Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A little behind on my P52 photos.  Last week's prompt was Thankful.
I have so much to be thankful for, but just taking a picture of something.....thanksgiving dinner...family....my home.....just wasn't cutting it.
As I was perusing blogs tonite I saw a shot on another blog that gave me an idea.
This is it....
While playing around a few weeks ago for my photography class with close up macro type shots I took this one in the back yard.
It seemed to be the perfect background for this verse.
A verse of thanks.
I have so much to be thankful for and this is a reminder to whom I owe it all too.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Coffee Time

Good morning!
Wow - I hadn't planned on taking the weekend off from blogging, but it happened.  I'm okay with that, I spent it just loving my time off.
So let's chat about our holiday weekend, shall we?
1.  Son #2 came home from college on Wednesday night......
and then Son #2 promptly left after dinner to go out with Son #1 and spent the night at his house.
2.  Three years ago today I had my 2nd thyroid surgery.  Three years ago today I became cancer free when they removed the rest of my thyroid that was covered with cancer.  I am so thankful that it had not spread any further.
3.  Dream Boy smoked a turkey for Thanksgiving.
4.  I love smoked turkey.
5.  We had dinner at my sister's house.  
6.  There were 13 of us but enough food to feed 33 of us!
7.  I don't think I can eat anymore turkey.
8.  I spent Friday in my creative corner.  I don't do Black Friday shopping.
9.  I accomplished a lot, got caught up on a few things.
10.  I found my December Daily journal I made 2 years ago.
11.  I think I'll fill it this year.  I only MADE it 2 years ago.
12.  Tonite is my last photography class.
13. Yesterday was Dream Boy's birthday.
14.  Son #1 did this for him/us:
15.  He made dinner - Shrimp Scampi Linguine.
16.  I need to leave for school now - I have a full week.  It's my 1st full week of school in a month.  Ugh.
18.  Is anyone else in love with the "Target Lady"?  I absolutely crack up every time I see her standing in the card aisle singing into the cards....
"Rum tummy tummy
Rum tummy tummy
Rum tummy tummy
19.  I just got an email inviting me to Hawaii for a week.  All I have to do is pay my airfare, the condo is free - but Dream Boy & I will just be returning from a week on the beach in Florida.  
20.  I can't take another week off from school and a week on the beach with Dream Boy is something I've been looking forward to for a long time.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Tea

 Did you miss me?
Well I missed you.  I am so sorry I wasn't here for coffee yesterday morning.  I feel like the last 2 weeks have been a huge "hurry up & get there" type of weeks.
As you've been reading, Son #2's college team advanced to the NCAA Tournament.  They finished in the Elite Eight!  
So, to stay in line with my thoughts of thankfulness this month, let's chat about what we truly are thankful for.  
1.  I am thankful that I can see what I have and know that I am truly blessed by my loving God.
2.  I am thankful that I have survived cancer.  Three years ago this week my world was turned upside down when I was told that I had thyroid cancer.
3.  I am thankful for my Dream Boy and his loving support and care that he gave me through those difficult weeks/months.  He is my rock.
4.  I am thankful for this picture:
..this is the brother to one of Son #2's team mates.  He is special needs guy and you can't help but love him.  When the team lost Saturday night & we went down on the field, C.B. ran into Son #2's arms and cried & cried & cried!  I cried when I received this pic form C.B.'s dad last night.
5.  I am thankful for such a compassionate son who is not afraid to show emotion.  He is a special kind of guy himself.
6.  I am thankful for Son #1 and his willingness to take care of Libbi The Wonder Dog while we are gone.  He loves her & really enjoys her company.
7.  I am thankful for my students.  Yes, they can drive me nuts at times, but I really grow attached to some of them & they bring a smile to me almost every day.
8.  I am thankful that this is a short school week.
9.  I am thankful for my sisters' and their families whom we get to share our Thanksgiving meal with this week.
10.  I am thankful for a home and food and warm clothes.
Let us all reflect on the big and small as we approach a day to gives thanks for our blessings.  We all have them, we just need to take the time to see them & recognize them.
Have a great day & we'll talk real soon!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I missed posting yesterday.
I was busy traveling to game #3 of the NCAA Men's Soccer Tournament.
The Sweet 16!
What a night........oh.my.goodness!
Luther came out & scored in the 1st half.  We entered the 2nd half still down by one.  The one of Luther's players hit the ball in the box with his hand and this resulted in a penalty kick for our team.
Son #2 took the kick.....
..and SCORED!  The game is now tied up.
The game ended in a tie so it went into 2 10 minute overtimes in which the score still remained tied.
Then we went into penalty kicks.
Ugh.  I don't like games having to end with PK's.  But after over 100 minutes of playing, the players can't run anymore.
We went head to head with Luther.....but in the end our goalie took the final kick and......
.....we came out victorious!
This is the furthest ever that Hope Men's Soccer has gone in the NCAA championships.  We play again tonite at 6pm EST again Ohio Wesleyan.
We are in the Elite Eight.
So hard to believe, yet so much fun to be taking this journey with our son and his team.
I am so thankful that last night's game is behind us........so thankful for the victory our boys were able to celebrate and so thankful for another day in our journey with our son's team.
We're off to the game soon - wish us all the best!
Be back soon.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


