelon Lemonade.  When I saw these 3 together "fresh" just popped into my mind!

 While checking out our tomato plants, I saw an "8" formed by these two tomatoes!

The waters on the lake are so calm in the summer sun!

There ya have it!
If you'd like to see more - head on over to Ashley Sisk's place & click on the links below her SHS shots!
Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

P::52 Dinner

I haven't posted my P52 shots on here for quite a while.  I am caught up, I've just been posting them to my Flickr account & our group's FB page.

This week's prompt was "dinner".
This past weekend while shooting pics at the downtown community church service, I turned at one point from my perch next to the stage & looked across the street.
There stands the mission.
And there sat this man.
Next to the cross.

Such a simple word.
One that I take for granted.
While I stand in front of my fully stocked cupboards and/or refrigerator - where will this man's next dinner come from?

I am ever so humbled.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning!
It's a beautiful morning here - I even have the windows open & the air turned off!
A "cool" front came through late Saturday night bringing much needed relief from the 100+ degree temps we had for 4 straight days last week.
So if you call temps in the upper 80s to 90 "cool", then that's what we have!
Like my new creative space??  I'm loving it, I'm spending so much time in here - maybe too much?   But it's so nice to be upstairs and able to really dig in & work on projects and whatever, rather than in the basement.  Although it served it's purpose for a long time!
So what have you been up too?
1.  We spent a LOT of time in the water on Friday & Saturday, Miss Libbi & me.
2.  Dream Boy & I tried to go to the Art Hop downtown on Friday night, but it was just too hot.
3.  We went grocery shopping instead.
4.  Saturday we braved the heat & went to the Farmer's Market in the morning & then ran some errands.
5.  We spent the afternoon in the lake.
6.  Saturday night Son #2 came home & we were able to actually eat dinner out on the patio as the temps had started to cool by then.
7.  Sunday found Dream Boy & Son #2 in a 65 mile bike tour while I was downtown at the festival site taking pictures of the Community Church Service - "Impact Kalamazoo".
8.  It was an amazing site to see so many people from so many different walks of life come together for the common good of giving praise to our God & to break down barriers between churches and races.
9.  I spent the rest of the day in my creative studio working on a present for soon to be DIL.
10.  It's back to summer school today.  My last week of the 1st session.  Then only 4 weeks to go before I get my 3 week break!
I hope you are having a great Monday wherever you may be.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It has been an extremely HOT week here in Michigan.
We've had 4 days straight with 100+ degree temps.
It's been hard going out & taking shots, so some are inside & some are not.
I was excited when I saw "patriotic"!  How wonderful that the 4th fell this week, but with it being in the middle of the week & the temps, we stuck close to home & even watched fireworks on t.v.
I know, sad, isn't it? are my interpretations for this week:

 These are my absolute favorite Birkenstocks.  They are over 10 years old and I can't give them up!  I've checked into putting new soles on them & it would cost about as much as the sandals did when I bought them, but it would be worth it to me.  
Of course I had to add a shot of my Patriotic Pup done with the wonderful editing technique Ashley posted on Tutorial Tuesday this past week.

View from above
 My nieces and I celebrate the start of summer vacation every summer by going to the beach.  The sun was so bright this day & it was hard to open our eyes & smile.
Oh well, we love being silly & it's a tradition I hope they will want to continue with me for years to come!

 I participated this past week in a Color Challenge with a friend from my 52 Photos Group.  Wednesday's color was Pink - this was my mosaic of shots from that day.

Something Tiny
 As you can tell, I love the beach & the sun.  So do my sisters.  My older sister gave me this "tiny" beach set for my desk to remind me of our "happy place" on any given day - no matter the weather or season.

On a recent trip to the Farmer's Market, Dream Boy & I purchased these beautiful flowers.  I forget what the farmer called them....something like backwards daisies....but I love them & they will soon be blooming bright in our flower beds in the back yard.

Want to see other interpretations?
Head on over to Sarah Halstead's click on any of the links at the bottom.

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

True Red, White & Blue American!

I have said it many times, and now I'm showing it!
I am PROUD to be an American.
I am PROUD of our Stars & Stripes!
I am PROUD to show by true colors!

I learned this technique over at Ramblings & Photos (Ashley Sisk).
It's part of her Tuesday Tutorial hook up.
It took me a while since I'm still trying to figure out PSE10, but once I got it - I.GOT.IT!

