Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee

The sun is shining, albeit a cold, crisp morning.  We were spoiled by 60 degree temps last week & this winter stuff just is not a welcome return.

The amount of illness going on around these parts is insane and the weather pattern is not helping it get any better.

But, the sun is shining and I awoke to a new day, a new week, and another chance at trying to get this thing called life, right!

We had conference last week, so Friday was a half day for me & I just had to go spend some time with this little man.
Yes!!  He is home and we are all beyond happy that this little man came home after almost 3 weeks in the hospital.  We were given reports that he could be there until his due date, which was March 15.

But our little champion worked hard to make it home earlier.
And he is adapting quite well.  He is keeping mommi & daddi up all hours of the night, blowing out diapers and all those good things that keep parents sleep deprived for much of the next 18 years.

It's hard to believe that this Thrusday he will already be 1 month old.  Perhaps mommie will let grammi do a little photo shoot to commemorate the big day?  We shall see......

Our weekend seemed to fly by -- did yours?

Friday night was pretty low key with our weekly pizza & salad night, and just chillaxin.

Saturday Dream Boy headed over to D-Town to help S2 with his car.Of course, it was snowing & blowing & not a mild day as it had been the 2 or 3 days prior.  He was gone pretty much all day, so the maid decided to show up at our house and give it a good cleaning.

Then  she , er I, went to run some errands. I had a load to drop off to the Goodwill and then I headed out to this foreign place called "The Mall". Wow - who knew there were so many stores inside on big building? Honestly - I can't even begin to remember the last time I set foot in a mall?  As I walked through it, I was amazed at how busy it was! Just the night before they had been reporting on the news how JC Penney is the latest to announce upcoming closings of multiple stores. The lines in the JC Penney were 5-8 people deep! 

I picked up what I needed at Bath & Body Works & soon found my way out of the parking lot to venture out & finish up the few errands I had left before heading back to visit my little G man.

I spent an hour or so cuddling, and snuggling and just sitting in awe of him. 

I headed home to grab a sandwich and gather all my camera equipment as I had a concert to attend. I think I've mentioned it before, but I was recently commissioned by The Kalamazoo Concert Band. Saturday night was their performance and I was needed to capture a photo of the band.
I made my way to the concert hall at what I thought would be very early, only to find many people already seated. But I was still able to grab a seat in the front row of the balcony, only slightly off center. 

Their performance was called Arabian Nights, and the music was beyond amazing. They brought in a special guest artist who plays the Oud - it's like a guitar with a big bowl back to it. Crazy good!

At the intermission a young man behind me asked if I was the "official photographer" and when I answered yes, he asked to shake my hand! Too cute.

Dream Boy & I headed off to church on Sunday morning and then off to breakfast. We spent the afternoon, me taking a Sunday afternoon siesta and him peddling his bike around the country side.  The man is crazy - it was so cold and windy - but yet, he was out there just loving every moment of it!

Give me a flat sidewalk and a sunny day & I'll peddle all day long.

And here we are - back to Monday. Another week to try it all again and maybe get it right!

Thanks for stopping by everyone - until next time!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee

When you wake up on a Monday morning and your first thought is....... 

"Dang kids!" I've been fighting it, I haven't stopped yet, but the ever dreaded going around school cold is trying to over take me. I warned them all on Friday if I got their snotty nosed, sneezy faced cold, they would not be happy campers. 

Other than that, how was your weekend?

We had a beautiful weekend in the mitten state! The weather was record setting & in the 60s.  This is the week that we have gone to Florida in past years. On Saturday Dream Boy was talking with our friend who is down there for the month & that we stay with, and he told DB that the temp was 65 & rainy.  The temp in Michigan was 65 and sunny!  I guess most of our week is going to be like this, but then the temps and torments of winter will be returning.

We stayed in Friday night, devouring our favorite pizza & salad while catching up on some binge watching.  We were both so tired, we were in bed at 10pm, laughing at the fact that we were in bed at 10 on a Friday night. But then S1 called DB & he got back up as S1 was coming over to share a beer with his pops!

I started on a new project Friday night and then finished it up on Saturday for my Little G Man.
Poppi and I went up late afternoon and arrived at his 6pm care time. The nurse had just finished his vitals & was changing his diaper. When she finished she told me to try it on for size while she tended another little one. Oh my gosh - cuteness overload right here!

We spent some time with him while the nurse fed him & then I snuggled with him while he finished up via tube, what he hadn't taken in his bottle. We tucked him in and headed out for dinner downtown and then returned for his 9pm care time when mommi & daddi were there.  He's got a final milestone to hit with his eating before he can come home and we are hoping this is the week he makes it there.  He is up to 5 pounds, 6 ounces - gaining another ounce since Thursday night's weigh in. 
Sunday I had the distinct honor of capturing the students who were competing in the Kalamazoo Concert Band Youth Solo event. This was held in the music department of Western Michigan University.

There were 10 competitors in all, each performing a piece with their instrument and pianist. are there some talented youth out there.  I was blown away at the performances - everyone of them was beyond amazing in my mind.

When we finished up in the late afternoon, I headed on home to take a little Sunday afternoon siesta.

Dream Boy was out riding and returned home not long after & we just spent the rest of our day relaxing and doing this & that.

This was a little of what we did............state of mind I tell ya, state of mind. 

With all this warm weather, summer is getting under my skin, so the highlights had to be done!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee

Life has been amazingly crazy lately. 

I'm sure if you follow me at all on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I am now a Grammi.  Yep, I've joined the elite group of grandparents and I have to say I'm loving it.

