Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Journal of Thankfulness - Warmth

It's a marshmallow world outside my window today!  

An early snowstorm has caused pretty much every school in our county to call "Snow Day" - including the major colleges/university!  You know it's bad.

Word is that a CBS newsman came into Kalamazoo yesterday & was broadcasting from Candy Cane Lane in Bronson Park last night about the frigid temps & the prediction of up to a foot of snow in some places around here.  It's rumored that he's still hanging out around the park - got stuck in our Winter Storm Warning land filled with lake affect snows.  

So today I'm not going anywhere.  I even rescheduled a doctor's appointment so I don't have to leave my humble abode.

I started up some chicken stock in the crock pot for home made chicken noodle soup tonite and I'm huddling around the fire (wood burner) to stay warm.  It currently "feels like" 0* outside - that's a bit chilly for November, about 35 or so degrees colder than the "norm" for this time of year.

Dream Boy started up a fire in the wood burner last Wednesday night & it's been burning ever since.  For this I am VERY thankful.  

We talked about it this weekend how much that wood burner has saved & blessed us through the years.  We know that we will never have to go without heat, even in/during ice storms where the power is knocked out.  The memories of year's past, where we've had major storms barrel through in the later fall months & power is knocked out & the temps drop to brrrrr-cold, we have the wood burner to keep us warm.

I dropped off a load of coats last weekend to the local mission that Dream Boy & I pulled from our closet.  Crazy how many coats 2 people have stock piled.  In anticipation of the predicted weather, we thinned them out & I took them downtown.  I pray that someone is really benefiting from them at this time.

As I sit here in my jammies, looking out the window at the white wonderland, I am again so thankful for the life I have been privileged to call mine.

What about you?  What blessings are in your life right now that you take for granted every day?  That you go about your every day life because it's just that, your every day life and such an automatic to you?

I pray through this Journal of Thankfulness that I will never forget the feelings and realizations I am blogging about - through the WHOLE year, and not just in this season.

I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Journey of Thankfulness - Monday Morning Coffee

I took Sunday off from blogging.

Not that I didn't have anything to be thankful for.  I just took the day off.

But I also spent the time reflecting.  

As Dream Boy and I started our Sunday morning in church, as we do pretty much every week, I listened to the sermon and my mind began working.

I know that all I have is from God.  There is no doubt in my mind that He is the source of my blessings in this life.  Our minister talked about tithing, always a thing I need to be reminded of.

But I also began thinking of all the other blessings in my life.  The one's I've been posting about and the one's I don't even know about.

After church, we spent time having coffee & visiting with our church family & friends.  A time that we both enjoy and our church is SO good at.

Then we headed to the grocery store.

As I'm standing in line watching other's around me, it became even more apparent to me that I am richly blessed - beyond what I should rightfully be.  I can pretty much walk into a grocery store at anytime and pick up what I need or want for food for that day or week.
I take this for granted.  Too much.

I have the ability to walk through a store filled to the brim with food.  I can pick & choose whatever I want and never worry about hunger.

But there are those who can't.  There are those who do.  In countries far away from our Mitten state, but also those right here in my own city, village & neighborhood.  

While my cupboards are full, so many are bare.  I take this for granted.  That I will always have food in front of me, that I will never have to know the pain of hunger that comes from not having enough.

I am, without a doubt, very humbled by these thoughts.  I am very deeply grateful and thankful that Dream Boy & I are able to live our life as we do.  We may not have a mansion or a million dollars, but we are comfortable and we have what we need.

There is a food drive going on at school this week, and Saturday Dream Boy & I are assembling food baskets at church & delivering them to others.  I will be reminded greatly of all that I have and pray for those who do not.

May I never take it for granted again, what I have and what God has provided for me.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Journey of Thankfulness - Double Duty

Again, I am doing double duty on my thankfulness blogging.

I had the day off from school yesterday, so I stayed away from my computer all day!!  I had over 100 emails this morning!  But I didn't miss it.

So - I am thankful for that day off.  I stayed home all day, did not go anywhere except the basement to make sure the treadmill still works.