So I had fun with a friend's pic too:
She had already decked herself out for the holiday, so I just added to it!

Thanks Ashley for this fun affect!
Want to see others?  Head on over to Ramblings & Photos & check out the links.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America!!!

May your amber waves of grain continue to blow freely in the wind!
May ALL Americans continue to be thankful for the freedom they have due to the sacrifice of others!
May everyone know the values of which our forefathers built this country on & understand that we ARE one nation under God.
Go forth & celebrate & know you are FREE if you are an American!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Reading

I love to read.
Do you?
I can get so lost in a book at times that I don't see or hear what is happening around me.
Summer is when I read the most.
Quiet mornings.
Lazy afternoons.
Sitting on the dock while mindlessly tossing the pooch tube in the lake for LtWD.
It helps me unwind & works my imagination.
I come from a line of readers.  My grandma, my mom, my big sister, my youngest niece.
I only read one book at a time.  There are those of you who can read 3 or 4 books at once.  Not me, I get too confused!
So this is a stack I am currently working on.
I just finished Dune Road & am now working on The Art of Racing In The Rain.
As you can see, nothing meaty, nothing brain numbing or twisting or challenging, just simple reads with simple stories.
What's on your reading list this summer?  I'll be through these in a few weeks I'm sure, so I'm always looking for some great selections!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning.
Wow - why do I do that to myself?   Take those shots??   THEN I post them on here????   For all the world to see?
I look like Popeye with one eye squinty and the other not so much.
Oh well, you see my TRUE colors shining through.
So how ya doin?
Me -- got lots of things spinning in my head.....uh oh.
How was your week last week?
Me ---  HOT!  
1.  I have 2 weeks of summer school down.  Six to go.  Temps aren't cooling down anytime soon either & they won't turn on the air conditioning.
2.  Libbi the Wonder Dog & I spent lots of time on the dock last week.  
3.  It hit 99 degrees on Thursday with a heat index of 103 or 104.
4.  She swam for 3 hours!
5. Saturday Dream Boy & I went to the Farmer's Market for the 1st time this summer.
6.  Came home with an abundance of FRESH produce.  Yum.
7.  I spent hours & hours in my new creative space all week.  
8.  Son #2 came home Saturday night & said it was really weird to see his room transformed.  But then he thought it was pretty cool too.
9.  Fiance to Son #1 has a birthday next Monday.  I have a way cool idea for her gift.  Now to sit down & work on it!  I've started, but no where near done!
10.  Mobile Me shut down yesterday.  Which means iWeb is no longer hosting my website.  I've known this was coming FORevah....but I didn't take care of it until yesterday.  
11.  I bought a web hosting site, I've had my domain name for almost a year.  NOW I get to rebuild my website.
12.  Got plans for the 4th of July (all my American friends)?  We always wing it, but usually end up at the dock, cooking out & swimming with our friends who actually own said dock.
I need to rock & roll out of here & get to school.  
Let me hear from you - leave me some "happy thoughts" about your life & corner of the world.  
I love hearing from my readers!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

I missed last week's hunt.  My 1st miss.  I just couldn't get into the prompts & just didn't make the time to try either.
Oh well, I'm back in the groove this week!
And heeeeere we go.....

Can I tell you how humbled I am that Son #1 & fiancé are letting me take their engagement shots?
Absolutely LOVE how this shot turned out after some editing!

 Dream Boy & I took a trip to the Farmer's Market this morning & picked up an abundance of fresh produce.
These SWEET Heirloom tomatoes were wonderful on our grilled burgers for dinner last night!

Hanging Around
Every day when I take Libbi The Wonder Dog to the dock, these turtles are just hanging out on this fallen tree catching some rays.  I finally took a careful stroll along the shoreline to the neighbors dock to get a closer shot of them.

Funny Face
 Son #2 comes home more on the weekends now than he ever did the 4 years he was in college.  LOVE.IT!
While fixing dinner last night I was taking shots of the tomatoes & he was trying to eat a hot chili pepper from the garden.  Before I could grab a shot of it, he promptly spit it out.  So I told him to look at me & this was the "funny face" he pulled at me!

 Son #2 is no longer living at home and so I've taken over his old bedroom and made it into my new "Creative SPACE".
I've been working all week moving things up from the basement into a room with windows!

I enjoyed this week's prompts.  
Want to see more?  Head on over to Sarah Halstead's blog & check out the thumbnails at the bottom.