This week's P::52 prompt was "Mosaic".
I'm so thankful I joined this group last January.  It has made me keep my camera ready at hand to capture almost any moment.
It's also made me think outside of the box.  Instead of just "taking a picture", I try to come up with something beyond the automatic.  I'm thankful for the challenge.
Now mosaic is a little tough - do I find something with a mosaic type theme or artistry?  Or do I do this:
....yes, I did this type of mosaic.
With such a fantastic weekend last week, how could I not do a mosaic on the games?
See the 2nd shot from the right in the top row?
That's the game winning goal about to go in off David's shot!
Scored in the last 3 minutes of the game.
Yea baby - that's what I'm talking about!
Now look at the 2nd shot from the right in the bottom row.
OH YEA - that is "good in the hood" winning goal scored off Jason in from a direct corner kick.
In the last 19 SECONDS of the game!
...and the crowd goes wild!!!!!!!!
 ...see, they even busted through the fence!
Can you say "happy place"?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today is my Friday of my work week.
I'm thankful for that.
I have 2 more photo shoots I need to finish editing tomorrow before we head out for the Sweet 16 NCAA tourni on Friday.
I'm thankful today that I finished Abby's photo shoot.  
Now all I have to do is print and put together her book.  
Easy Peasy!
I'm thankful that I get to sleep in tomorrow morning.
I'm thankful for the sunshine we had today.
I'm thankful that the Coconut Macaroon Thief was caught red handed today eating chocolate from another teacher's desk in who's room she was subbing.
It's the little things some days.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Thankful For....

...my sense of humor.
After finding an almost empty plate of goodies in my desk drawer yesterday (see yesterday's post edit) my day was a typical Monday.
I was busy from the moment I got there because of being off last Friday.
It seemed to be non-stop & the sweat I broke out into earlier in the morning while trying to put my tights on continued to return from time to time.
By late afternoon I had decided that I'm going to invent an pair of panty hose/tights that when the package actually says "tall" it means "TALL".
I was talking to the guidance secretary about this because she has the same issue.
You buy a pair of panty hose/tights made for "tall"......I'm talking 5'9" - 6'0" tall, you expect the crotch to come to the appropriate place AND that they don't bunch & bind every where else so that at the end of the day you feel like you've been squeezed by a python all day!
As we were talking I looked down at my feet and realized this......
.......my brand new pair of tights has "footies" in them.  Better yet, they are padded soles!  Well Doris wanted to know immediately where I got them because she where's the heels out on her stockings all the time.  
I just wanted to to know how I could have walked around all day with what appeared to be bobby socks on all day?
Good thing I can laugh at myself - and make a few other's laugh along with me!
When I came home from school I immediately unscrewed myself from said tights and got to work on my assignment for my photography class.
Our assignment was "reflection", but I also managed to capture bokeh!!!  No one in my class had ever heard of bokeh, let alone know how I did it!  My teacher gave me an A+ for the shot and all the effort I put into getting it.....digging out the Christmas lights, setting up the shot, working for over an hour to get it!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning!
Grab your coffee and let's chat....
1.  Another week has started and I'm thankful that it is only a 3 day school week for me.
2.  If you follow me, you know it was a crazy, busy weekend for us.
3. If this is your 1st time visiting ---- welcome.  Then read the two posts prior to this & you'll know what #2 is all about!
4.  Did I tell you that they used my photo of the winning goal on Saturday on the school's website?
5.  Some of my parent friends' on the team now think my head will get to big because I finagled a "media pass" to be on the field Saturday and then my picture was used on the school's website.  You know who you are.  :)
6.  Dream Boy has been in so much pain for over 2 weeks now, but I'm thankful that we finally figured it out last Thursday before we left.  He has shingles on his knee.  But he has meds now to try & kick the virus out of his system faster.
7.  Son #1 may go with us this weekend to the next round - the Sweet 16!  I'm so excited!
8.  I counted in my head today and realized that I can't do that at 6am.  I lost count.
9.  I only have 3 weeks left of my photography class.  I'm thinking of signing up for a photoshop class for next semester.
10.  It's 7am and I need to get to school.  I don't even have my lunch packed yet.
Y'all have a great Monday!
Thanks for having coffee/tea with me this morning!

