Thursday, March 31, 2011


The prompt for our 52 photos this past week was "two".
I had visions of twins running through my head, but since the set of twins I know live 3 hours apart and no where near me, it wasn't going to work.
So Dream Boy steps in to help me out, once again.  He's such a good guy - after 30+ years of marriage, he still makes my heart jump!
In fact, when I was talking to him about his week's prompt and my idea of a pic of us two, he came up with the "2=1".
A perfect fit.

Next week's prompt........."stripes".........

Monday, March 28, 2011

Postcard #1

A few weeks back I signed up to be part of a post card swap on i hanna's blog.  We were given 10 names & addresses last week & we need to MAKE 10 postcards and mail them to the recipients by April 8.
I've started working on mine, 2 down, 8 to go.
Today I got the mail and received my very 1st card! It came from Palmdale, California and was made by Janet B.  It is so cute!!  LoVe it, what a happy piece of mail to get on a cold wintery feeling Michigan day.
Thank you Janet B. for brightening my day.  The calendar in Michigan says spring, but the weather and temps are still saying winter.  Your pretty flowers DID brighten my day!
I should have taken the pic a little earlier when the sun was out, but I was busy working on my own cards.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Change Up

A little over a year ago Dream Boy completed our bathroom makeover.  He made these wonderful frames for me.  I had seen them in many a magazine and stores, but when we were in Lowes one day I saw this molding & laid the challenge before him.
He got out the mitre saw and measured and cut away and made these 8x8 frames.  I painted them up and then made a decision of what to frame in them.
My choice was a single Gerbrara Daisy on a white background.  I edited them in Photoshop and came up with 3 different, vibrantly colored prints.  I wanted a splash of color on the walls, since the bathroom consists of white, green and black/coffee brown accents.
A friend of mine suggested when I posted those pics that I think of using some of my own photography of our travels to the beach.  I liked the idea, but never pursued.....until yesterday.
As I was cleaning (dang maid still hasn't shown up) in the bathroom, I took down the various bowls & baskets I have filled with the seashells from my various beach trips.
Ah ha!  I quickly ran & got my camera and did my best imitation of macro photography that I could.
Here are my results:
The far left shot is of my Sand Dollar collection.  All the whole sand dollars I collected on a sand bar on Anna Maria Island in Florida during spring break 2008.  We had oodles of them.  It was such a fun time, and the memory sticks in my mind because the next morning my sister called to tell me that our dad had died & I flew home that night.  But I carefully tucked one sand dollar in my suitcase to remind me of the joy from the day before.  
There are a couple of partial sand dollars in there too.  One is from the shoreline in Monterey, CA - from my wonderful trip in June of 2008 to meet a group of women whom I only knew online prior to then.  They are some of my dearest friends to this day.  Another partial one is from the shoreline in Ocean Park, Maine, where Dream Boy and I spent a week in the summer of 2009.  So technically, I own a piece of beach front property on each coast of the U.S.
 A shot a little more directly on.  
I was having trouble with the glare from the window behind me.
 This shot is of a starfish that had washed up on shore during our very 1st trip to Anna Maria Island during spring break with our boys...I think it was the spring of 2000?  
All the shells in this shot are in a glass bowl and are various pieces I've picked up along the shores of the same Florida island during various trip down there.
I love having them around, they make me happy and yearn for summer days on the beach and for the next time we walk along that white sandy beaches.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dog Wash

