Friday, July 31, 2009

He's Made It There Safely

Finally, I FINALLY got an email from Shaun this morning. I checked & checked & then checked my email again yesterday with nothing from him! Last night I finally got on the link to Hope College Sports & checked on the daily journal that the players are supposed to write on & they had done their job!! So I knew from that that they were there.
Shaun sends me an email this morning that stated that nothing too exciting is going on - he feels like he's just at another soccer tournament. He doesn't even feel like he's in Ireland???? The town they are in is very small with not much to do, but they were leaving shortly to head to Galway. The picture below is the Cliffs of Moher in Galway - they have free time this afternoon to explore.

Tonite they have their first game against a local semi-pro team. From the sounds of it the locals are all excited and SURE that their team will beat they Americans. I guess there are even posters in the windows of the stores & restaurants in the local town! Well, I know they LOVE their soccer over there, so I think by the time their game is over he'll have experienced some major excitement. At least he better - we didn't spend that kind of money for him to be bored!! :)

So everyone enjoy your weekend! I have to work at the local scrapbook store tomorrow & we have long time family from Wisconsin in for the weekend. They were very close to my parents & I love seeing them. We have so many memories to share!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And They're Off.......To Ireland....For A Little Futbol!!

It's not often in one's life that opportunities to travel to foreign lands come along. When they do, and if you can at all afford it, you should sieze the moment & take the opportunity.
Our youngest son, Shaun, has worked hard all his life to achieve his dream of playing college soccer. Last year, as an unseen freshman, he accomplished his goal & made the soccer team at Hope College in Holland, MI. Shortly after he made the team it was announced that every 4 years the team travels abroad for some "friendly" competition & they would be going to Ireland in the summer of 2009. While it is an "optional" trip, all but one player is going on this trip.
Today I took him up to school where he caught the bus for his trip to O'Hare Airport in Chicago & they will catch a direct flight to Dublin. I spoke to him about an hour ago and he is probably boarding the plane as I'm writing this - his flight leaves in about 20 minutes. Now I'm not a mom who spends a lot of time worrying about her boys' - I really don't. I have complete trust in them both & almost always trust their choices & I leave it up to God. I must admit though, I am a little "unnerved" about this trip. He is going SO far away over such a big ocean! When he went to Juarez, Mexico in 2006 I wasn't worried in the least - BUT there wasn't this huge body of water between him & the USA. Oooooooo, I don't like this feeling. I'll be checking my computer continually tomorrow until I get his email that they landed safely & are checked into their hotel. At the same time - I am so excited for him & this opportunity. WOW! He and I talked today on our way up to school about it, to thoroughly enjoy it for all that it is and take it all in! He said it really hadn't sunk in yet that he was going all the way to Ireland, but someday, he will be taking me & his dad back with him. I told him that would be great, but if I ever go over seas - I want to go to Greece. He said that would be even better! So for the next 11 days, this mama is gonna be glued even more to her computer screen checking up on daily reports from my baby boy!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I Think It's Coming Back.....

Well, here is the start of my album on our trip to Maine. I've been a little stuck where my creative mojo is concerned lately. This is the cover to my album. I'm going to bind it with my bind-it-all when I'm done.

I recently took a "doodle" class and had come across this quote & thought it was so fitting to start my album out with.
This is where my creative mojo started to kick in last night. I'm not posting the 2 or 3 pages in between this & the quote page as I'm not all that happy with them. I think I'll have to go back & redo or undo or both as I progress through my album.
I'm remembering now.......lots of layer, lots of ink, no need to "stay between the lines" and don't forget to journal. But it's coming back - I actually woke up this morning with ideas running through my head already!
On this page I included the new chipboard letters I ordered on Monday from and I received in the mail yesterday!!! Wow - now that is service.
This page/picture - don't ask! I took it because I can, okay? That's what I told Steve & he still looks at me like there is really something wrong inside my head......but you know what, that's the way I've been for all my life and he still loves me in spite of it!!! I will tell you that I took this while in the bathroom at a local coffee shop in Freeport, ME. I loved the colors & I happened to have my camera with me....... :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Creative Slump

Well, I feel like I've been in a creative slump lately. I have tons of ideas in my head, but when it comes to executing them......they just don't come out the way I envision them. OR they come out worse!
So I've been searching the internet for inspiration. The last few days I've been heading over to Two Peas In A Bucket . I have not been on this site in forever - so much has changed! I remember now why I used to be on this site all the time. There is SO much inspiration here, along with some info on this & that.
This morning I came across a post to remind 2Pers to update their blogs - on Wednesday. So I perused a few of them & found some very interesting blogs. I'd love to share them with you......
or how about this one.....
then again there's this one, one of my favorites.....
- this one is going to truly help me with my album I'm making of our recent trip to Maine!!!!
Oh, and I really like this one too......
She made the cutest little "fry" boxes for gifts!
So if you're in a creative slump & need some inspiration head on over to some of these blogs or head over to 2Ps in a Bucket. They have all kinds of message boards related to scrapbooking, stamping, photography & even unrelated topics to the creative world. They also have a gallery where people post their creations for you to look at!!!
So now to get back to my creative side & make something happen! I'll be sure to post when I get there. I really should clean my "craft corner" up so I have even more room to create, but then again....that takes time away from my creating!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

How Ya Doin????