Our Little G decided at 7 weeks early, 33 weeks, to try and enter this big wide world. But mommi needed some extra help with him trying this and was hospitalized to received steroids to help our little man with his lung development and other vital organs. She was told that she would be in for 48 hours and that the meds she was receiving would slow down labor and hopefully buy our little guy some more time in the womb.  But 20 minutes after she was settled in bed and the meds had started, mommi felt her water break. So, she was told that she would be there until Little G made his appearance. She was given a week and if he hadn't made an appearance on his own, they would induce labor.

As hard as it was to wait, each day was good because it was one more day that our little man had to grow stronger and develop more. The week passed ever so slowly, but it passed and mommi was induced. After a long, hard, well fought labor our little man was born via a c-section. 

He came out kicking and screaming and crying - literally. Mommi & daddi said he had beautiful color and they were overjoyed that they were able to spend some time with him in the OR before he was taken to NICU. Daddi got to hold him and bring him to mommi so she could see him before the nurses took him.
I was beyond humbled that my daughter-in-law had asked me to be a part of the whole birth experience. I watched her fight hard, she pushed through so many obstacles and she battled for many, many long hours. Through it all, she was a warrior and in the end, no matter how it came to be, a beautiful, healthy baby boy was born.
Our Little G spent a week in NICU, breathing on his own since birth,  maintaining his body temp and powering through all the milestones, one at a time. By Thursday of this week, he was moved to the step down NICU unit and by Friday he was moved to a regular crib, out of his isolate.

And then Sunday, this grammi's heart melted all over again.
He is strong enough and ready to be loved and cuddled by his poppi & me. I was able to hold him for the first time, amazed at the overflow of emotions once again.  

God is good. All the time.

Life has also been busy and filled with many other things. I have been commissioned to capture action shots of our Local Concert Band for their website and advertising.
A long over due visit and time spent with the younger kiddo's was made on Saturday. The holiday's and birth of a new baby have kept us from making the drive to D-town, so we headed on over on Saturday for the day.

We arrived not long after lunch time, so we all piled into the car and S&K took us downtown to a little building that was only a few blocks from the Ambassador Bridge. There weren't any other restaurants any where near, but this little red brick building held an amazing surprise!
This place give a whole new meaning to Ramen noodles. Oh my gosh, have you ever had a meal that you think about for days & days after? This is one of those meals. Yep, still thinking about it and can't wait to go back. 

After lunch we headed into downtown Detroit and roamed around, stopping at the Punch Bowl for a little cocktail. Then headed off on foot for Greektown and some exploring. We all decided it will be a fun summer exploring this city of the rebound, there are so many good things happening in the D.

We also decided, after we returned to S&K's apartment, that next time we will be bringing LtWD with us so we can just crash for the night to give us more quality time together.

Like I said, life has been amazingly crazy lately.

Today - I'm thanking God for all my many blessings. I have so many to count and am so grateful for each one.

It's also my Mother-in-law's birthday - and I would like to wish her a great day!  Happy birthday Ruthie!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee

Welcome to Monday morning.

We're still waiting. I know that's the question on your mind.

Every day that our Little G stays in mommi's womb is a good day for him. One day in mommi is like one week on the outside. Each day that he is tucked away is another day for him to develop & grow stronger. 

We can wait.

Needless to say, we spent our weekend close to home and the hospital. 

I spent Friday afternoon with mommi at the hospital. We talked about so many things. Mommi was very, very schloopy as she was still on some of the drugs they started on Wednesday. By 3pm they had taken her off of them and by 4pm she was brightening up and her quick witted humor was returning quickly.

Poppi came up & met us after he got out of work and spent time with us before we finally headed home for our dinner. He spent the night in the basement working on refinishing a hutch his great grandpa built. Mommi & daddi want it for Little G's room. This hutch was used by Poppi and all of his siblings, along with our 2 boys, and now it is being passed down to the next generation. Great Grandpa built it in 1936.

Saturday we hung at home literally all day. I spent the day in my studio working on my taxes, this is my 1st year claiming my business and I have oh, so much to learn in this area. 

Dream Boy spent the day continuing his work on the hutch. It is truly going to be beautiful when he is done. There were at least 4 layers of paint, the bottom layer being the original milk paint. He has it all stripped down & sanded now and has started painting the inside. He played with his stain, mixing 2 colors until he came up with the color he thinks will work best in the nursery.

Saturday night we headed in to visit with mommi.  Daddi soon joined us & mommi was very uncomfortable. She desperately wanted a shower, so we headed out for a bite to eat, not sure if we should go very far as she was having contractions fairly close.  

It wasn't long until daddi texted and said that he was meeting us for dinner, things had slowed down & mommi was resting quietly. She was actually blessed with 8 hours of sleep that night.

Sunday we headed off to church and had a beautiful morning in worship.  Afterwards, we headed up to check on our DIL & Littl G. Things had stopped for the most part, so she was taking advantage of the time and resting as much as possible.

Dream Boy & I then headed off to our friends for a good old fashioned Sunday Dutch Dinner!  Pot roast, potatoes & carrots. Oh my goodness, this was comfort food that was such a special treat to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you B&P - what a wonderful afternoon we had.

Of course, after our time together, we headed home in a heavy snow. I promptly plopped on the couch, with a happy, full belly & took my traditional Dutch Sunday afternoon nap.  Well, I take naps frequently, they are one of my favorite hobby's, but to take one on Sunday following a traditional Dutch dinner was definitely in order!

And here we are = back to a Monday morning.  I'm back in school & we are starting the 2nd semester, so my desk is overloaded with all kinds of stuff.  The pile, I swear, keeps growing and I'm struggling keeping up.

With that's back to the grind!

Stay tuned everyone -------- I'm sure my next post will be all about our Little G!!