It's a freezing 28 degrees today - NOT happy about that.  The sun is shining, the sky is SO blue, but it's all a mirage.  It's so misleading.  I should be sitting outside on my patio in the sunshine reading........but it's to dadblame cold!  Plus it's way too cold to give Miss Liberty Bell a bath in the hose.  She is one smelly dog and really needs it.  So Dream Boy & I decided to drive over to the local "Dog Wash".
We've never been to one before, we usually put her in the tub ~ which she'll happily jump into on her own ~ and lean over & scrub & wash & rinse & rinse & rinse.  It's a back breaking chore.
We loaded up the 80+ pound dog and headed off to the
Oh look!  Libbi is even pictured on their sign.  Must BE a sign.  Sorry - couldn't resist.
Now see that ramp?  The dog is supposed to walk up that & into the tub. 
Yeah - uh, they didn't know Miss Liberty Bell when they designed this.
Read the instructions to make your visit much more enjoyable......note #2 - didn't bring treats....
 So you do the next best thing, lift the 80+ pound pooch into the tub.
Next....start the washing process.
 Good thing Miss Liberty Bell loves water and baths.....doesn't she look happy here?
 Stand back while the 80+ pound pooch shakes her booty.
 Seriously - why must dogs do that?  Can't they wait until you are fully done washing & rinsing & standing on the other side of the room?
 Now I want you to take a minute and scroll back up to the instructions on the wall and carefully read #5.  Go ahead, I'll wait.......(insert Jeopardy music)....
did you read it? C.A.R.E.F.U.L.L.Y. read it?
I must admit I kind of chuckled when I read it.  But then Dream Boy turned on the "blow dryer" see if we could dry her......
Little did we know it was basically a heated leaf blower.....
one..two..three...oh she didn't?
 Oh yes, yes - she did.  She jumped right over the side of that tub as soon as Dream Boy hit the dryer.  Mind you, she is hooked in the tub on a short leash.  Yes, she was "hanging" from the short leash........I quickly put my camera down & ran to her rescue and lifted my 80+ pound pooch back into the tub.
Dream Boy was on the other side trying to shut the blower off, then tried to run around the tub to help but the floor was wet and slippery and by the time he got around I had already lifted her back up.  
Libbi's heart was racing as much as ours were.  Poor, poor baby.  NO more blow dryer - we should've known.  But she is okay now & so are we.
 I was a dry little mama until I picked her up.......wet jeans are not a joy to wear, especially when it's only 28 degrees outside!  Thank goodness I have a heated seat in my car for the ride home.
At home, safe and sound and resting happily after a giant doggie cookie and a marshmallow to top it off!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I really, REALLY struggled with this week's P52 prompt - "abstract".  I looked up the definition, I binged abstract images, everywhere I went I carried my camera looking for something abstract......
Yesterday when I was getting something out of the fridge, I opened the drawer & saw the oranges.  They struck me as something I might be able to use for my abstract picture.  How, I had no clue.  So today when I got home I started scrounging around in the fridge, again.  
This is my interpretation of abstract......
...does this qualify?  When I think of abstract, I think of "out of the ordinary".  Artsy - odd - eclectic.  So from my definition, this idea was born.
Next week's theme........"two".  I've already got some ideas in my mind, but they may just be stuck in my mind if what I'm thinking doesn't come to fruition.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

 Happy 1st day of spring.
Not QUITE sandal weather, but I couldn't resist yesterday.  We've had some teaser days in the past week, some 60 degree days and a few in the 50s.
So I spent some time this morning giving myself a pedicure.  Pretty blue - Easter Egg Blue.
I'm in love with spring!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Room - P52

I've lost track of what week we're on.....but I am very proud of myself that I have continued with this adventure every week.
Our prompt for this week was "room".  Kind of open ended.  I thought about every room in my house, but decided to go with the room that I spend a whole lot of time in and have a whole lot of fun in and get a whole lot of satisfaction in and experience a whole lot of frustration in and yet love every (almost) minute of it.
It's my classroom.
It's a one of a kind.  NO one in our building has a painted classroom.  We moved into our brand new building in the fall of 2003.  Our administration at that time said the rooms must remain institutional white.  But after the 1st year I sweet talked my principal into letting me liven up my four white, cinder block walls.  The stars are signed by my graduating seniors - at 1st it was my student council seniors.  Now that I'm no longer the student council advisor I let my seniors who graduate on time sign a star.  I work with at risk students and it is a huge incentive for them to get caught up and graduate on time.  Signing a silly little star in Mrs. G's room has made a difference in many lives.  I get geeked when I see the HUGE smile on their face when I hand them the paint marker at the end of the school year - when I know they've completed the task.  It takes them forever to choose just the right star.  Some know months in advance, some pick it out when I give them the marker - but everyone of them loves doing it!
Sometimes it's just the little things that can make such a difference.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


This week's theme for our 52 Photos was "wrinkle".  I thought & thought about this one, how could I make a fun twist on it so that I didn't have to show the obvious - my own wrinkles?
I held off taking pictures until this morning when I looked in the mirror.  It came to me then.   Why is it such an issue to take a picture of my wrinkles?  I've always embraced who I am and how old I am.  What's a few wrinkles?  After all, I am 50.  Yes, I said it, I wrote it in print for all the world to see.
I started really thinking about it.  The season of Lent started yesterday and for different people, different religions, it has many different meanings.  I've never been one to "give up" something for this season.  But this year I am trying to be more reflective on this time in Jesus' life.  He was brought to us in human form, to live & feel the pain & disappointment that we do.  
Jesus died at the age of 33 (approximately).  I am 50.  I have lived 17 years longer than He did on this earth.  He sacrificed Himself for me at such a young age.  He never grew old in His human way to know the wrinkles & krinkles and creaks and pains of a human body as it ages.  
He knew pain - more than I can ever imagine in my life.  He knew the suffering of our people - more than I'll ever know.  He gave His life for me and you to give us the hope and promise that our suffering and pain on earth will end someday when we meet Him and His Father in heaven if we choose to accept His sacrifice and believe His death was for our eternal life.
Eternal life - a life of no pain, sorrow or suffering.  No hatred, humiliation, wars.  No wrinkles, krinkles, creaks or pain.  A whole new body, a whole new life.  What a glorious day that will be.  I'm so looking forward to it.
But in the mean time, as I live my life here, I try to live it to the best of my ability for Him.  Which means I am thankful.  Thankful for the wrinkles, krinkles, creaks & pain.  
I embrace me........and I share with you the raw, unedited image of who God has made me.  Wrinkled, rumpled, plump, age spots (which I like to call freckles), creaks and pains.....

