Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Had To Re-create My Blog....

So I did a stupid thing earlier this week in trying to customize my blog. BUT it backfired & I couldn't find any way to get it off my blog - so I just decided to start over! Don't download free backgrounds from's a pain.
I am on the 2nd day post surgery - round 2......a little more bruising this time compared to last time. I was able to take the protective bandage off today....the picture on the bottom is right before I left for the hospital Friday morning. The one on the top is of this morning.
It has been a pretty quiet weekend around here. Both boys' are home for the weekend. Chad has been working quite a bit - so we don't see much of him, but Shaun has been hanging close to home. He & Steve went skiing last night. Shaun got an early Christmas present - a new/used snowboard & just had to try it out. Steve hasn't skied in at least 5 years, so he went with Shaun last night to see if he remembered how. His equipment is so outdated, he ended up renting. They both had a lot of fun. Steve was complaining a little this morning of how sore he is - just wait until tomorrow.
We are in the midst of a winter storm warning. Some pretty heavy snow is starting to fall. There was nothing on the ground this morning, but we have over an inch now in the last hour or so. I'm a little nervous about Shaun driving back up to school this afternoon in this kind of weather in his little car. We'll have to wait & see....maybe Steve will be driving him up.
It's a good day to sit inside, watch old movies & take a nap. Enjoy your Sunday everyone!!