It does - so I will be.  Working on it more often.  

I spent the day creating…..
I'm working on stocking up for my either Etsy Shop or my Facebook Shop.  Haven't decided the best route to go yet, I've started them both - they just haven't gone public yet.

Aren't the colors fun in this beanie?  I just think they scream "HAPPY"!

I also created these….
Grandma's Sausage Buns.  Oh a happy memory - a happy favorite and so stinking easy to make.  

So I am very thankful for the day yesterday to just unwind, relax, and do what I love to do most!  Create.

Today, I am reminded of how thankful I am of for this girl, the one on the right in the photos of us 3 girls:
This is our Kylie Sue.   Not to be confused with our Kylie Ann.

She's also known as Bubba Toots for reasons only family members will ever understand.

She turned 16 on the 3rd of November & tonite we get together to celebrate her birthday!  

She is ALWAYS ready to hug you, and cook in the kitchen with you & create with you & just be with you.  

I love this girl to the moon & back and am so very thankful she's my niece!  She has a heart the size of the world and a caring way about her that just doesn't quit.  

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Journey of Thankfulness

I missed journaling/blogging yesterday.  I had a very long day of school.  It was the start of conferences.

Because I am an instructional paraprofessional, our agreement states that if there are no students, there are no parapro's needed at school.

I struggle with this.  I am the only adult in my classroom.  I am the eyes, ears and voice of authority in my classroom.  

I am so very thankful for my job.  I truly am.  I know I am where I am supposed to be.

But this year, I have a principal who understand's the necessity of my participating in conferences and being on the schedule for parents to meet & talk with.  

I have had very supportive principal's in the past, but this one, she gets it.  She saw the need for it & approached me and told me she would fully support my being on the conference schedule.

So I did - and I had parent's schedule to meet.  I have a few more tonite.  

I am thankful for the views of my current administration, but above all I am thankful to have a job that I love greatly!

Now, since I didn't blog yesterday, I feel that I still need to post 2 reasons of thanks today.

The second is for my doctor and the fact that I have such amazing healthcare provided to me.  Thankfully, Obamacare has not disrupted my healthcare yet.  I pray that it never does.

I had my yearly physical this morning and all went well.  

There are a few things I need to start paying more attention to, but I was told for my age and all that my body has gone through - I am in very good health!

A girl of 54 can't complain when she hears those words, right?

Funny little story though.  While I'm sitting on the table and the nurse practitioner is going over all the questions, I look down on the floor and see this huge bug come crawling from what seemed to be nowhere.  It had a million legs and was kind of "floating" across the floor.

I stopped the nurse and said, "Um, there's quite a lovely bug crawling across the floor right now."

She looks down and calmly replies, as she's reaching for a tissue, "well, isn't that a sight.  Where in the world did that come from?"

She then takes the tissue and reaches out to grab the creepy crawly with it & it RUNS away.  Like lightening!  She throws the tissue down & stomps on it with her shoe, but the bug is not under it!  It has disappeared!  

As she stepped forward to stomp on it, she began to slip, so I naturally reached out to grab her arm to help balance her.  Mind you, I'm there for a physical, so the only thing I'm wearing is my socks & my birthday suit, wrapped in white tissue paper that is tied shut with a paper string.  


We both kind of giggle, but the creepy crawly is no where to be found.  She assumes it is now hiding under my table.  


So she moves back to the counter & resumes her question & answer portion of my exam, all the while glancing around the bottom of the table watching for the creepy crawly.

I answer a few more questions - but then I finally state that it's a little hard to concentrate knowing this creature is lurking underneath my naked body perched on a table with nothing but my socks on for protection.

She starts giggling & so do I.  She apologizes for "freaking me out" and promises the creepy crawly will not get me and she will concentrate more on my exam.

We continue.  She goes back to her professional voice and finishes the Q&A, does my physical exam, then tells me she's writing a script for my major ear infection.  As she's leaving the room, she asks if there's anything else she can do?

My response? 

"Call an exterminator".