 Do you embrace who you are?
And Jesus said, "Come to the water, stand by my side.  I know you are thirsty, you won't be denied.  I felt every tear drop, when in darkness you cried.  And I strove to remind you, that for those tears (& wrinkles), I died."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Natural Destruction

I cannot take credit for this photo - I found it searching images on Bing.  A few Saturday's ago I got up & took my morning coffee out into the living room to read a few blogs and watch a little Food Network.  While sitting by the window I see something very large & black swoop across the street into the trees.  Not having put my glasses on yet, I couldn't quite make it out - then another large, black thing swoops across the street and lands on a tree branch a little bit lower.
Now I'm thinking these are some pretty big crows we got growing here in Michigan.  But then I catch a glimpse of red!  I run down the hall to fetch the other set of eyes and on my way back yell at Dream Boy to come quick.  With the glasses on I can now see that the big black things are actually a pair of woodpeckers.  Dream Boy confirms that they are actually Pileated Woodpeckers.  He runs for the camera & sneaks out the back door.  Without HIS extra set of eyes on he doesn't realize my lens is set on manual focus, so he can't tell that the shots are going to remain blurry.  Oops.
Hence the copied shot from Bing.
Dream Boy returns to the living room while one of the birds flies back over to the telephone pole at the corner of our yard.  Now Libbi, the ever faithful labrador retriever, who is diligently watching from her perch on the couch, sees this humungo bird on the side of the pole & starts going bonkers.  We continue to watch for a few minutes until they both fly away.
Last night Dream Boy comes home from work & yells at me from the back door, "you gotta come out here & see this!"
I find a coat & he takes me to the previously mentioned telephone pole to find this....
Ouch!  They have literally pecked & poked all the way to the center of the telephone pole!  We'll have to keep watching to see if they come back & do anymore damage.  If they do, we may need to call & have the pole replaced because our phone line runs off of this pole to the house & then the main line runs to the next pole on the other corner of our yard which has a transformer on it.  If this pole goes down - so do all those wires & the transformer will blow too!
Who knew such a huge little bird could do so much damage??

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I have this friend....yes, I have a friend, more than one actually.  But this one in particular is dealing with some heavy things right now.
While browsing the aisles of Hobby Lobby the other day I came across some paper flowers that they were selling for $4.99 each.  You could buy rolls of the paper ribbon for $4.99 also.  Well, I looked them over very closely because I knew I had a whole bunch of scraps at home that I could use.  
So I started on this little idea this morning before school and doodled out a plan between attendance, questions, phone calls, reports, logging in, logging out, logging in, logging out.
I came home after school & doodled a little more, then I set out to experiment. By the time Dream Boy got home from work I had completed my project.
I took pics along the way and put them into this little slideshow to share with you.
I sure hope this gives my friend "joy" tomorrow when I give it to her.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This week's prompt was "street".  I cheated just a little....I took this picture last week the day after the ice/snow storm bombarded Michigan.
This is the street next to my home - a very steep hill.  There is approximately 2" + of frozen snow & ice on that hill.  Frozen SOLID - even salt wasn't cutting into it as it was so cold.  The brown on the snow is actually sand to try & give cars the needed traction to get to the top of the hill to their home.
The one track that is down do the bare pavement must have been made between the snow - then the rain - then the snow - then the freezing rain.  It was a crazy 24 hours of weather.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day Off.......Again..

 It seems like I haven't worked a whole lot lately......and in all honesty ~ I haven't.
Last week we were supposed to be off Wednesday for conferences & then Thursday & Friday for mid-winter break.
It got a little extended with the major ice/snow storm that came in on Sunday night and we ended up with 2 snow days, giving me the whole week off.
I loved every moment of it.  With no definite plans for most of the week, I slept in, diddled with this and doodled on that....
...and I baked.  I haven't done that in many moons.
I have today off again too.  The juniors are testing today and the state mandates very strict instructions on how and where and when these tests are taken.  So today, only the junior class reported to take their ACT.
Tomorrow & Thursday are half days, with classes in the afternoon and further testing in the morning for the juniors and then to include the sophomores on Thursday morning.
So today I'm continuing what I started last week....baking.  I currently have a giant loaf of banana bread baking in the oven & the house is starting to smell divine.
This bad boy is sitting on the counter - my pizza dough out of the bread maker.  When Dream Boy gets home it will be homemade pizza for supper tonite.
I really enjoy these days off - the quiet house, the super pooch sassing me and the kitty ditty climbing all over my counter as I try to be creative.
I love getting back to school around the kids too & I kind of miss the madness of 300+ teenagers in the halls.  I really enjoy being around them and sharing in their achievements.  There are days - the days filled with drama - that aren't so fun, would rather do without, but they are part of the job.
But as for right now, the house is quiet except the tunes I have playing in the background and the dog barking at whatever she just heard........probably the snow melting, so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.