Edited:  Just a little note --- I had a sub in my classroom last Friday.  I get to school this morning & open my desk drawer to get out my coffee cup.  I had left a plate of coconut macaroons in there that a co-worker had made me & I had forgotten to take them with me.  My sub ATE them - all but 2.  She left me a note that said, "I ate a few of your coconut cookies - hope it's okay.  I was so hungry - mmmm.  They were great.  Thanks.  Sorry if I ate too many."
ATE TOO MANY??????  Are your kidding me?  Who does that?  She's never subbed in my classroom before, I don't know this woman from Adam and she gets in my desk & EATS MY FOOD?  
Let's just say I'm not a happy camper right now.........leave me a comment & let me know how you'd react?

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Oh my!  This may be a petty thing to be thankful for, but in the moment - right now, I am thankful for the gigantic win by our Hope College Men's Soccer Team yesterday.
What a nail biter.........we were tied and we were pounding the goal, but it wouldn't go in.  The clock kept counting down, but still, no goal. Every time Dominican brought it down to their goal my heart would race until we would take possession and turn it back down the field.
We continued to fight and play hard.  When the clock came down to one minute left we were all accepting the fact that we would go into overtime.  The boys' were so tired, but they would press on.
But with 25 seconds left, we take it into the corner for a corner kick.  Our boys set up in front of the goal and Jason set his kick in the corner.
25-24-23-22-21-20.......kick.......and in the biggest EVER curve of it's life, the ball sails past the front of the goal and curves into the top right corner of the goal and at 19 seconds left.......
.....it curves right into the goal!
Hope wins the weekend tournament and now advances to the Sweet 16 next weekend!
It was amazing and again, I am so thankful for the 4 years we've had with this team and for the friendships we have formed.
I am thankful for the talents God has bestowed upon our own son too.  I am also thankful that our son knows with all his heart what God has given him too.
I am also thankful we were able to come home last night and sleep in our own bed and be able to be home today to "regroup".

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Day

Sitting here in the hotel lobby waiting for the time to come to leave for the big game!
It's a beautiful day - sun is shining and the temps are warming up.
I'm thankful for that.
I'm thankful for the 4 years we have had with this team and the parents we've come to know and now call good friends.
God has blessed Dream Boy & I so richly with our 2 sons.  They are unique in their own ways, but the bond between them is strong. 
I am thankful for that.
Both of our sons have incredible talents in many different areas, but in same ones too.
I'm thankful for that.
I'm thankful, oh so thankful for the love between the 4 of us.  To know that we can count on each other when we need each other.
I'm thankful for the time spent with son #2 today - just chillin in our hotel room side by side on the couch and talking about nothing in particular.
God, I thank you.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Today I want to thank any and all American Veterans.
Whether you are inactive or currently serving, I am grateful for everything you have ever done to give me my freedom.
The freedom to chose my job.
The freedom to worship my God openly and without fear.
To travel freely about this great land of ours.
Thank you to each of you for your sacrifice and to your families for the sacrifices they have made while you've served your country.
I'm also thankful for ability to stand at my son's college soccer game today and enjoy the excitement as the game unfolded.
I'm thankful that we won the game in the last 3 minutes and we will be playing one more game tomorrow!
I'm thankful for the relationship that I have with my son and the abilities that God has given him
I'm thankful for this day!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today I am thankful for the fact that it's my "Friday".  I'm taking off after school with Dream Boy and some good friends to go watch some Flying Dutchmen Men's NCAA Soccer action tomorrow.
I'm thankful for all the wonderful friends we have made due to said soccer team.
I'm thankful that Libbi The Wonder Dog seems to be doing better today.  She wasn't so stiff this morning and there were no signs of any other issues.
I have to say this........right now I'm not so thankful for the dark sky outside that is spewing white flakage type stuff from the gray clouds above.  I know it's Michigan, I know it's November, but right now --- not so happy about it.
I'm thankful for my mom.  Today is her birthday.  She would have been 76 years old.  I miss her so much.  She always made me & my sister's feel special on our birthday's and we always got a phone call from her to say "happy birthday".  So if I could dial up heaven, I would.....then I'd sing in my best off key voice because she liked it so much (NOT!) "happy birthday".
I don't have any pictures to post today, but I think my thankful post is enough.
I'll be back as soon as I can!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It's Wednesday....and for that I am thankful.
Libbi is doing pretty good considering her episode last night.  For that I am thankful.
Son #1 went and had lunch today with his grandparents.  He called them up to make sure they were home.  He has such a tender heart.  Don't tell him I told you.  For his tender heart, I am thankful.
I came straight home after school today and haven't gone anywhere.  I'm working on editing pictures.  I'm thankful for that.
Dream Boy made dinner tonite.  For that I am thankful.
Dream Boy had his employee evaluation today and got a very, very positive evaluation.  Bonus!  For that I am so proud & so very thankful!
Son #2 accepted the job offer today.  WOW - for that I am thankful.
I have one day left of school this week as we are heading off to watch Son #2 & his team play in Round 1 of the NCAA Soccer Tournament.  For that I am thankful.
What do you have to be thankful for today?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