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was spent mostly recovering from my root canal last Thursday. My "procedure" on Friday morning was cancelled due to the pain I had to endure after my root canal procedure. Now I've had 2 root canals before & I've always felt pain afterward, but only from the normal procedure & soreness of having the doctor yanking things around in my mouth.
Well - this one was totally different!!! The numbness wore off about 5:30 on Thursday evening. OH! MY! GOODNESS! The pain was worse then than it was before I had it done! Steve came home to find me in tears, I couldn't help it - the pain just made them flow. He was so sweet. He held me & let me cry on his shoulder.
I finally was able to settle some, but not for long, so I sought refuge in the cool, dark basement & found a movie. I held an ice pack on my cheek. Around 7:30 the pain was even worse & I was starting to swell. So sweet Steve started making phone calls to doctors. He called my endodontist & left a message. Then he called the on-call doc at my surgeon's office. He wasn't very nice & said that it was quite late to be cancelling a surgical procedure! Well - I had talked to my surgeon earlier in the day & I'm sure he wasn't all that surprised when he got the call to cancel my surgery.
My endodontist finally called me back around 11:30pm. I had taken another dose of Tylenol around 10:30 & it had finally broken through the pain enough to let me start to fall asleep. He was sorry that it was so late & surprised to hear how much pain I had been in all night. Since it too late to call a prescription in anywhere, he suggested I take Motrin. Since I had cancelled my surgery for the next morning it was okay to take it. I immediately took it. I was able to sleep the night away! Friday & Saturday were spent just layin low & feeling like I had been beat up! The pain had finally subsided & was tolerable & I could control it with iboprofen. Today is the 1st day that I feel almost, completely normal. Except for the small bruise on my jaw line you wouldn't know what had happened.
So today was back to the normal routien - summer school this morning & some errands this afternoon. I've started to create my "Maine" vacation book (mostly in my head) & went out to get a few additional supplies.
Yesterday we had a sermon on the 10 commandments. It was very thought provoking. We were challenged to take a commandment to heart this week. To wake up praying every day about it & applying it through our day to day activities. Then pray about it at bedtime again. I've thought it through & the one that just keeps coming to mind is "Love thy neighbor as thyself". It's making me stop & think everytime I come in contact with anybody through my day. To treat any & all I see through the day with love - the kind of love God extends to us. Now some days this is pretty easy, but others it will be hard. I'm praying for the grace to walk this talk this week.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Been A Bad Week...

I woke up in the middle of the night on Tuesday with the worst toothache!! I've never had that much pain before come out of nowhere.
I called my dentist office as soon as they were open. She asked me all the general questions, no it's not sensitive to hot OR cold. It just hurts!! She made an appointment for me that afternoon.
Later that morning I ate a banana and it about sent me through the roof with pain! It didn't hurt to chew it, but the sugars from the banana were killing my tooth! It literally brought tears to my eyes!
So I get to the dentist & tell him what's happening. He does an exam and can't find any cavaties or issues with my teeth, so he does an x-ray & finds a huge absess beneath the surface. OUCH! He immediately puts me on antibiotics & tells me to call the endodontist when it clears up!
I rush home to my local pharmacy & get my script filled & take it right then! I actually doubled up on it that night to "shock" my infection.
I woke up Wednesday morning & it was pretty sore - I can't even put pressure on the tooth like I could on Tuesday. But I trudge through my day taking my meds waiting for them to kick in & start killing off the infection to lessen the pain.
Again this morning at around 3am I am awakened by major pain! Ugh. The meds are not kicking it out fast enough so I call my dentist this morning & he tells me to call the endodontist immediately.
I'm having a root canal at 1pm today. Yippee - skippy! So I've had 2 before but it's been several years since the last one. I can't imagine I'll feel much worse after it - the pain from this tooth is now reaching into my ear & down my neck.

I've also been scheduled for a minor surgical procedure tomorrow - it's been scheduled since the 1st of June. I talked to the surgeon's nurse this morning & he says since I've been on antibiotics since Tuesday it should be okay to go ahead with it. It's an outpatient thingy, nothing real I'm thinking I'm gonna go ahead & get that over with too! Why not?!? How can this week get any worse?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Senior Picture Time Again....

It's that time of year again.....taking senior pictures. I love it!! This is "my girl" Jessie. I took care of her from the time she was born until she no longer needed a baby sitter. She's now a senior at the high school where I work!
We've spent the last 2 days going around our beautiful countryside, parks & city taking pictures. This is absolutely one of my favorites..she's smiling for real!!!
But then there's this one......
We went all over Kalamazoo....Milham Park, downtown, Bronson Park, Brook Lodge and Ft. Custer - Eagle Lake. Jessie wanted to go to Milham Park, so we started there. Then we went downtown because I saw these doors that I thought would be so cool....
oh and I guess I'll show you just one more......
Now I'm gonna go dig through my old photos and find some of her little girl pictures to post!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Doodle Class Week 5

Last week's assignment for my doodle class was to make a layout using plain embellishments & doodling on them and your page to create you embellishing. This was kinda tough for me as I'm not one to do a lot of "drawing" on my layouts. Don't know why.....I guess I just never thought about it.

