Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's All Coming Together

I love it.

I've been working hard this week & it's beginning to pay off. 

It's all coming together as I had imagined.
As I said earlier this year, I'm shifting the focus of my photography business.  I'm focusing on seniors and families.

I've thought about this off & on over the years, but for some reason I knew this was time. The time to take those dreams and thoughts and images in my brain and put them all together.

A senior model program.  

I've been working every night this week after I finally got my computer updated after upgrading to PSE13. That in itself was a project. Phew! But I was finally able last night to play around in PSE13 and I'm really liking the ease of it & the ease of uploading actions.

So, as I said, I've been working every night to complete my first senior model package. I found the most amazing and easy downloads for my senior rep cards on Etsy at The Hummingbird Press shop.  These digital files were so easy to work with and customize for my rep cards.

Once I got them lined up for printing, which was trial and error on the 1st go around, it became a breeze to finish printing them all.

I am so over the moon at how this project is falling into place! 


So watch next week where I will be featuring my 1st Senior Rep Model - Jori.  I'll be posting shots from our pre-session and letting you get to know her on a more personal level.  She's a real sweetie - love her, love her, LoVe her.  She calls me "Aunt Patti" - and she's just yummy to know.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee

What a great weekend!

After school on Friday I met up with my 2nd senior model & we headed downtown to do her "pre-session" shoot.  We found some different places than my normal "go to" spots.  The skies became gray & overcast as we headed into town, but by the time we ended up on the top of the parking garage, it was sunny & blue skies.
I didn't have much time over the weekend, other than to download the pics, to really check them out.  But the few I was able to glance at gave me a very happy feeling!

It was a party kind of weekend other than that!
Saturday I spent at church for most of the day.  The daughter-in-law of one of our good friends is having her 1st baby in May & so a baby shower was in order!  She's having a little girl.

There were at least 80 people there and the mood was so happy & festive.  They did a beautiful job decorating & the lunch was delicious.  It was great because instead of having several small showers, they combined them all into this one BIG shower!

And believe me, she was showered with lots & lots of goodies!  The most adorable dresses, onesies, booties, hats, blankets and shoes! 
Her mommy & daddy have a thing for shoes, so when I made these little flip flops, they went over BIG time! 

Sunday we headed back to church for our morning of worship & fellowship, enjoying our time with our Bethany family.

After church we headed home for a few hours where I continued setting up my computer after a big update I ran during last week.  Ugh. 

I had upgraded my Photoshop the weekend before, but my computer needed to updated to the newest version, so after doing that, I have had to reset several things before downloading my new photoshop program.  It's been extremely time consuming, but hopefully I'm on the back side of it now & will soon be able to focus on my photography and moving forward.

Sunday afternoon we headed over to my sister's for a birthday party for our German "niece" - she's an exchange student from Germany and has fit into our family quite well.

We are so excited for her as she is a sophomore, but recently made the Varsity Girls Soccer team at her high school.  So Dream Boy & I will be checking out the schedule and the weather & heading off to the bleachers sometime in the near future, I'm sure.

Two weeks left of school before a much needed spring break!  Then we are headed off to see S2 & D2B2 for a week.  

So for now, I'm needed at work & must get going!

Have a beautiful week everyone & thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee

Yes - this happened this weekend.

The snow is melting. Fast. Yay!

Today we are talking about possibly hitting 60!  Living in the moment, that's what I'm talking about.

This one……...
…..stayed with us last week & went home on Friday when her daddy got home from his business trip.  She's a pistol, but we love her.  Libbi?  Not so much. She was glad to see her go & then not too happy to see her return Sunday night for dinner.

Dream Boy was sick most of the weekend with a bad sinus infection, so we laid low for pretty much all of it.  I did get out on Saturday and peruse a few of my favorite stores to see the new spring stuff out, but didn't buy anything.  Then I went grocery shopping & headed home.  

Last weekend we put reservations in for a "cottage" for the upcoming "wedding weekend".  It has 4 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms. So NOT what a cottage was when I was growing up.