.....for this picture.  Even though it's not the best and my chin/neck looks twelve times bigger than it really is, I'm thankful for it.
You see, less than an hour later we would be rushing Miss Liberty Bell to the Emergency Dog Hospital.
I was cleaning up the kitchen from supper and Dream Boy took her out with him to take out the garbage and throw the pumpkins out.  Before he knew it, Libbi took off like a shot across the yard after deer across the street.
There was a truck coming and he swerved to avoid her. She ran into his tire and then rolled under the truck.  The back axel of the truck ran over her.
Dream Boy ran out and the driver stopped immediately and turned his 4 ways on.  Libbi was laying in the road stunned, crying and barking, but not able to move.
Dream Boy gave her a minute or two, then lifted her up & carried her into the porch where he started yelling for me.  The driver stayed in the driveway until he saw me come out and then he left.
Dream Boy was shaking and telling me to call the vet, which I did.  They told me to bring her in as soon as possible.
When I got off the phone and went out to the porch she was up and walking around.  She came over and laid on my lap while we checked her over.  No bleeding anywhere other than under her chin and along her lip.  She got up and was walking around normally, so we loaded her up in the car & took her in.
She was jumping all over the place and trying to play tug of war with her leash by the time we brought her into the vet's office.
They checked her over thoroughly and feel that she will recover fully.  She's going to be sore for the next few days, so they gave us some pain meds and antibiotics due to the scraped up chin.
She's laying under the kitchen table now sleeping - her favorite place.
I'm thankful she seems to be okay - and I'm thankful that Dream Boy is okay too.  He was pretty shook up having to watch it all and feeling helpless.
I think Miss Libbi must have part cat in her blood because this is the 2nd "car accident" she's had since August and lived to tell about it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Evening Happy Hour???

It's Monday - Monday evening actually.  I'm getting ready to leave for my photography class.  
I'm so sorry we didn't have coffee together this morning, but it was just a little crazy!
So let's chat now - grab a "happy hour" drink of your choice....
1.  I'm 8 weeks into this class - only 4 to go.  I have loved every week of it!
2.  I'm the proud mom of a soon to be employed not yet graduated college senior!
3.  I'm thankful that this opportunity has arisen for Son #2.  Such a relief for him to know that he will be employed before he's even graduated next May!
4.  I'm thankful for the time of catching up I was able to have with a dear friend of mine.  So good to have a real live coffee time with Kim after school today!
5.  Dream Boy has been suffering with hip/knee pain for almost a week now.  I wish I could fix it.  Hopefully the meds our doctor prescribed today will start to bring him relief!
6.  Son #2s college soccer team is headed to the 1st round of the NCAA Soccer Tournament in Chicago this Friday!  GO DUTCHMEN!!!
7.  Son #1 came to the game on Saturday and we got a family pic - you don't know HOW thankful I am for that!
8.  Got to see both of my sisters last night at my nieces birthday.  I realized that we NEED to make more time for each other.
9.  Class starts in 45 minutes and I need to scoot!
10.  Did you notice I got my "thankfuls" into my post even while chatting about life?
See you tomorrow!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


What a busy day it turned out to be.  I thought I was going to be able to relax and take it easy, get caught up on editing photos & maybe even get a Sunday afternoon nap.  But no - it ended up being a full day. 
I ended up taking a trip up to Grand Rapids to due a Senior Shoot on a college campus where Kaitie is planning on going next fall.
Wow - what an amazing campus.  The trees are full and mature and so many of them still had their leaves on them.  It was a beautiful sunny day, a bit windy, but we made the best of it.
I'm so thankful I got the opportunity to take these pics.  Kaitie is a sweet girl, daughter of a teacher I work with.  She has a natural beauty about her & I so enjoyed my time with her.
Thank you to her mom who asked me to take her pictures....it was certainly a pleasure.
 I'm also thankful for the opportunity to take Abby's pictures a few weeks ago too.  Her mom works at our Middle School and we go to the same church.
My photography skills have been getting a real work out these past few months, between soccer games and senior shots I've been a busy girl.
I'm so thankful to Dream Boy for his support and encouragement in my pursuit of photography.  
I am a blessed woman.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Today I'm Thankful For....