I printed out a few pics from our recent trip & used them as my inspiration. I used plain chipboard letters and the flowery circles were also naked chipboard. Using my chalk inks, I "painted" them. Then using a black sharpie I doodled on the letters. The letters actually look like they are felted because of the inks I used.

Drawing a line around the photos, I then doubled it & colored it in with blue & green to pick up the colors you find in the ocean or sea. A little bling was added to random petals & white flowers were drawn in the photo border. This project was a little more challening than I thought it would be. I'm still not sure I like the outcome of it, but hey, it's only paper & photos - I can always re-do it some other time, right?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Still Thinking of Maine....

While the weather for the majority of our week in Maine was less than perfect, it didn't stop us from getting out & exploring most days. On Wednesday we went in search of a few more lighthouses. When we got the the Two Lights State Park, we were totalled engulfed in fog, barely able to make out the shoreline. We could hear the fog horn but couldn't see any lighthouses. So I began to explore the rocky shoreline. I gingerly stepped from rock to rock in search of the lighthouses, constantly hearing the fog horn & hearing it getting closer. I got further out on the rocks and then I heard the horn - LOUD & CLEAR. I was standing right in front of it when it went off again! It shook me right down to my inner core!As Steve stood further up the rocks laughing at me!!!
I then walked further out and Steve took this picture of me. You can see how foggy it is - you can't even see out across the water! We had to actually ask a local fisherman where the lighthouses were. He pointed us in the general direction and we got in the car and went exploring up the street. We did find them - barely. These 2 lighthouses are now privatley owned, so you can't get very close to them. So I took pictures from where I could

This picture is a collage of the lighthouses we saw in Maine. The 2 clearer ones were taken on Monday night when it wasn't quite as foggy. The lighthouse you see with the light shining is actually the same lighthouse that you see in the main photo. We were able to see the Port Head Lighthouse on Monday night across the bay, but when we actually went on Wednesday to see the Port Head close up - you couldn't see back across the bay to the other 2 lighthouses.

We really enjoyed ourselves and are planning on going back again, hopefully next year. Hopefully we'll be able to see more of Maine because the weather is clearer!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home Again....

We are home! We drove straight through yesterday, leaving @ 6am & arriving home @ 10pm. We had the best week. Thursday was a total wash out - major rain - so we just stuck close to home & went to a movie. We went out for giant cheeseburgers that night.
Friday we had a Plan A - head up the coast to Boothbay to see the harbor, fishing boats & lobsterers......and we had a Plan B - IF the sun comes out we stay in Ocean Park & lounge on the beach all day!

Plan B was the winner! We woke to sunny skies - then it started to cloud over - BUT the sun prevailed & won out. The beach was the place to be. They even had sand castle competition in the afternoon. Steve & I packed up the beach bag & went to enjoy the sun & surf. Of course the day wasn't complete until I had my final
from the Ocean Park Deli. They are the best around, and believe me, we tested them. We also did a lot of taste testing on Whoopie Pies & again, Ocean Park Deli's beat all the others hands down!
Now there is a difference when it comes to Whoopie Pies. Some have a spongy cake, some have a cakey-cookie & OP had the brownie type cake! NO - I did not eat this whole thing by myself. Steve was more than happy to help out! I have a recipe & I can't wait to experiment & make my own version of Whoopie Pies.

For dinner Friday night we rode bikes down to a local beach hotel restaurant bar & I had their yummy clam chowder. We were served by Lizzy, my friend Pam's daughter, and enjoyed our final vacation meal with Pam. It was a beautiful week all in all, in spite of the weather. We will definitely be going back!! Let's just pray for nicer weather next time!

Tomorrow it's back to reality....summer school starts! Hey - I'm just thankful to have a job....and to have one that I really enjoy!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Been A Soggy Week......

We arrived Saturday afternoon to a warm, sunny day. We hurried up & unpacked & headed directly for the beach which is stone's throw away........we had about an hour before the fog moved in & it has been stuck here ever since!!! It's either foggy, misty or raining.

Yesterday was a fairly clear day - for the most part, but no sun. We did go spend the morning walking the shoreline & then after lunch spent an hour on the beach reading. I couldn't believe that people were actually swimming in the ocean - it was SO cold! The winds had picked up & the temps dropped to 60. I honestly think the water might have felt warmer than the air once you got into it!
Last night my friend Pam, from whom we're renting, treated Steve & I to a fabulous traditional Maine Lobster dinner. We started with clam steamers - mmmmm.......then went onto the potato salad, cole slaw, corn on the cob, baked beans & the "maine" attraction.....fresh lobster! Steve has never had lobster in this fashion before & he was loving it before he even got through the 1st claw! Today we went down to Kennebunkport. We were told that this is the rainiest June they've had on record in Maine since 1903! Ugh.....we've been keeping busy, it's just a little disheartening to not see the sun. So much my dear Lisa I. for needing sunscreen this week!
So now it's off to find something to eat for many choices.......until next time!