But anyways, plenty of room for S&D1 and S2 & a few groomsmen to stay. We are even hosting the rehearsal dinner there! Dream Boy & I will be staying there for 5 days, kind of a mini vacation. HA! Yeah, right - with a wedding being the major focus of the weekend, it won't be a vacation, but it will be major family time! Can't wait. Dream Boy & I made a pact last weekend when we put in the deposit, that we won't be eating out at all until after our trip to Seattle in April, hence the grocery list is a bit longer than normal, as we are cooking at home more now.

I took advantage of the low key weekend & worked more on my Senior Model Project and have some great projects in the works to give my models to share & help build my business more - I hope so anyways. I gave a contract out on Friday to a junior in my school & asked her to look it over & talk with her mom about it over the weekend.   I really am getting excited about this prospect!

Friday night I decided to take advantage of the Photoshop Elements 13 that is on sale right now & upgrade my photoshop software. In the process, I mistakenly ordered the Windows version, instead of Mac. 


So after much searching - I finally found a phone number on Adobe to call their customer service.  The guy I talked to was so nice & easy to work with and helped me get the right version, but I still needed to cancel the order for the Windows version - so he forwarded me to "Leonard" in the cancellation department. After talking with "Leonard" who said he couldn't understand me, ummm, no. It was I who could barely understand him, he finally says to me that he will now transfer me to the cancellation department. 

Wha?  I thought I had been talking to them via "Leonard" who couldn't understand me!  Must be my heavy Southwest Michigan accent.  So he puts me on hold FOR THIRTY MINUTES!! I finally hung up & called the number given to me by the 1st guy, in the event I got disconnected & now I talk to someone else who had the same familiar accent as "Leonard". He proceeds to tell me he will transfer me to the correct department & again, I'm on hold for 20 minutes. So I get on Adobe's website and now am able to connect to the live chat where I finally get the order cancelled.

But now we shall see what happens, as over the weekend I get 2 emails confirming the cancellation of my order AND I get 2 emails stating they need to verify my education discount.  

So we're back to another Monday. Only 3 until I'm on vacation, counting today. 

But for now? I'm heading back to school for the week after I meet up with my girls for breakfast!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee

It's melting.
Our snow that was clear coated by rain last Tuesday, crystalizing our white world, is melting.

We had a beautiful weekend filled with lots of sunshine and temps that were in the mid 30's, almost 40! We haven't had days like that in almost 2 months. 

I spent all of Friday night and Saturday inside - due to a bad cold that Dream Boy decided to share with me last week. It knocked me out but good.

Friday night DB went to a college hockey game & I snuggled in with a bowl of popcorn & rented a movie, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel". It was different. Made me think about how I'll approach my life as I get older. I'm choosing to embrace life and all that it holds, and not be angry about it. That will do nothing to solve anything, right?

Saturday when I woke up, DB & I were standing in the kitchen watching all the birds on the above bird feeder. The snow still had a coating of ice on it. DB noticed 2 squirrels approaching from our lot up top & said, "watch this." Sure enough, one of the squirrels stopped in its tracks, while the other decided to check out the bird feeder. So he started to prance down our hill, but much to his dismay, he found he had no traction and in a full out slide on his belly with all 4 legs outstretched, he slid all the way down, hit the edge of the retaining wall and flew across the patio, landing under the grill before he could stop! Oh how I wish I had a video of it. We laughed so hard!

Sunday morning we headed off to church, I was feeling somewhat better, and it truly felt good to get out of the house.

After getting home & eating some lunch, I promptly took a nap on the couch in front of the cozy fire. We'll most likely be shutting it down this week with the weather promising to hit 40s and maybe 50 at some point! I am truly ready for it.

Sunday afternoon I spent a few hours with a beautiful girl. She's going to be a senior next year & has graciously agreed to be one of my Senior Models for this next school year. I am working on launching this new-to-me program and hoping it will help grow my photography business. More on this to come!

S&D1 came over for dinner on Sunday night. They are heading south to a much warmer climate, so we get to keep the Midget for the week. I'll be picking her up after school today.

So now I'm off to breakfast with my ladies, and then on to school.

Only about 3 more weeks & Dream Boy & I will be flying west to spend time with S2 & D2B2.  Their wedding is coming up fast - we booked a cottage last weekend for their wedding weekend.  

Can't wait!