....a beautiful sunny Saturday with family and friends.
Son #2's college soccer team won their game yesterday in the MIAA Tournament so they moved onto the final game today and they won!
This is an automatic bid into the National Tournament.  They will be playing next weekend and we are hopeful that it will be at Hope College.  We'll know for sure on Monday.
We spent the afternoon tailgating with all our good friends and my sister and her family prior to the game.  My nieces took turns "assisting" me on the field during the game while I took pictures.
We were tied at halftime 1-1.  But with 8 minutes left, we scored a 2nd goal.....and then a 3rd......and then Son #2 scored goal #4 on a PK (penalty kick).
 Do you see that ball going right over the goalie on the ground?  Now that's what I'm talking about....
 One happy team!
 One happy family!  Yes, both son #1 and son #2 make for a great family picture!
And I'd like to thank my adoring family for this award, I never could have been a soccer mom without your support over all these years!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011


I'm so sorry I missed posting yesterday.
I had every intention of posting last night, but about 7:15pm we got a call from Son #2.  He had a severe case of heartburn and was in tremendous pain.  His roommate was taking him to urgent care, so Dream Boy & I made the 1 hour 10 minute trek up to see him.  By the time we got there, he was back to his house so we picked him up & took him to get his prescription filled.  His steroid he was put on for his strep was causing the heartburn.  They gave him a Maalox Cocktail and made sure his stomach wasn't filled with bacteria.  When all came back clear, they gave him a prescription strength Prevacid for the heartburn.
Okay - too much information.....but by the time we got home it was an hour past my bed time, so I went straight to bed!
So today, which ties in with yesterday, I am truly thankful for my friends.....and my son's friends.  Son #2's friend took him to Urgent Care last Saturday night and a different friend took him back last night.
We have made some tremendous friendships with the other soccer parents from Hope College.  We had the senior's parents over last Saturday night....
....and had a wonderful time!
Tonite at the end of the game we took this picture too.....
...with another of the soccer mom's and a good friend.  
Our son's experience at Hope College had been awesome for not only him, but for us too.  
We have come to know these wonderful people and know that whatever we may be going through they will be there.  
I am so thankful that God has blessed my lives with these friendships!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today I'm Thankful For....

....having a half day of school.  
I took the afternoon off.
When I take a half day, it means I'm out of school at 10:30am, so it's like having a whole day off really.
I had time to go pick up my new glasses - one pair had a defect in the glass, so they kept them & I can pick them up tomorrow.
Good thing because the other pair has a defect in the frame that I found later when I was looking at them closer.
So tomorrow I get to take this pair back and pick up the other.
But it was a great day nonetheless.
Son #2 played his final season college soccer game and they won, 2-0.
Friday they play in the season ending tournament.
If When they win on Friday, they will go to the final on Saturday.
If When they win Saturday they will go on to Nationals!
So today I'm thankful for the time I had off from school, it makes me a Happy Mama!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Days of Thanks...

I don't know why I wait until November, but Thanksgiving always reminds me.  I have so much in my life to be thankful for.  I've done this in the past, and I want to do it again this year.  I'm going to spend these 30 days of November taking time each day to find something to be thankful for that happened that day.
Today I am thankful the kids who have passed through my life because of my job.  
Years ago when Dream Boy and I were faced with infertility and thought we'd never have our own children, little did I know that God would not only bless us with both of our son's in totally different ways, but He would bless me years later when I took on a job at our local high school.
Every year I grow close to a handful of my students.  Some of them really stick in my mind and find a permanent spot in my heart.
Yesterday I received a text from one asking me to pray for her.  She was having "one of those days" and asked me to pray.  I was deeply touched that she would reach out to me.
Another of my "girls" has traveled the U.S. over this past year and never forgets to update me via a facebook post, a text or a shout out on her blog.
And then there's Jenni.  She has always been "my daughter" and has been a part of our family for a long time.  She has a younger brother who graduated with Son #1.  I got to spend a few hours with them this Sunday doing a family shoot.
Love these two!
Yep - today I'm thankful for all the kids' in my life.  I have been richly blessed!

P::52 Wild

Our prompt for this past week was "wild".
Well, I think my Halloween pumpkins had a little too much fun and got a little on the "wild" side last night!
Too much candy?
Happy Tuesday y'all!